Top 17 Destinations For Ultimate Longboard Skating

Longboarding is loved as a sport by many, if you are one of them then just grab your longboard and get ready to stake.

There are numerous places which are well known for longboarding, if you are lucky and you stay in one of those landmarks for longboarding then great or else just continue reading this article, and I will let you know the best 17 places which are paradise for longboard lovers.

Top Places to LongboardI will provide all the relevant information about the places which really make your task easier; the only thing which shall be left to be done is just to experience those places through longboarding. Just grab your longboard and visit the place without wasting any time.

The following are the top seventeen places which are awesome for the lover of longboard sport. Fix the place and make a trip with your friends then enjoy your life to the ultimate!

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Col de Braus – France

Col de Braus is situated at the height of 3,287ft above sea level in France. The road of this mountain terrain is good with numerous hairpins at 180-degree turning point which incorporates awesome designed and covered with hairpins depicting serene views. This road is well known for its wonderful hairpins and for sure admired and loved by the Longboarders.

col de brausThese roads though are not safe for longboarding are still the dream destination for any longboard lover. But you have been very firm while longboarding as the roads are very narrow, steep and the wind even is very coarse as well.

In spite of all these difficulties, you would love to view the beautiful view of the countryside of France while you are flying on your Longboards. You will be feeling the top of the world while longboarding for around 10 km which encompasses the numerous hairpin turns and majestic view of the mountains and greenery.


Mt. Wufen, Keelung Taiwan

Mt. Wufen is a green mountain which is the ideal place for hiking around the year, and its also true fun to explore the road along the mountain by longboarding. You will love the scenic beauty of the mountain while you explore the area by your board. The weather and the air are always refreshing and lovely. The roads are well formed, and it’s always a pleasure to try this sport on these pavements. Many longboarding lovers visited this place and experience longboarding in this wonderful place in Taiwan.

Mt Wufen Keelung Taiwan

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Seoul – South Korea

Korea may or may not be a happening place where Longboarders would love to do longboarding, but who knows, if you visit this place, you tend to visit this place quite often.

Seoul South KoreaThe Korean cities are well known for building their monuments, roads, etc. with concrete and marbles which give you pleasure and good views all around once you are longboarding. This city has another name as a skatepark which people should roam on a longboard rather than traveling in the car.

You can freely enjoy longboarding as there are no legal laws for this sport, so the only thing you must consider is just enjoy longboarding. The wind is pleasant with warm weather, and the best construction of roads makes your longboarding easier as you feel fresh in the healthy air in the city of South Korea which is Seoul.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona such a beautiful place always attracts the visitors not only for wonderful longboarding, but this place also has lots more to offer. This city has the nice design and construction. Besides, the friendly local people and wonderful people make it becomes the most favorite place for longboarding.

Barcelona SpainThe Catalan is the friendliest city for the skater in the world which is in the center of Europe. This place is the center mark destination of Australia and Europe’s longboarding lovers, and the credit goes to the warm climate and the perfect pavement concrete. This destination is the best place for Longboarders.


Vulkanradweg – Gedern Germany

This wonderful place in Germany is just awesome, for any Longboarder, the irrespective of the fact whether you are the newbie of longboarding or you are doing from ages, this beautiful place with spectacular beauty will surely win over your heart. The excellent constructed road of 13 km which is so smooth to longboard, even you can dance and cruise at this place. Especially, this is rich in healthy air, smooth wind, and warm weather.

Vulkanradweg Gedern GermaWhile longboarding you can even increase your speed till 50 km per hour. There are buses facilities available, so in case you are tired and want to go back home for relaxing you can take that as well. Vulkanradweg is the most favorite place by Longboarder lovers so every year, they choose this place to hold the biggest longboard meeting for German.

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Titan’s Path – Norway

Lysevegen is the wonderful hill through which Titan’s path is constructed in Norway. You will surprise once your longboard on the narrow roads which have 30 hairpins in one single row. So aren’t it exciting, these reads are full of surprises and give you utmost pleasure while you longboard here. This place is heaven with 30 slopes with the length of one km and above.

Titans path norwayThe pleasant wind accompanied with warm weather just gives you perfect climate to longboard in this place. The air is also good with nice native people whom you might meet while longboarding.


Malaga – Spain

Though Malaga is known for ethical corruptions, undoubtedly it is a wonderful place if you are a lover of longboarding. The weather is warm with the sunshine of around eleven hours in one day in July and even in August.

Malaga SpainYou will have a pleasant time while you longboard along the hills situated around the town of Andalucía because the roads have a construction which provides you a smooth surface to longboard.

The weather conditions are also favorable, but if you are sensitive to skin, then you should apply any sunscreen lotion or cover your head and face to enjoy this sport on a safe surface with god air all around.


Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is all favorite time destinations for Longboarders; they may be the locals or even the tourists. The climate is pleasant throughout the year which makes it’s around year destination for Longboarders.

