The 8 Best Padded Shorts for Skating

The 8 Best Padded Shorts for SkatingSkating is one of the most cheerful sports and much popular among youth. It’s healthy, joyful and easy but the only negative side is high chances of getting injuries because icy surfaces can make you slip more often. For safe and sound skating, it’s essential to wear proper clothes, especially padded shorts for skating. Soft padded shorts will keep you comfortable throughout the skating session and protect you from groin injuries that can be extremely dangerous.

There are many padded shorts in the market for skating but we promise that our padded shorts are what you are looking for if you want to have a comfortable and soft ride. For your ease, here is the list of 8 best-padded shorts for skating that you can buy online from Amazon in top-notch quality:

Top 10 Best Padded Shorts for Skating

1. Marucci Youth Elite Padded Slider Shorts with Cup

Marucci Youth Elite Padded Slider Shorts with Cup

From the brand of Marucci, this padded short comes in a perfect blend of polyester and spandex with sponge padding. Where spandex fabric provides ease of movement, the quilted side panels of sponge material enables extra protection. It’s a flexible sport short that will keep you comfortable and protected with its soft cup.

  • Fits easily due to its elastic stretch waistband
  • Hygiene-friendly with anti-microbial feature
  • Supports machine wash

2. Triple Eight T8 Bum saver

Triple Eight T8 Bum saver

With this product, you can enjoy skating at fullest without worrying about rear, hip and thigh injury. Crafted with soft and breathable mesh fabric, this short is highly flexible and comfortable. For greater protection, the shock absorbing EVA foam is used throughout the hip and tailbone areas.

  • No cup but EVA foam is used for protection
  • Supports machine wash and air dry
  • Lightweight with no sweaty discomforts

3. Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts

Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts

This padded short is perfect for adult skaters who want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable time on the ice. Prepared with the blend of polyester and spandex, this sports product comes with sponge padding to enable great protection. From easy movement to moisture management, it offers all you desire as a skater!

  • Absorbs sweat quickly
  • Can be washed by hands
  • Comes with a cup holder

4. OMID Padded Shorts

OMID Padded Shorts

This nylon fabricated lightweight padded short is a superb product for men as well as women. In addition to padding, it comes with EVA foam as well to protect the wearers from hip, tailbone and thigh injury. The material is super stretchy and enables easy movement so wearers must not feel bounded or uncomfortable during skating.

  • No rashes due to skin-friendly fabric
  • Shock absorbing foam prevents injuries
  • Hand wash and hang dry is recommended

5. Soared Padded Shorts

Triple Eight T8 Bum saver

Available in three colors, the soared shorts are here with overall protection pads to resist butt, crotch and thigh injuries. With this protective gear, now you can skate fearlessly while feeling extremely comfortable. It’s a durable product that comes with double stitching strengthening the pads during bending and stretching movements.

  • Prevents injuries with shock resistant feature
  • Good ventilation design ensures dry and warm wearing
  • Fitting is adjustable with its elastic waistband

6. Seirus Innovation 5656 Unisex Super Padded Shorts

Seirus Innovation 5656 Unisex Super Padded Shorts

This super protective short is here to save you from bum, thigh and tailbone injury. Made up of 4 way stretch Lycra, this flexible product fits comfortably underpants. It has a total 5 removable pads that are quite breathable and do not cause discomfort. This short is unisex and stretchy enough to fit any shape.

  • Comfortable waist with drawcord for fitting adjustments
  • Insulated against snow
  • Padding is not noticeable under loose fitting clothes

7. Hillbilly Impact Shorts

Triple Eight T8 Bum saver

Featuring well-protected hip, tailbone and thighs with EVA foam padding, this sport short is perfect for beginner skaters who fall more often. This lightweight short comes with a drawstring so you may adjust the fitting according to your waist size and comfort level. The breathable mesh fabric makes this piece skin friendly and least irritating.

