Best Bearing Spacers for Skateboards: Top 5 for Your Consideration in 2022

Since skateboarding made its way to schools and US youngsters, a new market for this sports has opened. Besides unnecessary decorations and some variant choice in wheels or decks, there is a real essential.

Can you guess?

They are bearing spacers which we need for better experience skateboarding. We soon tell you why and share some tips to choose the best ones for you.

Besides, we hope you are interested in current models on the market.

They are worth considering.

What is Bearing Spacers?

Before we get to know the bearing spacers, you must understand how your skateboard works and spins.

All stay in the bearing.
What is bearing spacers?


The bearing is one of the most crucial parts of skateboard that enables the wheel to spin. The bearing includes five components: inner race, outer race, ball, crown and shield.

Among those, the inner race and outer race are the central parts. Inner race should be set tightly in the axle where it can hold in and stay stable. Balls separate the inner race from the outer race. They eliminate friction and let the outer spin. That’s how the wheels can roll in the road.

There are usually eight bearings under the decks. So, they can maximize sustainability and speed.

Bearing Spacer

Bearing spacers are set among bearing. As its name, it creates a space between two wheels. It looks like a cylinder made from metal.

Bearing spacers do help a lot in improving skateboarding quality. It affects the movement and also durability.

How can spacers be that good?

Why are Bearing Spacers Important?

Smoother Sliding and Rolling

Smoother sliding and rollingWithin the setting of bearing spacers, wheels and bearing can be set in place and reduce friction.

Let’s imagine the installation of spacers as below. Spacer sits between two bearing and keeps them separated. Space eliminates the possibility of traction and chattery between two wheels (or bearing).

That is the reason why wheels will not collide and make noise when you are sliding.

When the wheels keep in touch and traction is born, you may have trouble with your movements. Generally, you will move slower. Or worse, the wheels might stop riding or get stuck.

It’s also a supporter of faster riding.

More Durable Wheels

When the wheels or bearing hit each other during the ride, it might cause noise. It might not bother you much at first time. However, long-lasting traction can damage the wheels.

The most dangerous situation comes unexpectedly. When the bearing has to withstand too much pressure in a certain of time, it can explode. The situation may threaten your safety if bearing explosions occur during the ride.

Now, it’s time to reveal its secret.

How do They Work?

Spacers are simply cylinder which is put between bearings. Their work procedure is as simple as its look.

Space will be set in the axle between two bearings, and its role is separating.

With that space, bearings will not click together during the move. That Area reduces traction and potential obstacles. Therefore, they keep your skating smooth and stable.

How do they work?Without spacers, when the wheels roll, it might increase friction because of different circulation.

Besides, space will divide wheels into two. The force arisen when we step on skateboard shares its effects on a longer axle. Thus, less force stays on the wheels.

What makes differences?

Spacers vs No Spacers

Even though spacers are necessary for safe skateboarding, they’re not compulsory. That means these items are optional.

Let’s see how the thing’s going with and without spacers.


DurabilityUsually, there are six ball bearings in a set. They are held by the crown laying between inner and outer bearing. The balls will move around the inner then cause the external to rotate. It’s how the wheels can spin.

Thus, it’s understood that balls should be the part which rotates the most. Besides, there are spaces for dust and dirt among the balls. Literally, these stainless balls will have a long lifespan because of its shape. However, erosion happens faster than we thought.

Without spacers, the ring off the ball will be the centre of dust; there are no spaces for the dust gets out after getting in. Therefore, metal beads inside, besides confronting traction from themselves, face rubbing from unwelcomed obstacles.

With spacers, dust will be pushed out of the rings. Most of them stay in the middle of two bearings – the spacers. Needless to say, it helps a lot in reducing erosion.

Plus, when the erosion occurs, your wheels have problems with moving.


SecurityWithout spacers, bearings lie next to each other. That’s the main reason of chattery wheels. No matter how correctly the bearings, you cannot make sure they spin at the same frequency.

Besides, when they sit door-to-door, all force during riding pours into the same point. Now, the axle is handling uneven pressure.

Within spacers, all these problems are solved.

Firstly, the bearing spacers make up a room between two wheels. As a result, no frictional contact occurs. Secondly, the place between can share pressure on the axle more evenly. In fact, that also means the better balance and more durable axle.

The Attitude

We know that many people doing skateboarding love speed. Speed is also the challenge that skateboarding offers best. They are all aggressive.

So how to maintain, or even enhance the speed?

The key, absolutely, depends on the function by wheels. However, to maintain the wheel performance, reserving bearings is essential.

Without spacers, spinning appears good at the beginning but no longer after that.

Within spacers, the situation lasts longer. Speed is stable as well as the sturdiness of the wheel along every movement you made on streets.

The Decks

The decksEvery deck provides different skateboarding performance. For example, a longboard can help you do quick cut and turns.

If you are not asking for skateboarding with high speed and instant flexibility, the spacer is not indeed.

Spacers create stability under continuous pressure on the wheels. Therefore, faced with the sudden turn or speed up, your skateboard can take control as still.

However, all of those feature can be exposed most efficiently only when you choose the right bearing spacer.

If you are still confusing if all spacers bring the same effect, the next part is for you.

How to Choose the Right Bearing Spacers?

Examine Your Situation

Examine your situationLet’s check if you need a spacer. Some skateboards come with the long-sleeved inner bearing. Therefore, the inner has left a room between them on their own.

