Amazing Wheels Longboard Best for Slide

A wide variety of longboard wheels are available in the market, which makes it difficult for you to choose the best one. Wheels are one of the major components of a longboard as they are responsible for the overall performance. Moreover, superior quality wheels will make it easy for the rider to safely execute advanced level tricks such as sliding. Let’s have a look at some of the popular wheels longboard best for slide.


Sector Nine Butterballs

Sector Nine ButterballsSector nine is a renowned brand in the longboarding industry. The company is not only known for its amazing longboard models, but is also quite popular because of its superior quality spare parts. Butterball wheels released by the company are considered as the best wheels for sliding as it produces quick acceleration on any model.

Sector Nine Skiddles

Sector Nine SkiddlesIf you are looking for wheels longboard best for slide, then you should prefer sector nine over other popular manufacturers. Sector nine Skiddle wheels are little bit harder than other wheels available in the industry, but it doesn’t affect its performance as it has the ability produce smooth slides.

Santa Cruz Slimeballs

Santa Cruz SlimeballsSanta Cruz Slimeballs is another best option for sliding wheels for longboard as it measures 54mm in diameter. Wheels with small diameter will slide quicker than the wheels with large diameter, which makes it the best option. However, one major drawback of these wheels is 97A hardness, but it doesn’t affect its popularity as these wheels have the ability to control the slide.

Sector 9 Nine Ball

Sector 9 Nine BallSector 9 nine ball wheels have been ruling the longboard industry for the past few years because of its incredible performance. These wheels are quite soft, which allow it to absorb the vibration and provide a steady slide. These wheels measure 70mm and are perfect for the riders who want to perform some amazing board tricks including sliding.

Orangatang Stimulus

Orangatang StimulusThese wheels measure 70 mm in diameter and have a softness rating of 83A. A smaller diameter provides best acceleration and speed, which makes it easy for the rider to take a slide. Moreover, these wheels are far better than the other wheels mentioned above in terms of durability.

Shark wheels

Shark wheelsShark wheels are quite different from the other wheels available in the industry, but are quite popular among the riders because of its incredible performance. These wheels have a mixed square and spherical shape, which makes them different from the other wheels. The best part about these wheels is that they offer best control over the slides and better stability on wet surfaces. Moreover, these wheels give a unique look to your longboard and boost the overall performance.

These are some of the popular wheels longboard best for slide. However, apart from the top rated wheels mentioned above, shark wheels are considered as the best option for sliding as they offer better control and acceleration. So, if you wish to enjoy a safe and smooth ride, then you should use the wheels mentioned above.

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