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Are you a skateboard lover? Can you not go anywhere without your lovely skateboard? Yes, we understand your terrible problem. That’s why we are here to help.

On this site, you will see the review of the top 5 best backpacks that hold skateboards. In addition, you will learn some small tips to buy suitable rucksack. Isn’t it great?

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Can A Skateboard Fit In A Backpack?

A Skateboard Fit In A BackpackUnfortunately, you can not fit a skateboard inside a backpack. The skateboard has a huge size that it can not be fully covered. Besides, there are wheels and many skateboard parts that are from metal. They are very sharp and can damage the rucksack or any other things inside.

The only way to carry a skateboard is to attach it to the backpack. The top products that we want to introduce you are backpacks that hold skateboards. They are specially designed just for this case. You can be assured because the skateboard will not fall down during travelling.

Best Backpacks That Hold Skateboards

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Now we will go further into the main details of this topic. Check out these top 5 best backpacks that hold skateboards.

Eastsport 116910-SDT

Eastsport 116910-SDTEastsport always uses the strongest and most durable materials to make backpacks. This Eastsport 116910-SDT is made of Polyester fabric. So it can survive well through the tearing of the skateboard.

As a backpack that holds a skateboard, this item is oversized. That also means that there is a lot of packing space inside the rucksack.

What may impress you is the design of this backpack. It has double straps in order to decrease the weight that you must carry. Besides, there is a sternum strap to grab your body and the bag closely. Therefore, you will see its benefit when you run.

Although this backpack is big, it does not mean it can carry super heavyweight. When you carry something too heavy, then after a time of using, the strap or the top handle may fall apart.


  • Its main compartment is quite big for you to carry studs
  • The price of it is affordable
  • It is carefully designed and produced with durable materials


  • The velcro is not flat and strong enough to prevent the straps from falling apart

The main compartment of this backpack is big enough to support carrying both skateboard and laptop at the same time. So if you are looking for a big rucksack at a low price, then this Eastsport 116910-SDT will suit.

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Dakine 8130105-Augusta

Dakine 8130105-AugustaThis Dakine backpack is a large bag with a great style. Along the top of the bag, there is an extra pocket where you can store some electrical devices like cell phone, mp3, watches… The shoulder straps are adjustable. So you can easily modify them to fit your body and hold the skateboard tighter. Be assured because the straps always stay stable when you wear them.

The colour of this backpack is really simple. So no matter if you are a boy or a girl, young or old, this product will still suit.

You do not know if it is durable? You can be assured because this item is made from 100% Polyester – a material with high durability. With this material, the backpack can avoid damage from the skateboard.


  • This item is super durable
  • The rucksack is the warranty for the lifetime
  • There is a small whistle on the chest strap for safety
  • There are good size compartments for you to store things


  • This backpack has no waist strap
  • The weight that the backpack can carry is limited

If you like everything to be simple, Or you are looking for a backpack to give away as a present. Then we recommend you to buy this one. This is suitable for all types of people. Besides, it is sturdy and big enough to support carrying skateboards around.

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GoRide Skateboard Longboard Backpack

GoRide Skateboard Longboard BackpackFinding backpacks that support skaters with longboards is not easy. Now you are seeing a product that can solve this problem. The GoRide has designed it to hold most skateboards and mini electric skateboards. The length that this bag can carry is up to 38 inches.

Besides its convenience, its other parts are also well designed with a breathable foam pad, shoulder straps and hip straps. That will help you avoid being hurt if you have to carry a big longboard for a long time.

Travelling on a long way with a heavy board, you will be tired. Water is what you need to recover. Guess what? This backpack has two water bottle holders that allow you to bring more water with. In addition, it has deep side pockets to store batteries, foldable tripods for cameras,… Isn’t it perfect for a long day with many outside activities?


  • This item support heavy weight better than other backpacks
  • You can modify the straps to fit multiple sizes of boards
  • The zippers are improved to have good quality
  • The backpack has lots of storage space
  • It is fashionably designed


  • When the skateboard is too long, it will get unbalance
  • If you store too much stuff, the zipper may get undone

This is one of the best backpacks that we recommend you to use. Because it is big, fashionable and convenient, it can support multiple purposes. And most of all, if you are having problems with carrying a longboard, this backpack will help you out.

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Adidas 975684

Adidas 975684The Adidas 975684 Backpack is designed with unisex size for versatile outdoor activities. Moreover, the product has a spacious main compartment for laptops, books, a front pocket for small items and double front straps that you can attach the skateboard to.

For comfortable uses, this item also gives you a number of practical features. It has adjustable shoulder straps and supports the padded back. So the backpack can help you to hold heavy things.

