Have You Known Everything About Arbor Skateboards? (Click If The Answer is NO)

Hey, answer me this question, “How will you move on a rideable surface?”

It’s best to ride with a skateboard, right?

However, it’s not easy to find out a suitable model.

OKAY, let me help you limit your choices.

Look for a reliable brand. Then, you just need to determine your demands and requirement.

I will help you solve the most difficult part that is picking up a reliable brand.

Recently, Arbor skateboard is well-known on many forums. It comes with a lot of series. And each one has many different models.

All of them have not only a unique look but also several great features.

Follow me to discover:

The Introduction of Arbor Skateboard

Arbor collective brand has launched 3 categories: snowboards, skateboards, and clothing.

Skateboard is the second one which has been run since 1998. Mainly, they turn their old snowboards into the new skateboards. Over years of innovation, now, they have a wide range of kinds of skateboards in many shapes.

The introduction of Arbor skateboardBecause the skateboards are designed from the old snowboards, they have similar materials, arts, shaping, and designs.

Speaking in one word:

Arbor skateboards are handmade and high-quality woodcraft.

The Commitment of Arbor

During more than 20-year operation, Arbor always aims to manufacture the best products.

For them, which aspects must an Arbor skateboard meet?

They include quality, performance, safe materials, and the planet’s preservation.

Who are the Target Customers of Arbor?

Basically, the target customers of Arbor are ambassadors, artists, and athletes.

However, they also want to bring a good time with great moments for people who want to have a skateboarding trip with their family and friends.

So, as you guessed:

You can easily find out the Arbor skateboards having the basic features for unprofessional riders.

Returning Roots

“Returning roots” is a program of Arbor skateboard, aiming to replant trees, rebuilding forests, and more. They have donated to some groups to protect as well as restore forests.

Apart from Koa forest of Hawaii, their donation gives people and places which allow them to surf, skateboard, and snowboard.

Other groups it supports

  1. Arbor Day Foundation
  2. Surfrider Foundation
  3. Grades Of Green

Arbor Collective Founder, Artists, and Photographers

Arbor Collective founder, Artists, and photographersApart from the founder, the Arbor Collective has developed since 1995 thanks to the cooperation of many friends, designers, artists, and photographers.

All of them have the same goal, producing the best stuff that is environmental-friendly. Their products are the combination of thinking design and old school craftsmanship.

The list of some artists include:

  • Aaron James Draplin
  • Connor Getzlaff
  • Henry Hablak
  • Jamie Browne
  • Oliver Hibert
  • Florian Schommer
  • Hannes Hummel
  • C.R. Stecyk III
  • Kyler Martz
  • Malika Favre
  • DZO
  • Kozyndan
  • Bill Connors
  • Dave Kinsey
  • Sylvia Ji
  • Derek Nobbs
  • Nanami Cowdroy
  • Hannah Stouffer
  • Pomme Chan
  • Dave Sheets
  • Eric Waetzig
  • Blaine Fontana
  • Hunter Patrick
  • Shawn McKinney
  • Jeff Soto
  • David Hale
  • Iaian MacArthur
  • Zach Johnsen
  • Jesse Reno
  • Haunted Euth
  • Ben Tour
  • Max Kauffman
  • Russ Mills
  • Stina Persson
  • Yoskay Yamamoto
  • Tadashi Ura
  • Randy Noborikawa
  • Mike Benninghoven
  • Jimiyo
  • Brian Morris
  • Rick Rietveld
  • Marka27
  • Chow Martin


WarrantyOnce you click to this link, that means you want to buy one of Arbor models, right? So, you should learn a little bit information about the warranty:

Here’s great information:

All products of Arbor Collective brand are warranted against defects in the materials or workmanship within one year from the original purchase date.

The decision of replacing is based on discretion. If your skateboard is broken, or rendered non-functional due to one of the following defects such as glue, materials or production, you will have a new one.

However, you won’t have this warranty in cases below:

Wear and tear normally when:

  • Tail and nose wear from dragging the model.
  • Curbs, the extreme temperature changes, water, or moisture cause damage.
  • Warping due to direct exposure to rain, snow, heat, and immersion in water.
  • Causing cracks or edges chipping due to foreign objects.
  • There are small differences in symmetry (these skateboards are crafted by hands.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t consider stress cracks in the surface plies as defects.

Be broken when:

  • Users assemble the Arbor skateboard or any component wrongly.
  • You highly impact tricks.
  • Damage is caused by any intentional breakage.
  • Modifying the model such as chopping, and redrilling physically.
  • Your model is factory seconds.
  • There is damage during the shipping process.
  • You repair or replace grip tape.

Top Arbor Skateboards

Arbor skateboards have a lot of series with a wide range of different products.

Don’t worry.

I will list a typical model of some outstanding series. This is enough for you to clearly understand about Arbor Collective brand:

Flagship Series

Flagship seriesThe Arbor Flagship Series features a thin-in-mind design and a drop-through shape.

For this reason, no matter which performance and style you ride, this model can provide both girls and boys an amazing trip.

However, you need to determine your goal first. Is it old school carving, basic cruising, mellow freeride, or a little freestyle?

Depend on each specific case, there will be an appropriate model. The Flagship Series comes with many kinds including Zeppelin, Mindstate, Dropcruiser, Axis 37, Axis 40, and Catalyst.

Mindstate Flagship is my recommendation.

Let’s discover:

This combination of the original pintail shape and a drop-through design allows you to glide any surface.

Specifically, the drop-though mount gives you the feeling of riding near to the ground. Your feet are kept in a perfect position to control each move while you roll away and push easily.

Here’s the magic thing:

The drop-through board provides you with great stability. So, even a beginner can learn how to ride confidently and comfortably.

