Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo Skateboards

If you are like us, having much love for skateboarding and caring about the environmental impact, you might have heard about some eco-friendly skateboards. Maple skateboards are one of those eco-friendly skateboards that we just mention. They are sturdy, enduring, solid and reliable over time. This type of wood is a common material for skateboard decks. However, using too much maple wood to produce skateboards also leads to maple shortage in the near future so manufacturers have to explore other ways of making skateboards to perverse maple forest . Bamboo skateboards started to appear in the market as the socially responsible alternative. We will explain everything in this article. We will show you why using bamboo to make skateboards is superior to using maple!


The Social Responsibility of Bamboo Skateboard

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo Skateboards

It has been reported in the Science Channel that skateboard manufacturing is the biggest contributor to the maple deforestation in North America.This is because maple trees will die after you harvest them. However, using Bamboo is more than ideal and convenient.

Here’s what might surprise you:

Bamboo is the type of grass that when you cut it down, it grows back even stronger than before! A maple tree takes between 40 – 60 years to mature, whereas it only takes 5 years for bamboo. What makes me love bamboo even more is that it prevents soil erosion, has no toxic fertilizer. It is lighter and stronger than steel. Plus, it gives off 30% more oxygen than maple. All of these mean that the more we use this, the more we help it grow. And therefore, protect the environment and our health.

Just use it! That is the reason why in recent years, bamboo has gained interest from eco- conscious skaters around the world. So, we should use bamboo grass over maple for the benefits of the world. Nevertheless, are bamboo skateboard decks really better than maple ones? Without further ado let see what is in store for us!


Comparison Between Bamboo and Maple Skateboard Decks

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo SkateboardsMaple wood is a hardwood. It is also heavy and sturdy.Therefore, the decks made of these are often used for downhill riding.Maple boards can have a lot of speed depending on the shape and style of board.Its biggest advantage is that it will last for a long time. Besides, because it is strong, you can do slides without making any rattling or vibrations. However, the board is around 5ply-10ply. It is heavier than a bamboo one . Next, take a deeper look at bamboo skateboard decks:

Boards made from bamboo are light which consists of 5ply to 9ply. It typically consists of 5ply to 9ply. Do you know what makes them specialHere is the kicker: Although they are light, they still have decent strength. Some people think bamboo is a type of wood, but actually it is a grass. Therefore, it offers a lot of flex. Thanks to this flex, bamboo boards can absorb bumps and rough ground. Also, the flex allows you to lean more in-depth into the corner. This helps make it crisper. It is a great option for cruising as the ride will be smoother than other types of boards. As you know, bamboo is light so it isn’t a big deal when you want to carry it. So convenient, right?If you love low – speed riding, bamboo boards are great choices. For a high speed ride we highly advise you to use bamboo board since bamboo doesn’t become wobble when going at high speed. Bamboo boards are also excellent for turns. Last but not least, it is the price that makes the difference. Some maple decks can cost around 60-70 bucks depending on the brand. Bamboo boards, on the other hands, are almost half the cost and last twice as long. What’s more?

Bamboo decks are lighter and the bamboo veneers provide more elasticity. Therefore, it results in more pop in the tricks. From this point of view and the benefits of bamboo for the environment: It is worth having a bamboo board at home. There are some companies providing bamboo skateboards for you. Choosing the best and cheap one might be tricky. That is why we are hand to help. Don’t skip this important part as it would bring huge interesting information for you.

LMAI 22'' Bamboo Cruiser Maple Wood Skateboard (Complete)
  • Deck: 7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Canadian Maple
  • Trucks: 3.125 inch aluminum trucks and 80A ultra high rebound bushings
  • Wheels: 59mm 83A60mm x 45mm high rebound urethane wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 11 bearing steel Bearings, zero noise fast-spinning
  • Size: 22" x 6 " Assembled in Boulder Colorado.

Where to Buy the Quality Bamboo Skateboards?

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo SkateboardsFor a company, raising profit also means reducing cost.Often, the materials benefit the environment are expensive, while the price is not much higher than those from competitors. However, can you believe there is a company making skateboards 100% from bamboo? It’s quite a surprise and the name of that company is Bamboo Skateboards. How about we take a look at this company and see how they pull off this wonderful manufacturer!

A Brief History About Bamboo Skateboards Company

It began in 2008. After realizing the impact of using maple on the environment, they took the first step to search about other alternative materials. At that time, it was BambooBuddy, later called “BambooSK8” , quite a creative name I might say. Finally, it then changed the name to Bamboo Skateboards. They started with short deck sales mainly via an online website. It was not easy at first. However, over the years, it has found a way to survive and started to earn rewards from the quality products. It also started to receive acceptance from the community for its eco-friendly product. Especially in 2013, they have come out with a couple of newly shaped longboards, new short deck graphics.

These have become one of the most popular eco-friendly products in the market. Now, even though they are already a big company, they still commit to green products, harvest materials from managed bamboo forests. We always believe that if you want to choose a good product, you should buy it from a good company. So,

What Makes Bamboo Skateboard A Good Company?

Here is the thing:

A portion of their profits is donated to help at-risk youth learn skating. They have a program called “100 decks for 1”. It started in 2012 as a way for the company to not only give back to the environment but also to at-risk youth nearby. Every year, at least once, they pick a charity community to work with. They hand out complete skateboards during one of the charity’s events. For every 100 boards they sell, they will give away one complete to kids. It means when you buy their products, you are contributing money to the charity as well. Are you excited to buy their products? Don’t rush to do anything if you haven’t finished reading this article. Now, without any further ado, let’s come to the best part.