  • Hand wash is recommended for pads safety
  • Dual stitching enables long-lasting use
  • Fabric doesn’t cause itchiness or rashes

8. Adult 3D Hip EVA Padded Short

Adult 3D Hip EVA Padded Short

Last but not the least; this padded short is an incredible EVA product with exclusive features of elasticity and breathability. With its proper padding, your hip, thigh and tailbone are well-protected whereas the cotton lining promises to provide greater comfort. This sporty protective gear is definitely going to be your best skate companion!

  • Fabric doesn’t stick to skin
  • Can be washed by hand easily
  • Close-fitting shorts hence order larger size

Why You Must Use Padded Shorts For Skating?

Skating is a beautiful sport that involves the use of skateboards or skating shoes. For the concrete surface, people use roller skates whereas, for the icy surface, boots with blade bottoms are required. Many people do it as sports while many enjoy skating as a leg workout. Falling is also a part of this sport so you have no need to worry about it but you will have to be prepared when that happens . Even if you’re a skillful skater, you will still fall if you lose balance midway doing cool tricks that you challenge yourself with. Falling while skating might result in the groin, hip, thigh and tailbone injuries that can be extremely severe and painful but luckily you can prevent all of those bad things from ever happening. Simple shorts cannot protect you from such injuries, but padded shorts can do it pretty impressively due to shock resistant foam. No matter how hard you fall, the foam padding will protect your delicate parts and save you from broken bones.

Padded Shorts For Skating

How Does A Padded Short Prevent Injuries?

Not only ice skaters but mountain bikers, footballers and snowboarders also use padded shorts to do sports with great protection. There is only one difference between simple shorts and padded shorts, which plays a significant role in preventing injuries. Simple shorts are just one layer fabric items that cannot protect the covered area in colliding situations but padded shorts are a different story with foam filled panels and blocks which cover hip, tailbone, thigh all sort of areas reducing the force when colliding significantly. So when covered body parts bump into solid surfaces, the shock resistant foam prevents direct collision and ensures safety.

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski,3D Protection for Hip,Butt and...
  • Be limitless, Be fearless -- Your choice of rugged and hidden armor for your vulnerable hip, thigh, sit bone, and tailbone that efficiently bends and moves along with the body. Have your own Bodyprox Protective Shorts during outdoor and all action sports activities such as Snowboarding, skateboarding, Cycling, roller sports, mountain biking, skating, and other extreme activities.
  • Premium Protection -- With our very own Protective Shorts that are equipped with generous shock absorbing EVA foam cushions strategically placed to the rear, thigh and tailbone area, this ensured exceptional comfort and protection from scratches, bumps or even drop during an intense outdoor activity.
  • Skillfully produced from the highest-grade breathable fabric, combine features of Nylon and Spandex, skin-friendly material that absolutely fit your body, quick-dry technology which prevents fabric from sticking to the skin, providing an exceptional ease of use at the same time, have soft and comfortable custom fit waistband that allows excellent mobility.
  • Durable and Flexible -- Durability and stability whilst flexible at the same time without the discomfort that comes with traditional and known padded shorts. Your all-in-one protection for lumbar, butt and thigh area.
  • Relaxed-Fit and Skin-Friendly -- Since it is ideally worn underpants, it is the combination the highest grade elements from Nylon, Spandex and Vent Mesh materials keep the skin from moisture and retains the skin cool, dry and fresh. Lightweight even with sufficient amount of pads and precisely designed for comfort.

What Things to Consider for Avoiding a Bad Purchase?

When it comes to purchasing a padded short for skating, you need to consider a few essential things that will help you pick out the perfect ones for yourself.

  • Buy shorts with dual stitch features as it ensures the long-lasting use of the item.
  • During sports, sweating is unavoidable and triggers discomfort hence look for the material that is moisture absorbent and prefer the design which involves ventilation feature.
  • The fabric should be stretchy enough so that flexible leg movements are easy to perform.
  • The padding must protect your hip, tailbone, groin and thighs so keep that in mind that its pad are place at important part that need to be protect.
  • Also prefer the shorts with EVA foam padding because it ensures comfort and super-protection.
  • The last but the most important thing you need to consider while purchasing a padded short is to choose the right size because the pads of loose and tighter shorts won’t be able to cover the targeted area properly.

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