Are You Planning To Buy The Best Campus Cruiser Longboard?

Longboarding is a popular sport and is not limited to professional riders only as it can also be enjoyed by college students. After bicycles, Longboards is a popular mode of transport for students. If you are planning to buy a longboard as a mode of transport, then there are certain things which you must carefully check before making a purchase. So, let’s have a look at some of the important tips which will help you to buy the best campus cruiser longboard.

Cruiser Longboard

Do not Spend Over $200

If you are new to longboarding and are planning to buy your first longboard, then you should not spend over $200. In this price range, you can easily purchase some popular models that are perfectly suitable for the beginners. However, there are special Longboards that are designed for specific riding styles, but a beginner should prefer to buy a longboard with basic characteristics.

Do not Purchase a Board Over 40”

If you are looking for a longboard for a regular mode of transport, then you must check out the board size before making a purchase. Buying a longboard with board size of 40’’ or more will cause several problems for you as you cannot place the board under the desk. Campus cruiser boards are quite popular among the students as the board size is in between 25’’-35’’.
Best campus cruiser longboard

Check Out the Components

You must check out the components, no matter for what reason you are planning to buy a longboard. Trucks and wheels are the two major components, which must be thoroughly checked as the board performance is directly dependent on these two major components.


Best campus cruiser longboard comes with the most popular trucks in the longboarding industry such as Randals, Paris, which provides better stability while making a turn. So, always buy a longboard with 150mm or 180mm top quality trucks for better stability.

Cruiser Longboard Truck


Wheels are responsible for offering a smooth ride, which makes it one of the major components which needs to be carefully checked. You need to carefully check the wheel material, diameter, curves and edges as these all factors majorly affect the longboard performance. A longboard with softer wheels and squared lip will provide better grip and a smoother ride than a longboard with harder wheels and rounded lip. So, carefully check this board component, if you wish to enjoy a smooth Longboard cruising and safe ride.

Cruiser Longboard Wheels

Other Board Components

Other board components such as bearings, bushings also need to carefully checked as these affect the spinning and turning ability of the trucks. So, while buying a longboard check out all the board components and to know more about the Longboards, refer to the internet. You can easily collect some useful information from the internet, which will help you in buying the best campus cruiser longboard.
So, before buying any longboard model, do consider the tips mentioned above as these tips will help you to choose the best longboard which will offer top quality performance.

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