Atom Drop Deck Longboard, 9.6 x 41 Inch Review

If you are desiring a longboard that provides great service in downhill and cruising then you definitely should try Atom Drop Deck Longboard. This skateboard will please you while you get try curving in downhill or cruising. With this amazing toy, get ready to enter in an amazing world of longboarding.

It has a low deck that means you can easily push it and enjoy a long distance boarding. You will enjoy many exciting features in it along with tension free one year of product warranty.

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Features of Atom Drop Deck Longboard

  • Dimension: 41″ Long, 9.6″ Wide & 4.7″ High with 10 pound of Weight.
  • Comes with 41″ Drop Deck Longboard
  • Used Materials are Wood, Aluminium and Urethane.
  • The deck is fully maple laminated.
  • Includes ABEC 5 bearings with high-speed lubricant.
  • The 9.6 inch wide deck gives you more stability.
  • Includes Reverse King Pin longboard trucks of 245mm axles.
  • Comes with High-Quality 80S grip tape.
  • Includes 70×51 Wide-lip super high rebound urethane wheels.
  • This Skateboard is great for those who love Downhill.
  • Includes a grip tape with Sector 9 logo for added style.

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Benefits of Atom Drop Deck Longboard

  • The Design
    Who else prefers a longboard that can’t gain others attention! Atom always focuses on the quality and design of their product so with this longboard you will simply get an attractive and gorgeous look. This specially designed longboard will help you in preventing wheel bite.
  • Exciting Carving
    This longboard will make your carving more amazing and interesting. You will love taking carves while downhill or cruise. Reverse King Pin trucks will make your every turn and cruise perfect.
    The drop deck Longboard provides a hassle-free riding with its amazing perimeter shape.
  • Long Lasting Bearing
    The Atom Drop Deck Longboard has reliable ABEC 5 bearings and these will make you able to accomplish your long distance in a short time and reach your destination. A speedy skating can be achieved with the high-speed lubricant used in Abec-5 bearing.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard Long Lasting Bearing

  • User Friendly Board
    Providing a great manoeuvrability to all levels of user; the Atom Drop Deck Longboard will satisfy you with its downhill and cruising ability. It makes the way of riding smooth and stable with the soft wheels. The 41 inches long board gives enough space to be attached with the board and enjoy a long distance ride.
  • Comfortable wheels
    Atom Drop Deck Longboard has 70×51 wide-lip super high rebound urethane wheels which will definitely make the rider feel comfort while skating. With these soft wheels you don’t have to worry about skating on any rough place, streets and campus ground as well. But don’t perform too much sliding because the wheels are soft so you may get spot on it.

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The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is price worthy product ensuring a long-lasting service. Its low deck will make an advantage to the beginners who seek a stable and comfort riding. The all levels of riders will enjoy an amazing skating especially downhill. It’s a high time to get down and skate with the amazing Longboard.

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