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Why Ancheer skateboard brand? Well, to find a correct answer to this question, you must read the entire section. Ancheer is one of the leading skateboard companies that provides quality skateboard on low price. With some exceptional endurance and staggering durability, you will surely not regret getting one for yourself.

Ancheer believes in providing quality products to its customers due to which it can be compared to any of the top quality brands in the world. Moreover, our customers love buying products from us because our quality spare the parts combine perfectly and provide smooth control and safety while skateboarding. All the products designed at Ancheer go through proper quality assurance techniques to ensure that they are ready to get you rolling.

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Reviews (17/20)

Ancheer provides a high-quality skateboard with smooth bearing and bushing which combine perfectly to create a spectacular skateboard for us. It is a classic style skateboard that gives you the chance to get yourself rolling on this fantastic ride. Ancheer’s specially designed skateboards make it worth buying. Its exceptionally designed skateboards are of high quality and give me a tremendous experience of skateboarding. I recommend this product.

Ancheer is the only brand which provides a high-quality heat transfer graphic skateboard. Its fantastic combination of smooth bearing, bushing, high-quality deck, and wheels make it one fantastic product worth buying.


Riding (18/20)

Riding ancheer skateboardRiding ancheer skateboard would be an exceptional experience as it is a bi-directional double kicktail skateboard which allows you to use both sides for sliding, turns and diplomatic tricks. The skateboard is best suited for all kinds of riders and especially recommended for beginners and cruisers. You can feel the fun while riding this exceptional skateboard arroyo your area.

Mini cruiser: Commuting was never such easy before ancheer’s arrival. As ancheer has introduced its products to the market, now everyone can enjoy this fantastic activity. Commuting on ancheer skateboards Is merely unusual as you can reduce so quietly and fast. You can also take this great mini cruiser to the subway, plane, train, and bus with ease. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a skate spot or bombing a hill, getting around town, skating to the beach or riding your way around school in-between classes you mini cruiser is always with you helping you to get rolling.

Pro skateboard: The pro skateboards allow you the chance to get try some 360’s and a few other simple basic stunts that would make you a hero in front of everyone. The wheels in the pro skateboard are mind-blowing as they take the skateboard far with just one little push. The skateboard is designed in such a way that it makes most of the hard work on it and allows the user to enjoy the fantastic experience of riding.

Super Skateboard: The super skateboard is another fantastic product that you would never want to let go off. Its fantastic light design makes it a worthy asset to have. Exceptional quality wheels enable you to ride with confidence and ensure that you get to become the best skater among the bunch.


Design (14/15)

Pro Skateboard: Pro skateboard is made of wood with dimensions of 31″*8″. Its amazing concave design with full-size double kick tub gives you an extra mileage while riding. It encapsulates concave tub shape that is also known as flat-cave. It is quite similar to the radial board, but rails extend at a sharp angle from the deck instead of having a gentle curve. Tub board helps to keep your feet flat which ensure the fact that you will have a mellower ride. Another amazing feature of this skateboard is that it contains sharp rails that provide a sudden shift in energy. This particular skateboard is designed to suit skaters of age 13 who are taller than 5’3″ with a shoe size of 9 or above.

Mini Cruiser: The fantastic ancheer skateboard mini cruiser takes it inspiration from Australian retro board. It is one of the coolest skateboards that have hit the road. Its design reminds you of the golden era of 70 bringing back a retro look in the super stylish way. Whether you are going to check the surf to get rolling for school its always going to give the strange 70s retro style look.


Deck (14/15)

Deck Ancheer SkateboarCheck out the Ancheer cruiser: Ancheer cruiser is one of the top products of skateboards. It is created with thick 100% fresh durable lightweight plastic which is flexible yet durable. This provides the opportunity to shape the skateboard without compromising on the length quickly. You will be amazed to see the mini cruiser with a solid 3-inch aluminum truck and quite. With a smooth Big PU wheels and Suspension ring, you will ever want to let go of the fantastic ride. The ABEC-7 bearing makes it an extremely stable skateboard. The material deck provides strength to 200+ pounds rider. With such exceptional specification, you are going to enjoy a fantastic ride.

Something about Ancheer Pro Skateboard: Ancheer Pro skateboard is another product from which you cannot get your eyes off because of its amazing nine-layer hardwood maple wood which is constructed with full-length grip tape across the top of the deck. The exceptional features of this skateboard include the high density and stable plastic boards which allow maximum supporting weight which goes up to 220lbs (100kg)


Wheels (9/10)

Skateboard is created with a four anti-shock extremely smooth PU wheels. This makes the wheels smooth, anti-abrasive, shock-absorbing allowing you a fantastic ride. Our skateboard wheels are versatile providing you an opportunity to get you rolling on harsh terrains such as steep streets, ditches or pools.

With features like ABEC-7 precision, high-speed stainless alloy bearing you will be getting super smooth fast and durable wheels that will make it the first choice for you when it comes to skateboards. Moreover, a super soft PU bushing provides a smooth and easy to operate turn controls that make it useful for rough surfaces and get you rolling over difficult terrains.


Trucks (9/10)

Ancheer skateboards are embedded with a 3-inch aluminum truck and smooth Big PU wheels with PU suspension ring and ABEC-7 bearing. All these specifications make it an amazingly stable skateboard which covers miles with just one push.

Bushing (5/5)

The fantastic bushes in the skateboard make it one exceptional product to have for yourself. With the help of bushes, different situations such as skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough terrains become easy.

Bearing (4/5)

Bearing Ancheer SkateboarThe fantastic ABEC-7 precision high-speed stainless steel bearings provide you an amazingly stable and effortless ride. This mini cruiser board desk is created with ultra-durable lightweight plastic. All these features combine to offer you a compact body which can withstand 200lbs providing you the chance to pack it into your bag pack and roam around with ease. One of the best things about Ancheer skateboard brand is that high-quality bearings are used which are quite durable.


Ancheer skateboards are the best skateboard available in the market. If you are a beginner, then there is no better option within an affordable price tag. Durability, playability, and controllability are the few of many benefits Ancheer is providing to its customers. Grab your fantastic ancheer skateboard to experience an exceptional ride.

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