What Is A Good Age To Start Roller Skating And Get The Greatest Benefits?

Roller Skating- a wonderful sport! Smooth rides! Awesome Tricks! Maybe these are what appear on your mind whenever you think of roller skating! However, most people have one common question, “ What is a good age to start roller skating?” And we’re going to discuss it right now!

Roller skating is a popular and appealing sport, and many of you can’t escape from the attractiveness of every smooth-skating! Fed up with staying at home all the time? Want to hang out with your friends and siblings? Then, roller skating is sure to meet your demands.

Still lack of confidence to start as you find yourself too old or too young? Then keep rolling our article to gain a more in-depth insight into this sport and chase your doubt away!

What Is Roller Skating?

What Is Roller SkatingConsidered a recreational yet competitive sport, roller skating has gained its popularity all over the world. It is a kind of outdoor activity involved in a pair of shoes with four – running wheels. With flexibility and a bit self- control, players are capable of wearing these shoes and traveling smoothly on flat surfaces.

Generally, roller skating comes in three main categories, namely quad roller skates, inline skates, and tri-skates. Depending on your skills and preferences, you can take up one of these skating activities. You can also play freestyle, in singles, pairs or teams. Anyway, there is still much fun with roller skating!

Besides being a means of entertainment, roller skating is also perceived as both a type of cardio exercise for losing weight, keeping in shape and a method of transportation. Is there anything more impressive and comfortable than commuting to work on your roller skates on a beautiful day?

What Is A Good Age To Start Roller Skating?

Start Roller SkatingWe’re pretty sure that some of you reading this part may have a desire to learn roller skating. However, you are afraid that your age is not suited to roller skating? Some people claim that they are not as young and energetic as the teenagers.

At the same time, some even form a misconception that they are unable to take up roller skating due to their diminished flexibility and lack of good health. As a consequence, their novelty with roller skating is going to wear off, and their lack of confidence prevents them from taking up a super great sport.

So we’re here to assure you that roller skating is suitable and beneficial for everyone. No matter how old you are, as long as you have enough courage and endurance, you can learn and master roller skating. However, remember to stick to professionals’ guide first to avoid unwanted injuries and have a quicker learning route.

Anyway, our advice is that you should take up roller skating at such an early age as possible. Why? The younger, the more enthusiastic and quicker to comprehend new things. Take learning how to ride a bike, for instance: you at the age of 10 will find it easier to learn to ride than you at 30 years old! Therefore, taking up roller skating when you are teenage is advisable.

At an early age, find help from surrounding people experienced in roller skating to learn the basic steps and keep an eye on your moves. Then try to join roller skating communities to meet like-minded friends. When you keep them company, you’re more enthusiastic, energetic, and likely to find roller skating much more like a long- life interest.

If you are in the middle age or older, don’t worry, the learning route is a little bit different from your children. And maybe you are not as quick in learning as them, there is still a likelihood that you become skilled at skating. You should opt for a mild activity instead of competitive and fast ones like the youth and take up slowly- The more careful, the better.

No need to join any competition or group, you should start by learning with your own methods and at your own pace. It proves to help enhance your skating skills a lot!

Roller skating is not only a good exercise for whoever is up to ears with daily jobs, thus having no time for the gyms but also a means of transportation. In case your leg is not as strong as before and you can’t walk for such a long distance for groceries, all you need is to put on roller skates and travel without tiredness.

And now who wish to become a pro and enjoy the benefits roller skating brings back?

Benefits Of Roller Skating

We bet some of you may wonder: “So why has roller skating become such a common and great hobby since the very first time?” It’s an interesting question, and we will discuss this right now. Its answer somehow may take you by surprise!

Physical Benefits

Physical BenefitsWhen it comes to fitness and getting in shape, ideas involved in the most well-known, and standard methods of exercise will pop up to your mind. Going to the gym, swimming, cycling, yoga are just a few to name. However, besides all these activities, roller skating also proves to be super beneficial to anyone who wishes to lose weight and get the fitness levels up.

Burns Calories

It goes without a doubt that if you want to lose weight, the number of burnt calories must be higher than consumed one. Walking and running are two popular activities most people opt for to burn calories. However, if you aren’t a serious runner, running will be just a pain in the neck, and your initial enthusiasm is likely to wear off.

On the other hand, roller skating is a much more relaxing activity. Skating either indoors or outdoors equally aids your burning calories. Astonishingly, only a 30- minute skate can reduce up to 250 calories! Just skate, let sweat work up and feel the fat melt away!

Builds Up Muscle Definition

Roller skating is not just a recreational activity but a cardio workout. Bending, twisting, and turning when skating help you flex and firm up certain parts of your body, including your abs, thighs, and glutes.

From now on, there is no intense exercise with all kinds of cumbersome fitness equipment like in the gym, yet you still stand a golden chance of building up your muscles with just a pair of roller skates.

Gets Rid Of Certain Diseases

Heart diseases and diabetes are among the most prevalent diseases all over the world, because of which every year there witnesses an enormous number of deaths.

Don’t worry as when you take up roller skating, you are likely to reduce the chance of catching these diseases. Moderate roller skating strengthens the heart and helps burn calories so that you can defeat overweight. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try roller skating!

Mental Benefits

Mental BenefitsDo you want to have a whale of time with your friends, family members after a hard-working day? We bet the answer is yes! Then roller skating creates an excellent gathering activity, which enables you to meet them and relax together.

More importantly, roller skating helps clear the mind and minimize depression levels as well. These miracles are attributed to the fact that when you skate, you are releasing a number of happy hormones known as endorphins. So literally, endorphins make you feel more relaxed and satisfied.

Now you can kill two birds with one stone: keeping fit while still having so much fun!

Safety Tips For Roller Skating

Safety Tips For Roller SkatingNo matter how experienced and skilled you are, bear in mind some tips so that you can avoid unwanted injuries.

  • Safety gears: It’s the fact that a good pair of roller skates is the most crucial; however, preparing gears should be taken seriously as well. Before starting, it’s compulsory to wear a helmet, knee pads, and recheck if your toe stops and laces are tightened properly. They will help you focus on skating with less fear and protect you from further accidental impacts.
  • Correct postures: Even experts still stick to “safe” postures to make a skillful performance and avoid silly falls. And so do you, of course! Remember to keep the core tight, lower down the body a little bit, and not to keep two legs too far apart from each other. Moreover, remain the T-position while you’re standing, also.

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The Bottom Line

Wow, how incredible roller skating is! We bet that after following this article to the end, you have gained all the necessary information about roller skating and answer your common question, “What is a good age to start roller skating?”. Roller skating is such a great hobby that you should not miss out!

Regardless of your age, gender, as long as you have a passion and a little resilience when learning, roller skating is nothing as easy as pie! Follow our basic instructions, take up roller skating, and can’t wait to see how your health improves while enjoying yourself. So why not give it a go?

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