Enjoy moving and commuting for kilometers away freely.

With the Arbor Sucrose Outlook 70mm 78a smooth wheels, the skateboard has a highly predictable and adaptable level.

Wanting to cruise?

It’s not a big problem even you look gripping.

Unlike Petroleum products, the material of Mindstate flagship is Sucrose Urethane. that is eco-friendly.

Are you a lover of the environment?

If yes, choose it.

Artist Collection Series

Artist Collection SeriesArtist Collection Series is a new product released in 2018.

You may be wondering about the designer:

He is Henry Hablak who is an illustrator and tattoo artist from Atlanta, GA.

Here’s a little bit information about Henry’s designing style:

His designs are influenced by shamanism, alchemy, folklore, and traditional art. Besides, there are other features including historical art, traveling as well as anthropology and history all over the world.

And it doesn’t stop here:

Artist Collection of Arbor skateboards is inspired from some graphics including checkered and triangle patterns, and mythological deities. There are 5 kinds: the Axis 40, Catalyst, Dropcruiser, Pilsner, and the Pocket Rocker.

You may care this last information:

He used a color pallet which is the combination of contrasting cyan and the historic pottery’s orange-red tone.

Among all products, I highly appraise Axis 40 AC.

Let’s discover:

This model features a perfect cutout of the griptape.

For me, the most wonderful thing is the appearance of a logo as a window on the top of the deck.

Moreover, it has a classy look thanks to the wood grain finish peeking from behind.

And its mellow concave is extremely perfect.

In general, this design seems to be influenced by Japan.

What’s the best part?

A pair of the soft and stable wheels allows even a beginner to ride confidently. This was checked on a few quite nasty pavement holes, so don’t worry.

Another feature is that the design of the front and tail of the deck prevents and disregard wheel bite completely.

Arbor Photo Collection

Arbor Photo CollectionNick Liotta is the designer of the Arbor Photo Collection. She captured some of the interesting landscapes in 2017. Thus, Arbor Photo Collection has 5 of the best-known designs: Pilsner, Rally, Dropcruiser, Axis, and Timeless.

Each product is made from Hardrock Maple plies and Black Walnut deck sustainably.

You can find out a lot of great skateboards in this collection. However, I highly recommend Timeless 42 Bamboo because I love the central photo image that looks like an eye.

First, are you a lover of the environment?

If yes, choose it as it is produced with eco-friendly and water-based sanding sealers.

In particular, I think that this model suits professional riders or lovers of a challenge since it is designed for cruising and carving the streets.

Arbor Groundswell Series

Arbor Groundswell SeriesArbor Groundswell Series is famous for designs which are inspired by surf cultures. All of them are clean particularly. However, the top of the board has an old school look.

There are many different sizes which range from 30.50” cruisers to 42” skateboards.

Here is the list:

Rally, Mission, Sizzler, Timeless 42, and Fish 37.

For the Arbor Groundswell Series, I will introduce a little bit about Arbor Mission Groundswell Complete Skateboard:

Like the collection above, it is also manufactured from eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers suiting riders who want to protect our environment.

Wanting to experience something fast and free?

Here is an appropriate solution because it is an ideal combination of roll speed and quick acceleration. In general, you can freeride on any size skateboard.

Apart from low profile core for a smoother ride, it provides high-level performance and durability but minimizes petroleum.

Arbor Bamboo Series

Arbor bamboo seriesAs the name suggested, the products of Arbor bamboo series are made from bamboo, forming a bamboo collection which suits Arbor’s strong environmental theme.

Here’s a little information about bamboo:

The super strong, light, and renewable bamboo material features different characteristics to maple. Noticeably, this is the weight that is a perfect option for heavy riders.

Wait! Not stop here:

The preservation of a woodgrain finish will keep your skateboard natural.

Among products in the bamboo collection, I choose Arbor Zeppelin Bamboo Series Complete Skateboard, 32″

Discover the reasons here:

Apart from the sustainable source of wood and bamboo materials, the skateboard is produced from the use of eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers.

Hey, professional riders!

Please don’t miss this skateboard. Do you know that this model is designed for cruising and carving streets?

It provides you a smoother ride, high-level durability, performance, and decrease petroleum.

Here is another feature for lovers of the environment that is grip made from crushed recycled glass.


Above, I only recommend the top series with the best skateboards. In fact, there is a lot of other series including Flagship Limited, Foundation Series, Crosscut Series, Solstice Collection, Micron Collection, and Whiskey Project.

Here are 2 examples:

Foundation Series

Foundation SeriesWhen it comes to Foundation Series, I must mention to the long heritage of Craftsmanship from the Arbor Line. Products in this collection are the mix of the clean wood and the traditional aesthetic of classic surf design.

Any board in this line has been checked the waves and local alleys. So, you can set your mind at rest to ride.

There are available some boards including Pocket Rocket, Pilsner, Hybrid, and Bug.

Crosscut Series

Crosscut SeriesCrosscut Series features a longer wheelbase and hybrid shapes. It is designed for tricks at speed and street riding.

Oliver Hibert is the designer of this line. Her artwork is a mix of hand-dyed colored plies.

Look at the great thing:

It’s very easy for riders to turn heads on the hills and any local street spot. There are available in size up for high-speed ripping, size down for a more tech feel, and 34” and 37″.

All Things Considered

Have you known clearly about Arbor skateboards? I can be sure it is a reliable brand. What’s more, they come with a lot of great features and beautiful looks.

Which one is your choice? Please let me and other readers know. We can have an interesting discussion in the section below. Also, why don’t you share my post? We will have more friends to share our thinking, right?

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