Atom Pintail Longboard, 9.4 x 39.0-Inch Review

If you looking for a safe and adventurous Longboard then you should go for the Atom Drop-Trough Longboard. The classic pintail shape provides all the riders the perfect platform for cruising and the wide wheel base gives you that stability you want while cruising at higher speeds. This cruiser will help you to spend some great moments with smooth riding.

This board provides you good balance as well as stability. It comes with different ranges of color and you will be able to change the color of different parts. It’s a perfect longboard and famous for its comfort and cheap price. When you will see this longboard you may immediately appreciate the quality of it.

Features of Atom Pintail Longboard

Atom Pintail Longboard

  • Dimension: 39.0″ L by 9.4″ W, 6″ H and Weight 7.3 Pounds.
  • Includes 39-inch drop through deck
  • Its classic deck shape longboard helps to avoid wheel bite.
  • It has 22-millimeter ABEC 5 bearings.
  • Includes PHT graphic material.
  • Because of its 39 inches long, it is sufficiently easy to control.
  • Includes 0.375 inch chromos king pins.
  • Includes Polycarbonate hubs.
  • Includes 65mm, 78A urethane wheels that make it very fast.
  • It has 90A-HR suspension.
  • Includes a grip tape with logo for added style.

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Benefits of Atom Pintail Longboard

  • Extremely Easy Carving: If you enjoy hard carving during riding, The Longboard will provide you great advantages because you won’t get wheel bite as the deck shape is Classic Pintail Skateboard. Besides, the polished aluminium trucks assist in standard skating and cruise around easily. This board can turn on a dime without any wheel bite or wheel lock issues. The Stiff maple laminate deck will hold you perfectly while giving some good flex and it can reduce the stress on your leg joints, and allow to go for a smooth ride. The longboard is pretty tough and will hold you up even in roughest abuse while riding.
  • High Performance Bearing: The bearings are mainly used to mount the board wheels. The Longboard includes reliable ABEC5 bearings and in turn. This will breed confidence and help you to improve faster. The ABEC 5 bearings also add smooth motion to the board.

Benefits of Atom Pintail Longboard

  • Beginner to Advanced Board: It is a solid board for both new and experienced rider. There is a lot of speed in the board, but with that you also get the stability too. So, it is a perfect combination that is why it is recommended for beginner to advanced level riders. On the other hand, there is no problem to go for a downhill longboarding for intermediate level riders.
  • The wheels: The 65mm wide base and 78A urethane wheels of the Longboard will provide you a great balance or stability that you need while cruising at higher speeds. These also provide a smooth gliding experience.

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The Atom Pintail Longboard is one of the best and recommended board in the present time. It is used to ride around your town, slalom corners, transportation, downhill and speedy cruising. Ride the board and get some adventure!

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