Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″

The longboard is known as a surf board having added wheels. You can choose between various options that are available in the market. But when you go through the reviews given by the current users, calling Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard 39” would certainly score the best. It’s the best rated longboard till date which is not only the best in class but also the prices are very nominal.

The exclusive features in the product have attracted many customers in buying it. The main highlight in the Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is the deck which is extremely flexible, sturdy and very secure. Maple has been used to build the core of the board which is a very hard substance and provides the adequate amount of friction needed by the customer to be secure on the board.

Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete LongboardThe maple core is then wrapped in fiberglass which further helps is resistance up to the required mark so that you don’t fall off the board. Three different materials are used to build Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″. The rest two plies are upwards and downwards respectively giving it a hard surface.


  • The length of the Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is 39’’; width is 8.5’’ and the wheelbase is 23’’. These are very suitable figures and this shows that it is easily adjustable and can be kept anywhere.
  • Some features like 65mm 82a wheels, reverse kingpin Caliber 9” trucks, etc. support the product.
  • The after sales services of the company are one of the best to the customer. It is safe and easy to ride on. The beginners as well as the professional skaters can use it.
  • The colours of wheels can be chosen according to the person’s choice. This gives the customer a wide variety of options.
  • Hard and pliable material is used to build the product. The best support is offered to the customers. You can carry it easily anywhere because of the quality of material.
  • It contains the twin tip kick tail which offers a very interesting function. This function includes the ease of turning the longboard at steep turns and curves. Hence, slightest of details have been taken care of.

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Benefits of using Arbor Genesis Premium Complete Longboard

arbor fish bamboo longboard complete

  • It serves as the best quality longboard
  • Perfect for down hills
  • Extremely stable
  • A drop-through board
  • Perfect trucks
  • Easy upgrade
  • Smooth riding
  • Overall a very good package
  • Adjustable and easy to store
  • Well suited for the professional as well as beginners
  • Extremely sturdy, flexible and superb quality
  • Comfortable and easy to ride


How to get it?

  • The Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″can be bought through the online markets. This product is offered by many online shopping sites. The price of Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ can vary with the seller. Thus, it should be bought by comparing the prices and get the best deal. Most sellers provide you with user reviews and ratings from the critics which are a must to be gone through. Therefore many online shopping websites can be checked including the online stores.

Technical details

  • The Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is built around Gullwing Sidewinder trucks which give it a very attractive product to see and use. The experience you get from its use is very soothing and the professionally built product has made almost all of its customers satisfied.
  • The weight of the item ranges around 6.78 pounds and the shipping weight is around 9 pounds. The size of the Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is mentioned in the name.

Product description:

  • The most attractive feature is its manufacturing material that is maple and this maple code is further wrapped in fiberglass. Additional, 2 more layers of maple are added above and below the longboard. A Koa finish is given to the Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ which can make it last long. The manufacturer is very responsive on any shortcomings addressed by the customers and it is just like the board which is even more responsive and fast to the slightest of movements of the rider.
  • No extra efforts are required to skate over long distances and are very suitable for the beginners. The most attractive feature of Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is that the deck is not only functional and unique but it always gives an antique look to the product and fascinates a lot of people.
  • The wood gain style is even better. It is ideal for talking those sharp and difficult turns with ease as it responds to your command very quickly due to its twin tip kick tail and a camber concave. The deck is made of maple which increases the friction between the shoes and the board.
  • The lower centre of gravity of the product is ensured through the well built design. The rider lowers his weight over the wheels. As a result the rider has greater control over the Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″. The additional trucks add to the controls which are provided keeping in mind the riding techniques of different people. The different other features mentioned above make it easier to practice. The options of different wheel sizes add even more flexibility to the product for a variety of population.

arbor fish bamboo longboard

Customer Review and Ratings

  • Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is a very complete package overall and offers you the most comfort as compared to other products. The ratings of the product are 4 out of 5 by the customers. Its maple made desk along with astonishingly smooth features have given it this the dominating position in the market.
  • It is an ideal product for the beginners and not only for the professionals because of the precise control on offer over itself and the ease of moving around and covering curves and turns. Thus very blunt movements are not required and simple efforts would do. It should be noted that this is drop through and not top mount. Customers feel it that they have made a perfect decision buying it. The Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is not absolutely flawless but it offers you utmost flexibility to enjoy and carve your ride.

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The product has gained a dominating position in the market due to the features on offer and the balance of these features. Due to its visually appealing design and its feature, this Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″ is available in all popular shopping sites like Amazon and others.

Also, because of its excellent features, this product has obtained a lot of good reviews, thus it has a high overall score. This shows that this product is liked by a number of skaters and riders. Thus this longboard is perfect for the riders those who want to go for a fast ride and smooth ride. Similarly, those who want to get a longboard that is able to use on any surface can definitely buy this Arbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard, 39″.

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