Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete Longboard

The longboard is known as a surfboard having added wheels. Longboards can be used for smooth sailing, slalom sporting, downhill racing along with other boarding tricks. Also, they are used for simple transportations. This kind of boarding gear may differ when it comes to forming with respect to the designed action as well as tricks which the riders approach.

There are numerous factors to think about whenever you buy these boards. One is the length. The length carries a large effect on the overall performance of the rider. The board having forty inches and more offers much better balance to the riders when compared with scaled-down boards.

These types of boards additionally provide the rider control even at high-speed. You have to additionally think about the kind of skateboard truck for use on your board. The kind of bearings to make use of is one additional element to take into consideration

Choosing the longboard

Reading the reviews of Longboards is the best option to start learning about longboarding in general and to understand what is available on the market today. That’s why we provide the review of one of the best-selling Longboards in the market, the Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete Longboard. In general, the Longboards are three in types such as sliding, downhill, and freestyle. You have to select the best style of longboard for you personally that will meet your own needs. This Arbor Axis longboard is perfect for these types. The specialty of this board lies in its visually stunning and elegant designs.

Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete LongboardThe Arbor Company started their business in 1995 with the snowboards and providing the most famous skateboards in the market today. Now, the Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete Longboard is one of the items of Arbor collectives. Its artistic and eye-catching design and clean look attracts the attention of passersby.  This is the reason why most of the skaters like to have this skate board. This Photo Series Complete Longboard is a newest of the Arbor’s longboard series. With its simple and clear design it attracts a lot of skaters to buy this product.

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About the Board

The first and important factor, that most of the skaters, inspired by this board is due to its symmetrical shape. The perfectly finished shape of this board helps it to react to any shift immediately to the weight of the rider. This version of Arbor Axis longboard includes some best features that make this board exhibit good capability.

Perfect for down hills

This longboard is constructed with walnut of 40 inches long. This length of this board allows it to be strong and helps the skater to go fast on downhills ride. This downhill Arbor Axis longboard is best for the thrill seekers who love to ride speed. Racing down the slopes at speeds of more than 40 miles per hour is easy with this Arbor Axis complete longboard.

Extremely stable

Also, this board is extremely stable as the wheels are attached to the board’s base. Similarly, this board is closer to the ground while riding hence it offers a lower center of gravity. This low center of gravity is very much important for enhanced stability. It is also needed especially for the downhill slopes of long tracks and to achieve the type of ride the rider wants to have

A drop-through board

This is like a drop-through board, that is, the trucks of this board go through the central deck of this board. This advantageous design of this board stabilizes it at the time of riding towards down hills and helps the riders to increase the power at tricky turns.

Perfect trucks

The reverse black trucks of this board suit perfectly for the look and design of this board. The trucks of this walnut board are combined to the deck which is a perfect feature of this board. This longboard is available with 70 mm black wheels that fit good for the entire look of the board.

Easy upgrade

Also, if the user needs to upgrade its features, the user can do it easily. This is because upgrading the components of this board is and all the components are available for cheap rates. Hence, the user doesn’t need to spend more money to improve the downhill performance of this board. Thus, this Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete Longboard is money saving also.

Arbor Axis’s riding

Arbor AxisSmooth riding

While coming to the riding of this Arbor Axis complete longboard, it is proved universally that it offers a completely smooth ride. That is, this skateboard provides the rider a smooth ride on any surface. This means that it is suitable for riding any surface and at any speed.

Fast riding with good stability

In the case of fast riding, this board exhibits good stability and this makes Arbor Axis one of the more stable skating boards in the market. The trucks that are designed in a drop-through way eradicate the speed virtually and maintain the shakes and vibrate which occurs due to the speed. Thus it enhances the stability and gives the rider a smooth ride

Grip tape

The clear grip tape of this Arbor Axis complete longboard is also the greatest feature of this board. It permits the skater to have a safe footing on the board, along with depicting the excellent design. Hence, the rider can enjoy perfect skating and attract the passerby with its vibrant design. Also, as this board offers great stability, the riders don’t have to worry about fell down while riding on this board.

Why buy Arbor Axis longboard?

arbor axis completeMore flexible

This Arbor Axis complete longboard also suits best for the professionals. This board provides more flexibility and one can do any stunt possible in the easiest way with this longboard. Neither the downhill nor sliding, this Arbor Axis longboard is ideal for tricks and such activities. This best longboard can be matched up to the high speeds of a downhill riding and can be fast enough to give you an adrenalin rush.

Drop-Through Deck Style

The curve of this longboard deck is deeper. The center of gravity is, therefore, lower adding to the board a great load of stability to the rider while riding atop it. The board is closer to the ground, which gives the riders the benefit to be stable and not fall off from the board while riding on it. This board gives a great deal of stability. Thus, the Arbor Axis longboard suits best for the beginners who are new to the longboarding experience.

Similarly, the riders those who are above beginner stage would also find this downhill longboard more pleasing due to the benefits it offers. Better speed and grip could be achieved when going at high speed since the trucks of this deck is drop through. When comparing to top mounted decks, it should be understood that much experience and skill are necessary in order to properly discern between the power of this type of deck and its resembling counterpart.


When comparing to the other Longboards in the market, this longboard is available for a nominal rate. Also, if the user need to improve or change the components, that is also cheap. They can get the components for cheaper rates. Although it is available for minimum rate, this Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete Longboard exhibits good functionality.

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This product is one of the most selling Longboards in the market today. Due to its visually appealing design and its feature, this Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete Longboard is available in all popular shopping sites like Amazon. Also, because of its excellent features this product has obtained amount of perfect score rating. This shows that this product is liked by a number of skaters and riders.

Due to its excellent carving feature, this longboard provides riders a smooth riding feel. Thus this longboard is perfect for the riders those who want to go for a fast ride and smooth ride. Similarly, those who want to get a longboard that is able to use on any surface can definitely buy this Arbor Axis Photo Series Complete Longboard. So, why are you waiting? Go and get your one.

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