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about-usHave a lovely day, my friend! I am Sammy, the founder of Longboard brand. For my passion for longboarding, I spend almost all my time for this sport. Anyway, I also want to share and spread this sport with lovely people!

Here is my long story behind my Longboardbrand.com

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An Adventurous Boy

When I was just a little child, I always wanted to go outside and have fun with a lot of outdoor activities. My parents told me that it was hard to keep me at home even for a few hours.

The reason was that I loved exploring new things in the outside world by myself. I dreamed of becoming an adventurer who can go everywhere and find new land. Each location I come, it will bring me new experiences.

Moreover, I loved enjoining fresh air and feeling the warm sunlight stroking in my skin. I thought that I could find who I am just by going outside. Especially, nature gave me the energy to do other works.

Nature also was a gentle remedy for any illness. Just when becoming unhappy, I tended to come out and take a deep breath of fresh air.

I was attracted by many outdoor sports, and I tried my best with them. Although I was into several kinds of sport, I had not found the proper sort for me, though. Hence, I still was on my way to seek a type of sport which can fit my adventurous character.

My Passion for Longboarding

I believe that my adventurous hobby in the past is the main force which leads me to this kind of sport.

Suddenly, I came across a person with a longboard on the street when I was walking to a local grocery store. I was really curious about what was that and how could I use that board. And I believed that I could explore my world on that board.

To fulfill my curiousness, I tried to find out as much as I could about that kind of sport on the Internet. I decided to get me a new longboard just for having a try for the first time. I could say that surfing a longboard is not easy when we have no experience about that sport.


Yeah, it was a tough period for me!

When I was a beginner, I have no idea about how I can choose a proper longboard. Therefore, it took me a very long time to achieve what I have today.

At the first time, I purchased a lot of products from various brands, but they were not the perfect one. As a result, I faced up harsh consequences. Although I researched much information on the Internet about other people’s reviews, I could not stay away from numerous hassles.

Moreover, I never thought that I needed to find my own style of surfing. At that time, I had been struggling with how I could feel free when putting my feet on a board. Until I tried for a long time, I realized that the first thing we must attend is our style.
The very first time is never a piece of cake!

Yeah, I know that it seems so harsh to you when hearing that. Sad but true, right?

Since the first time I saw a longboard on the street, I have never quitted my decision. From zero to hero, I researched, studied, and gained experiences all by myself step by step. Many scars on my body are the sign for my long-termed progress. I am proud that those scars have turned into stars for today.

Today, I can say that I can’t live without longboarding. You can find me easily in parks and on the streets almost every day. On more thrilling days, maybe you will see me surfing downhill and having relaxation.

The Birth of My Longboard Brand

I thought that I had to share my experiences with other people. The decision turned my life into a new page. In other words, it was the high-point in my life. As a result, I opened my website which is this website you are reading. The main point of this action is to spread that kind of sport and share my best knowledge about longboarding.

As you can see, I had suffered from many hassles in my past to gain what I have today. Therefore, I understand your difficulty in choosing a suitable board due to various brands on the market.

I set up my mission to help you guys out so that everyone can play and have fun with your passion. You can decide if I am a trusted guide on your way to get on with a longboard.

I am not alone on my website!

The birth of my Longboard brandTo give you the best source of informative knowledge, I have been working with other experts. You can find anything about surfing longboard on my website since we focused on creating the biggest knowledge-based web.

On my website, you can seek many informative facts, tips, and tricks about the sport. There are numerous articles which give you my advice and reviews about best longboards you should buy. You can know how to find your surfing style and how to do even the hardest trick.

Plus, I also aim to give you guys my best service. I understand that it is not easy for a beginner to find a trusted brand to buy a longboard. Therefore, I want to give you the join of shopping within the safety. My website has cooperated with many famous longboard brands in the world like Atom, Quest longboard, and Sector.

On the whole, since you choose to buy a product on my website, you will never be disappointed with the quality as well as our services.

More to Know About Us

Sammy – The Founder of this Website, an Athlete and a Street Longboarding Enthusiast

My full name is Sammy Jackson – you can call me Sammy.

For many years studying and skating longboard, I am proud that I have a lot of experiences in this longboarding field.

Proudly, what useful knowledge I have today can be shared with you guys all over the world.

Sammy - the founder of this websiteI took part in many competitions of skating board and achieved a lot of rewards. For example, I was in the top three of various races like the Gravity Feast, the Devil’s peak downhill, as well as the Transylvania downhill. On the other hand, I was also in the top ten of other worldwide competitions.

“Never stop working” is my motto. I am going on doing my best to find out the best thing to you. Stay tuned and wait for many new facts of longboarding from me as well as my team in the future.

Stan Leerus – Co-leader, an Experienced Longboarding Teacher and Designer

I can say that he spends most time of a day just on surfing and training. Therefore, he has gained a lot of experiences which contribute to his professional skating technic. Plus, he can do many tricks of the longboarding, even the hardest one.

For over a few years, he has done nothing but chased up with his dream to be a professional skater.

When you come here, you can enjoy our friendly atmosphere where you can ask him any of your queries. He is willing to answer all your questions so that you can find the perfect product and the right answers.

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