The material to make this backpack is 100% polyester. Besides, there is a protection of hard-wearing nylon that covers the outside of the backpack. So the bag will be protected from the tearing of skateboard.


  • You can wash it gently by hands
  • You will have a lifetime warranty for this product
  • The product is a well priced


  • If it holds too many things, the zip may not fit

If you are looking for a backpack with durability, practical features, great design and good price. Then this bag will do all.

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Veevanpro VP0922-1

Veevanpro VP0922-1Do you love eating at school? this backpack can help you to keep food and drinks fresh or cold up to about 16 hours. Why can it do that? Because the material used to create this bag is from leakproof PEVA heat pressed liner inside. Isn’t it cool?

Besides, it has two 16.5 inches adjustable velcro straps that support you to carry many either a vertical board or a skateboard.

Another special thing of this backpack is that it has a breathable padded back panel. So you will feel comfortable while using it. Not only that, but you can also adjust the air -mesh shoulder straps to reduce weight and pressure on your shoulder.


  • The bottom of the backpack is waterproof
  • It has front organizer zip pockets where you can store snacks, cellphones, wallets,…
  • The item fits up to a 13 inches Laptop


  • After a time, the inner liner may tear at the seam
  • It is hard to hold the backpack in balance when you store so many things.

If you spend most of your time outside, you will need this backpack. It keeps the temperature of the food, has a lot of pockets to store your personal stuff. And most of all, it can hold your skateboard but not make pressure on your shoulder.

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[Buying Guide] How to Choose A Good Backpack That Hold Skateboards


ConstructionA suitable skateboard backpack has good quality construction. Meanwhile, the skateboard backpack can be used every day without being able to withstand damage for an extensive stretch of time.


Pricing plays an important role in making the decision of customers. The buyers can consider too much time when the price of this skateboard backpack is so expensive. On the other hand, a skateboard backpack is so cheap and also make them think that the quality of the skateboard backpack material is not good. Therefore, salespeople will have to have a very good price strategy to be able to attract people to buy skateboard backpacks.


DesignA wonderful mark behind an amazing skateboard backpack is its ergonomic design. If you do not consider the design, you will be able to quickly get bored of skateboard backpack after a period of use. Your backpack may be out of fashion, and you want to change for a new one although you do not take full advantage of their features yet. This is a waste of your effort, time and money.

A well-designed skateboard backpack allows you to use it for a variety of uses. For example, you can use your backpack to go to school, exercise, gym, and of course, take skateboarding as well. Then, you will not have to spend the additional cost to buy another backpack to use for other purposes.


We can not buy something beautiful but it doesn’t work, right? So before you buy, consider the usefulness of a skateboard backpack. Normally, for people who use backpacks, they not only carry skateboards but also carry books, laptops, phone charger headsets, phones, and so on. Therefore, manufacturers always try to make backpacks with sufficient weight. Skateboard backpack includes many large and small compartments, which meet the needs of users. However, remember to choose carefully and answer the question: What do you buy it for?


ComfortabilityComfort criteria are also important for users. When you have to carry a skateboard backpack with a heavy weight, if the belt does not make you comfortable, you will feel very tired when carrying them on the long road. So, choose a backpack with soft, durable fabric and create a sense of comfort when wearing a skateboard backpack.


How do you wear a skateboard on a backpack?

Each skateboard backpack will have 2 pieces of string fastened on the surface of the backpack.

When you want to wear a skateboard on a backpack, open the two straps, place the skateboard along the body of the backpack. Then, use your hands to attach the straps, and pull the straps so that it fits snugly, not too loose. Note that, put one end of the wheel on the straps to make sure it does not fall off.

What should I put in my skate backpack?

Backpacks that hold skateboards are very large. So you are able to put many different things into them.

For example, you can bring some electronic devices like smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets…

If you go to school with a skateboard, besides the board, you can bring school books, pencils, pens, erasers or anything that support your time at school.

There are lots of different pockets in the bag, so you can put different kinds of stuff which are convenient for you like clothes, tissues, cosmetics,…

Who makes the best skateboard backpacks?

No brand is the best. It depends on the needs of each person.

However, in my opinion, I really like Adidas and GoRide products. Both of them are made of durable materials and have a reasonable price.


In conclusion, you have a general view of the skateboard backpack. Once you know your needs, find out the features, advantages and disadvantages of each backpack, you will easily choose a favourite backpack for you. Besides, the thorough study also saves you time and money. A useful, durable backpack with beautiful design can be expensive but the quality will help you love it more and preserve it better.

Thank you for spending time to read!

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