When Should A Toddler Learn to Skateboard? – Not That Young, We Confirm

Before searching for “when should a toddler learn to skateboard”, you might come across several videos of kids or even toddlers playing with the boards. Yeah, they are cute and genus.

However, it is not the case for every kid. For your children’s sake, you should wait for them to be a little older so that they are good at walking before skating.

Anyway, skateboarding is fun, so you can still prepare some knowledge to teach your kids this useful skill when the time comes.

This blog will help!

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When Should A Toddler Learn to Skateboard?

When Should A Toddler Learn to SkateboardTheoretically, as long as kids can walk confidently, they are able to learn to roller skates.

However, you should keep in might that skating activities are involved in strength and a great balance, which is often lack in toddlers. As a result, toddlers who skate often at risks of falling and hurting their heads, arms, and legs.

In fact, skateboarding is not recommended for young children by many laws and regulations. Here comes the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), for your reference.

  • Kids at the age of 5 and under should not ride a skateboard ever.
  • Children from 6 to 10 years old can learn to skate, however, they need to be closely accomplished by a trustworthy adolescent and better, an adult.

To sum up, 6 to 12 years old is an ideal time for kids to have their first boards.

List of Famous Young Skateboarders – Get Inspired!

Kids never fail to surprise us by their talents. And so do these following young skateboarders.

Zion Gabriel Effs

If you enter “kids skating” on Youtube, you might find this cool boy in the very first place. This is Zion Gabriel Effs from Miami, Florida.

Believe it or not, Zion started skating from 3 years old and now he is eleven. When you see him skating, you will definitely get a “wow” by how skilful he is. He even masters in some technical tricks.

And, you might even admire this kid more knowing he won four competitions in a row in 2017 and more.

Sky Brown

Say hello to Sky from Miyazaki, Japan. She was among the youngest female players in the Vans US Open Pro Series – a professional skating competition for kids and teenagers.

She was into skating from early, only two or three years old. And, she won a HUGE skating contest at the age of ten. She has gone viral since then.

Look at this pretty girl and you will figure out how skateboarding can help your kids socialize with people and be confident in themselves.

Brighton Zeuner

Brighton ZeunerUnlike Zion and Sky, who went skating from an early age, Zeuner started her true love with the board when she was 8. In 2016, she was proudly the youngest female skater at an X Games. At that time, she was 11. One year later, she became the youngest champion – also at the X Games competition.

She now can control excellent jumps, transitions, and complex curves even in a dome-shaped bowl.

For those good reasons, Zeuner is expected to become the early favourite for Skateboarding medal in 2020 Olympic, in Tokyo.

How to Teach Your Child to Skateboard?

Again, we suggest that your kids are 6 and above when you intend to teach them to skateboard. At that time, their body is ready and their skeletons are not too fragile to handle strong impacts or even falls.

However, if your kids show a great interest in skating even when they are three or five, you can start teaching them some small lessons and techniques. More importantly, please make sure that you always monitor them closely and are ready to help. Then, you can refer to our recommendations as follows.

Check Your Kids’ Conditions First

Check your kidsFor some kids, ages are just a number. Their bodies and skills might be ready for skateboarding. At that time, consider some things:

  • Their ability to keep balance in other games and activities
  • Their physical strength to do some pushes
  • Their maturity, or to be specific, the attention span
  • Their coordination is shown in other activities

If all are checked, then buy them a skateboard and start!

Buy the Right Skating Board

Buy the right skating boardThe first board is very important so that kids can learn basic skating techniques fast and safely. Hence, you should pay more time and effort to pick up the right one.

First off, choose the size

An ideal size is suitable for your children to stand with the legs spread while touching the front bolt. Generally, the boards of 7.5 inches to 8 inches in wide are suitable for 6-year-old-and-more kids.

To be specific, you can refer to this size chart:

Age Kids’ Height Ideal Width
5 years old and under 3’4 and below 6.5 inches to 7 inches
6 to 8 years old 3’5 to 4’4 7 inches to 8 inches
9 to 12 years old 4’5 to 5’2 7.5 inches to 8 inches

Secondly, choose the beginners’ board.

For your information, skateboards are classified into three grades including Beginner, Advanced, and Pro. Of course, when teaching your kids to skateboard, you should go for the beginning boards which are basic and reliable.

Tips to take note:

  • Wider decks are useful for kids to keep balanced
  • Big and soft wheels allow travelling faster
  • Risen-end classic boards help kids to implement moves with ease
  • The T-shaped truck made of the axle, base plate and hanger ensures smooth riding

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Always teach kids about safety first

Always teach kids about safety firstIt is hard for kids to understand safety regulations from the very first. However, you should put helmet and pads on them, saying “keep your hat on, kid!”

One the one hand, such the safety gear protect your kids from falls and serious accidents. On the other hand, this creates a good habit whenever kids intend to go skateboarding.

Start on a piece of carpet or grass

Give your kids the chosen board and let them feel and learn to balance on the board themselves. It is fine that they roll around on their stomach and end up pushing off the walls. The carpet will protect them from serious injuries.

Otherwise, you can wiggle the board and ask them to repeat, but remember to help kids position stably on the board first.

Teach how to push the board properly

Once your kids get familiar to the board and get well-balanced, teach them about pushing the board. It would be better if you can figure out their favourite foot – are they goofy or regular?

Then, here comes tutorials for kids to push the board properly:

  • Have the front foot point forward in the proximity with the bolts in the front.
  • Hold your kids’ arm, if needed, so that they do not lose balance.
  • Tell your kids to limp slowly several times
  • Ask kids to repeat the step one, but with their back foot. Never require them to place both feet next to each other because this is dangerous.
  • Instruct your kids to move their front foot sideways with their knees slightly bent. This might happen naturally.
  • Repeat all these steps until your kids can make their first riding without your help.

Find a slight slope

Find a slight slopeWhen your kids can make short rides, you can take him out for some slopes to practice downhill. Always remember to put on a helmet and pads.

100% sure, they will love this experience.

Help your kids position on the board and let them go downhill while pushing and keeping balanced by themselves. Run alongside with your kids to catch if they fall sometimes.

After several times, kids can walk a bit up the slope and practice on their own.

Take kids out and skateboard together

Take kids out and skateboard togetherIf your kids show interest with skateboarding, then encourage them to practice frequently so that they can master in basic skating skills. Afterwards, you can go for higher levels and bring them more fun!

It is best when you can skate with them. Let your kids make some pushes on their own and you will follow. Sometimes, you should give them a gentle push and compliments.

Wrapping up

Now you have a clear answer for “when should a toddler learn to skateboard?”, don’t you.

As long as you keep our safety recommendations in mind, you can start teaching your kids to skateboard and encourage them to do more outdoor activities and to share a good time together!

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