Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard

When customers have a plethora of choices among Longboards, this Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard is the best they can get. The exquisite and defined features make it even more beautiful. It is also the best rated longboard till date which is available at maximum reasonable rate possible.

A customer in need of a longboard yet not buying it will definitely suffer a great loss. It has a bamboo carver collection which gives it an antique appearance and catches the attention of the onlookers.
Here the deck has been highlighted to the fullest and provides adequate sturdiness and security required by the customers. Moreover the appropriate amount of friction is also maintained by the material used in manufacturing it.

It completely includes Arbor SI Bogart 61mm 82a Wheels, ABEC 5 Bearings, Gullwing Shadow DLX 9.0″ Trucks. All of this material used gives it a defined place in the market and makes it worth buying. It gives securable resistance to the customer.


Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard,The Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard has suitable length, width and size. It is compact and can be kept easily at homes.

  • Supporting features: The length of the longboard is 31’’, width is 8.625’’, wheelbase is 17’’ and plies used are 7. This arrangement shows that it is easy to fit anywhere in the place.
  • Easy to use: The professionals as well as the beginners can use it. It is easy to keep and use. Skaters have a fun time riding on it.
  • Artistic look: It has been made of maple and bamboo top veneer. It is beautiful to look at due to this used material.
  • Variety of wheel colors: The colors used in the manufacturing of the wheels are varied and available in all suitable or liked range. One can choose any color that one likes.
  • Material used: The material used in the manufacturing of the longboard is hard and pliable. It provides the much needed support to the customer and the adequate resistance needed. Maple has been used in its manufacturing
  • Available in varying sizes: The longboard is available in varying sizes; different sizes are suited to different individuals. Like the standard size being sold is 31.75 inches
  • Offers a fantastic riding style: The riding style that it offers is cruising or carving style. This is mostly loved and enjoyed by the customers. Even small jerky movements can aid you in fine moves

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Benefits of using Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard

  • It has been demarcated as the best quality longboard till date
  • It is easy to use and keep due to its short and compact size
  • Its adjustable nature doesn’t require it much space to keep
  • It is preferred both by the professionals as well as beginners. They love riding on it and enjoying the adventure.
  • It provides extreme flexibility, superb sturdiness and top level quality
  • The longboard is felt easy and comfortable to use
  • It is easy and comfortable to ride on due to the material used in its manufacturing
  • The material used in manufacturing is also durable.


Where to buy this?

Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard,

  • The product is available at a lot of online stores at varying prices. Prices can thus be compared and then the best on can be selected. The customer and manufacturer reviews are displayed on the side which will aid you in taking your decision whether to buy it or not.

Thus many online websites can be examined through for making a firm decision. Therefore don’t let the scorching summers spoil your fun, cheer yourselves up a bit, make your hobby, your passion. So bring up your longboard, get going and break through the summer with something interesting and intriguing with this beautiful product.

The product is good enough to easily rotate at your directions and offer you the best service altogether. Also the Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard is an amazing sidewalk surfer with some definite freestyle flair.

Technical details:

The Arbor Sizzler Complete Longboard is made up of 6 plies of maple along with bamboo deck ply. Thus it has been prepared with sustainable sources of nature which are also eco friendly. Thus no wastage has been done.

The trucks are 108mm in size with Arbor Sucrose initiating wheels that aid you in having a freeride performance and are also good for skating around the town. The core provides a lesser momentum and thus initiates a smooth ride.

The board is a fusion of everything and gives durability and higher performance. The grip tape that is being used to secure it is made of crushed recycled glass. Only get the certified Arbor products and check the sign mark on it before you actually purchase it.

Product description

Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard,Besides not letting you get bored in your holidays, this Arbor sizzler complete longboard also offers other exciting features. The best thing is that is made up of 6 maple plies with a bamboo deck ply which is hard and pliable.

These materials provide a firm support and adequate friction to the customer on it. The customer thus feels secured and flexible. There are 5 ABEC bearings which offer smooth ride and the recycle material is also used.

The Geometry, Angle, Alignment of the longboard complement to each other. These make the longboard look fine and beautiful. The highlights of the longboard are the riding styles that it offers that is carving and cruising.

The deck style is top mount and the material of the deck is maple with bamboo. It offers a directional shape to your ride and makes you feel comfortable and confident of the moves you decide to make while riding. Not only has this but it also provided a one year warranty.

Customer review and ratings:

The product has been rated 5 out of 5 in the customer reviews. They find it easy to use and handle. Even slight jerky movements make the board move and turn. This aids the smoothness and the user feels easy to ride it. It is a great choice for the riders looking for class.

It is small enough to fit under the table and maneuverable enough to perform sidewalks all along. The clear, spray on grip tape applied by the manufacturer is another highlight which makes the movements soft and smooth. The user is provided utmost comfortability during the ride.

The momentum that the core offers is quite less so that it doesn’t become a hindrance in the ride. People feel it easy to use and ride on. It offers precise control over itself and even the minor jerky movements may move the customer. Thus very blunt movements are not required and simple efforts would do.

Firstly it appeals great. It should be noted that this is drop through and not top mount. Customers feel it that they have made a perfect decision buying it. The Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete longboard is absolutely flawless. It offers you utmost flexibility to enjoy and carve your ride.

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The product being talked about above is completely flawless. It has been made keeping in mind the very minute details and complaints and concerned areas from the customer’s point of view.

One can easily distinguish its advantages over other Longboards. Also it is being sold at a very reasonable price that is easy to afford by the customers. It is provided with a 1 year warranty also. The recycled material used in its manufacturing is strong and worth trusting. It offers a smooth and most desired ride to the users. The users feel blessed to have it.

They are provided with an enjoyable activity in their summer free time. So rush to the store before Arbor Sizzler Bamboo Complete Longboard goes out of stalk!

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