Top 4 Best Skateboards at Bamboo Skateboards Company

Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo SkateboardsThis skateboard has a very beautiful and fresh design, right? Who is it for? Well, no matter if you are a newbie or a professional skater, this Green Fish Graphic Skateboard Deck is for you. All the decks made from Bamboo Skateboards always deliver high quality so don’t worry. It is built with 6 ply bamboo and maple wood. This helps boost the board sustainability. As far as we know, this is the first item that uses maple and bamboo together. This is what makes it unique: As you can see in the picture, the concave is made deeper than others. The key is that it offers premium control when riding, taking hard turns or performing tricks. It comes in three sizes for all levels:  7.75” x 31.5”, 8” x 31.75” and 8.25” x 32”.


  • Made to withstand all kinds of wears and terrain.
  • Bamboo fibers offer flexibility and more protection
  • Can last for several years
  • Lightweight


  • Pretty odd shape for some people.

Overall, it is nice, flexible, durable and suitable for all kinds of skaters. What are you waiting for product this good is something worth paying for!

Bamboo Skateboards Geometricity Graphic

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo SkateboardsIf you love the color, you will definitely love this one. Bamboo Skateboards Geometricity Graphic has a very catchy graphic design. It is very easy to maneuver so you can learn and improve your skills well. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight design as it can last for years to come! Want to know more? Well, a total of six layers is made from bamboo to make the base. Meanwhile, the seventh layer is made of maple wood. Therefore, this board is easy to mod.

On the top of the maple wood layer is the grip tape with an interesting geometric design. This makes the skateboard fun and attractive. Like the deck above, Bamboo Skateboards Geometricity Graphic also has a deep concave shape. It increases the control, no matter how fast you are or which tricks you are performing. You can choose its three sizes: 7.75” x 31.5”, 8” x 31.75” and 8.25” x 32”. Plus, if you are a pro rider, it is best to go with the longboard. Overall, this board is made to deal with any environment and sustain in any terrain without any wear or tear.


  • Bamboo and maple wood blend for ultimate strength
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Attractive design


  • No drawbacks

Wait! Don’t click the “Buy” Button if you haven’t seen this one. We are sure you would be impressed by it. It is:

Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo SkateboardsOne thing to remember when choosing a skateboard deck: Don’t need to go overboard. Just only need the balanced cost, design and quality one. Let me introduce to you: Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic – a part of their Earth Series. This might be an excellent option for you. This is made exclusively of a bamboo hybrid. There are a total of six layers of bamboo and a single layer of maple wood on top. This means the deck is light, strong, flexible and absorb shock well. We have a specialize heat stamped logo on top of it to verify authenticity and guarantee quality so that you can recognize our product right away. Bamboo Skateboards also claims these decks can last three weeks longer than other decks. These have three sizes: 7.75-by-31.5-inches, 8-by-31.75-inches and 8.25-by-32-inches. Overall, if you want

  • an affordable bamboo skateboard deck with a nice nebula design
  • can sustain in every environment

Choose this one.


  • High-quality bamboo and maple wood construction
  • Affordable
  • Unique nebula design
  • Deep concave for better control and riding experience


  • The tail is pretty high than the nose, which may not be good for flip tricks

Last but not least, If you live in urban areas where space for storage and riding are both minimal, this one should be for you

Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser

Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo SkateboardsRecent years have witnessed the increase in the popularity of Mini Cruisers. The deck is 6-inches-by-22.5-inches with the classic cruiser shape. The board is made with 6-ply bamboo and maple construction. Bamboo Skateboards company confirms this board has a turning radius not seen in most mini decks. The small, blank deck is heavy duty and durable in a unique way. You would feel the difference with those from other brands if you ride them.


  • Flexible
  • Have some flex which makes a smooth ride
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for small areas


  • It may not have the versatility of a standard skateboard, allowing for a full range of tricks and travel.
  • It also depends on how heavy you are.

If you want to ride a mini-cruiser, but you hate the plastic decks, check out the Bamboo Skateboard mini cruiser deck, it’s what you have been looking for. Now, it is time to make your decision. Get yourself up and choose one for you.

LMAI 27" Bamboo Wood Cruiser Complete Skateboard Longboard (Black Fly)
  • Deck: 7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Canadian Maple
  • Trucks: 5.25 inch aluminum trucks and 80A ultra high rebound bushings
  • Wheels: SHR PU 78A wheels, 62mmX51mm, LMAI "monster" series black frosted wheels
  • Bearings: LMAI stainless steel Bearings, zero noise fast-spinning
  • Size: 27.5 inces x 8 inches. Assembled in Boulder Colorado.

What Kind of Bamboo Skateboards are you Looking for?

Bamboo skateboards are definitely the best alternative to maple ones. It is not only good for the environment but also light, strong, flexible and durable. Bamboo Skateboards is the very famous brand in the green skater community nowadays. Therefore, consider their products first. In this article, we also give you some of the best bamboo skateboard decks. They are all high – grade decks and used for beginners and pro skaters. Which one is fit for you? We look forward to hearing your opinions.

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