In this case, spacers are no need.

The Brands or Design of Bearing

The brands or design of bearingWe are talking about the model of your skateboard.

Generally, all of the spacers, if it fits your board, work the same. And, the axle and bearing are made in the same size for many skateboards, so that people can come by spacers from retailers.

However, there’s also the exception.

Some brands come with specific diameters. Therefore, either you buy the spacers specialized by brand or skate without spacers.

The micro-bearings are much smaller in width. Thus, the size for spacer must be different responding to the diameter of the bearings. Sometimes, you cannot even find suitable ones.

Besides, you can try possible choices to find out the best spacers.

The Size of the Axle

The size of the axleThere are common three sizes for an axle. They are 6 or 7 and 8 mm.

Axle decides how the spacers are set up within bearings.

With small axis like 6 or 7 mm, spacers stay with inner bearings.

With 8mm, you should expect floating spacers because, at this size, you cannot set it up with the inner ring.


For variant demand of users, spacers can be made from plastic or metal.

Plastic might be less bulky. They are more affordable but less durable. Metal is sustainable material which suffers the weather and high pressure.

Side Effects of Wrong Picks

The key to choosing the right spacers lay in size: too loose or too tight spacers all-cause adverse effects to bear and the axle.

The wrong size cannot even improve the situation but worsen it faster.

Let’s us give you some recommendation

Top 5 Best Bearing Spacers for a Skateboard at the Moment

Bones Bearing Spacers

Bones Bearing SpacersThe first comes to the list is a pack of 4 spacers. This is only a set for once use just, but it’s a solid choice that you could think of.

This one is simply designed. The length is an average of 410”.

The inner diameter ends up 7mm. The wall is quite thick, 16’’, however, it’s worth trying because of the sturdy look.

This size is perfect for 8mm diameter axles.

This product is robust and one-of-a-kind items with this dimension. These small rings fit well with most of the current axle out there.

Due to this look, the spacers can maximize its capacity in a longboard. It’s also the recommended use by the makers — strong look and full wall promise to keep your movement stable and intact in sudden turns or quick ride.


  • Sturdy metal
  • Clean and basic shape for all kinds


  • Only for 8mm axle

Shiver AbEC 9 with Built-in spacers and Speed Rings

Shiver Abec 9 with built-in spacersThis product has proved its reputation since the day of publish. The spacers are not the standard product but protected by lubricant certificated by NASA.

This pack of 8 spacers offer long-term use. Firstly, with support from high-quality lubricant, the spacers promise smooth spins with any axle.

You are not asked to have the oil frequently changed by a once.

It solves a little trouble while people ride skateboards, that’s the heat. Oil can reduce traction better, then fewer heat increases.

However, adding lubricant also cause another trouble. Dust can dirt get the more comfortable surface to hold on. The oil even makes debris harder to remove.


  • Functional lubricant
  • Solid
  • Heat reduction


  • Possible for more dust to stay

MonkeyJack 8pcs 8mm Roller Skate Wheels Center Bearing Bushing Spacer

MonkeyJack 8pcs 8mm Roller Skate WheelsMonkeyjack package contains eight pieces of spacers with the 8mm inner diameter and 10.22 mm long.

They are all made of the most favourite material at the moment: aluminium alloy. This material is sturdy but lightweight and durable.

Because, it’s a retail product, the size is designed for common standard wheels. If your skateboard does not appear in the familiar brand of a unique figure. Why don’t you give it a try?

If you made your mind with this product, we would like to suggest attention on the bushing. Because of the shape, the bushing of this spacer will take up the most damage. Bushing maintenance is necessary.


  • Standard size for most of axle
  • High quality material


  • Frequent bushing care

BSB Zicon Ceramic Chrome Steel Deluxe ABEC-11 + 4pcs Spacers A Set

BSB Zicon Ceramic Chrome Steel Deluxe ABEC-11This choice comes from ceramic. People doubt about the solidity of ceramic in general. However, forget about fragile ceramic decoration in the house, these high-quality spacers are strong.

It’s also a product turning up with lubricant. Therefore, it’s well known for long erosion resistance. Besides typical uses of bearing spacer, Zircon ceramic rings can reduce vibration. It’s because ceramic can absorb pressure better than metal, but sturdier than plastic.

Ceramic is also a material which releases less heat from traction. One more plus point should be given to BSB Zicon spacers kit.


  • Sturdy ceramic
  • Functional oil
  • Good absorption


  • Not as durable as metal

Hikole ABEC 9 Pro Skateboard Bearings with Spacers and Washers

Hikole ABEC 9 Pro Skateboard BearingsHere we go to a full kit of spacer and bearing. The spacers are med from stainless steel. The material can speak more or less the lifespan of the spacer. Besides, it’s a signal for solid built-in spacers. Stainless steel can handle high pressure without deformation.

It comes in set with bearings. Therefore, you might be freed from worrying inadequate spacer.

This is also another product for longboard because of the long sleeve spacers.


  • Stainless material for longer use
  • Longboard’s favorite


  • Not for retailing

Spacers are Vital

For all of those features and effect that using spacers can bring, spacers are necessary.

Let’s sum it up.

For the skateboard itself, spacers help with prolonging the lifespan of the axle, bearing and the wheel. Besides, they keep the function stable.

For the player, maintaining the speed and flexibility can keep the joy high. More than that, substantial movement plus firm wheel structure promise safety for skateboarders no matter which terrains they are riding on

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