You can even do longboarding along the hill slopes which is a great spot with smooth concrete. If you want to do some kickflips then just don’t worry there is a newly built skate park for it.


Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is just a wonderful place to be no matter what you want your thirst always crowded with people. This place is paradise for longboarding lovers. Skateboarding incepted from this place, and until today this is an awesome place to roam the roads of the city on the wheels.

Los Angeles USALA is the booster for more novices, remarkable and spectacular spots which will be just amazing for longboarding. LA is the sole destination which is marked in spreading this sport to other countries. So you can’t afford to miss the golden opportunity of longboarding in the city of its inception.


Red Hill – Simons Town

This amazing hill is at the tip of the Cape Town which is situated in South Africa. You will experience a remarkable experience if you longboard on the surface of this road which is surrounding the hill which is around 5.2 km.

Red Hill Simons TownJust remember that this road has huge traffic, so it is preferable if you do longboarding in the morning in Red Hill. This place is also cool for beginners of Longboarders, as the roads are swift and provide five percent slope which is just perfect to enjoy your sport. You will be really happy to longboard ad mist such a serene beauty with warm weather and pleasant air.


San Francisco – California, USA

San Francisco is may not one of the happening places for longboarding. The town possesses an unpleasant weather which is not good for longboarding, but the hills of this part of California are just spectacular.

San Francisco CaliforniaYou are definitely a fan of this straight hill which is a legendary part of the Lombard Avenue. So what else a longboard lover long for wonderful weather, good breeze, nicely constructed road, beautiful scenery, safety and a group of friends with whom the fun becomes double. So San Francisco should be your next destination to explore the wonderful hill for longboarding.


Malmo – Sweden

Malmo is a beautiful place but unfortunately not a sole destination for longboarding. This place experiences rainfall for 169 days in a year and winters are full of snowfall. But the summers are the best time for longboarding as the weather is warm with around seventeen hours of sunlight, the roads have a good construction with nice curves and safe topography. This place is the birthplace of the culture of the skateboard and also incorporates numerous skate parks.

Malmo Sweden


Albuquerque – New Mexico, USA

Albuquerque part of New Mexico in the USA is a humid and dry city. This town is the paradise of plane lands and abundance of hills. This topography makes it a must visit place for longboard lovers. This place does not attract tourist because of the fragile atmosphere and hot weather. If you are a Longboarder and get a chance to visit this place, then try a couple of rounds of longboarding by fighting against the scorching sun rays like a superhero. Another to makes your trip becomes a memorable one don’t forget to carry a watch once you are on this dry land.


Cuesta de Lipan – Argentina

Personally, it’s a wow feeling whenever I think of this place for longboarding, the Andes Mountains situated in the Jujuy state is the best. The Río Grande is in the Jujuy state passes along the Quebrada Humahuaca gorge which is elevated at 1000 – 3500 meters. This longboard area is around 11 km long and possesses more than 15 hairpins at the average inclination of 10 %. This area is constructed properly and also have appropriate weather conditions with good air to breathe, so passionate Longboarders mostly visit this destination.

Cuesta de Lipan Argentina


Radio beach Park

It is a total fun to longboard in the wonderful radio beach park with your friends, or even you are alone, you will surely find someone who is longboarding. The beach in the front area is apt for longboarding; the weather is warm with a slight blow of cold breeze in between which is just perfect amalgamation for longboarding.

Radio beach ParkThis place is safe, and it’s always fun to do longboarding in the nearby area of the beach. Even the surrounding is cool with so many local people who also experience this wonderful sport.


Portland Road Trip

Portland road trip via a longboard is a wonderful experience, as the roads are surrounded by green lashes, panoramic view. You can see the wonderful scenery by traveling through the u-shaped roads on the longboard; you also feel fresh as the road is nicely concreted and even the traffic flow is normal, so you are safe and sound while longboarding in this road.

Portland Road Trip


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Everyone knows that Rio De Janeiro is well known for the wonderful beaches and the promenades, but it’s a hidden fact that this spectacular tourist spot in Brazil is also famous for its well-concreted roads and the cycle lanes through the Copacabana can Ipanema beach which is just perfect for if you a passionate Longboarder.

Rio De Janeiro BrazilYou will notice many localities doing this sport as if they are dancing; they are very fond of longboarding and mostly do it in a freestyle mode. So just not miss this place as there are many hills which can also explore. This place is the best with the moderate weather with a cool breeze, but in summer, the warm weather is just icing on the cake. So land up here and experience the unexplored.


There are numerous longboarding destinations across the world and every day, a new place adding to the list. The sport that you would love to do mostly rely on many factors such as the type of board you prefer, the people around and not to forget the legal part of the sport. If you are a true longboarding lover then just grab one from the list and plan a trip there and enjoy to the core. But if you love to explore then I wish you good luck to find an amazing longboarding destination which is still unexplored.

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