Arbor Genesis Premium Complete Longboard

When it comes to buy a longboard, calling this Arbor Genesis Premium Complete Longboard would certainly not be over exaggeration. It’s the best rated longboard till date which besides offering the best facility also offers reasonable rate. It is best suited for the customers and they prefer buying it due to its exquisite features. This is a quality board where the deck is the highlight. This deck provides the customer with extreme flexibility, maximum sturdiness and maximum security.

The core of the board has been made with maple which is a very hard substance and provides the adequate amount of friction needed by the customer to be secure on the board. The maple core is then wrapped in fiberglass which further provides securable resistance to the customer so that he doesn’t falls off the board, since it is made of three different materials altogether. The rest two plies are upwards and downwards respectively giving it a hard surface.


longbord arbor genesis

  • Suitable length, width and weight: The length of the longboard is 32’’; weight is 8.75’’ and the width is 23’’. This shows that it is easy to adjust and keep it anywhere without designating a particular place to place it
  • Supporting features: Arbor Sucrose Initiative Summits 71 mm wheels , Abec 5 bearings, Gullwing Sidewinder 9’’ in which trucks are also included
  • Stalk: It is under premium collection and offers the best service to the customer. It is safe and easy to ride on. The beginners as well as the professional skaters can use it
  • Artistic look: It possesses Eric Waetzig & Hunter Patrick which give it a beautiful and ancient artistic look. This makes it eye catchy and magnificent
  • Variety of wheel colors: The wheal colors are different in different Longboards thus the customer can choose it according to his own wish. This gives the customer a wide variety of options
  • Material used: The material used in the manufacture of the board is hard and pliable. It offers the customer the best support and care. It is easy to carry at distant places and is also durable.
  • Available in varying sizes: The longboard is available in various sizes from 38 to 44 inches. The person can thus choose the board according to his comfortability and usage. It comes for beginners and professionals thus are well suited to all.
  • Twin tip kick tail: The twin tip kick tail also possess another very interesting function as the name suggests. It is useful in turning the longboard at steep curves even with the slightest of movements. Thus it senses even the slightest of movements of feet.

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Benefits of using Arbor Genesis Premium Complete Longboard

  • It serves as the best quality longboard
  • It is easy to use and can be adjusted with easily
  • It is adjustable and can be kept anyone due to compact size
  • It is well suited for the professional as well as beginners
  • Customers enjoy taking a ride on it due to its extreme sturdiness, flexibility and superb quality
  • The customer feels comfortable and easy to ride this board


Where to buy this?

The Arbor Genesis Premium Complete Longboard can be bought anywhere online. Many online shopping sites sell this product at variable rates. Thus rates can be compared and product can be purchased easily. Most sites that sell it also provide the customer’s and manufacturers review which aids you in making the buying decision. Therefore many online shopping websites can be checked including the online stores.

Technical details:

  • The Zeppelin that is made in the longboard is build around Gullwing Sidewinder trucks which give it a comfortable and soothing look altogether. There is a narrow platform that delivers the essential control needed for a extremely precise, authentic and carving experience.
  • The item dimensions are 7*11*42 inches which shows that the product has an adequate size and shape. The weight of the item ranges around 6.78 pounds and the shipping weight is around 9 pounds.
  • The size of the product is 33’’. The product is available on many online sites and the one that offers the most affordable price can thus be seen by the customer itself.

Product description:

The best thing about the board is that it is made up of maple. This maple code is further wrapped in fiberglass. After all this even 2 more plies of maple are added above and below the longboard. After this the longboard is given a Koa finish which can make the longboard last till years. This applied unique design is what makes the manufacturing company exceptionally responsive. This board is quite fast and will even respond the slightest of movements of the rider.

The rider thus won’t have to make any extra efforts for skating along the longboard rather it would be done easily and smoothly as even the slightest movements would be responded to.
But the most exciting and classic thing is that the deck is not only functional and unique but it always gives an antique look to the onlookers and fascinates them towards itself. The gorgeous wood gain style is a cherry on the cake.

arbor genesisThe Arbor Genesis Premium Complete Longboard also possess a twin tip kick tail and a camber concave which makes the deck suitable for taking sharp, smooth turns at high speed while maintaining complete and total control. Also additional security has been provided to the deck for keeping friction between the customer’s shoes and the deck by coating the deck wood with recycled glass.

The board has thus been given a drop through design. This statement means that the board itself has a lower centre of gravity. The rider lowers his weight over the wheels. So, as a result the rider has greater control over the longboard.

Adding to this are the additional trucks that are provided whose riding style requires them to make right turns and road hugging transitions. Moreover the Arbor Sucrose Initiative Summit wheels and ABEC 5 bearings are icing on the cake. They make the practice way easier and simpler.

Riders have a chance of choosing from 38 to 44 inch model according to what suits them the most however the smaller size offers more precise control and brisk jerky movements.

Customer review and ratings

arbor genesis longboard completeThe Arbor Genesis Premium Complete Longboard is a complete product offering you every kind of comfortability. It is rated 4 out of 5 by the customers. Its maple made desk along with astonishingly smooth features have given it this reputed state in the market.

It is well suited not just for the professional skaters but also for those who are learning skating. It offers precise control over itself and even the minor jerky movements may move the customer. Thus very blunt movements are not required and simple efforts would do.

Firstly it appeals great. It should be noted that this is drop through and not top mount. Customers feel it that they have made a perfect decision buying it. The Arbor Genesis Premium Complete longboard is absolutely flawless. It offers you utmost flexibility to enjoy and carve your ride.

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The Arbor Genesis Premium Complete longboard is as mentioned above completely flawless. Since it has been rate d as 4 out of 5 in the customer review ratings, it has proved to be a boon for the skaters. They can now make brisk and jerky turns even with the slightest of the movements.

Not only has this but the board also been claimed to be on the best Longboards till date. Its manufacture is fine, complete and finished. The perfect lining give is an eye catchy appearance and it is thus a dream to by it.

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