How To Become A Good Roller Skater? – A Thorough Guide

Perhaps the question “How to become a good roller skater?” is dwelling on the mind of many skaters, especially newbies. Skating is not easy for us in the first place, it will be even harder if you want to become a pro.

As long as the flame of passion is still burning in your heart, you will always have a way! And if you don’t know where to start, let this article do you a favor! Let’s get started.

What Is Roller Skating?

What Is Roller SkatingMaybe you can figure out that roller skating is a sport in which player move along the surface on roller skates. Underneath the skating boots, there are small and maneuverable wheels so that players can move easily on different grounds.

Roller skating is believed to be one of the most diverse sports as it includes lots of competitive sports inside such as group skating, speed skating, aggressive inline, roller hockey, etc. Each of them has different characteristics and specific features that suit the interests of many people. And thanks to its variety, players can also have exciting experiences with roller skating.

As you can see, roller skating is a common sport because you can play anywhere. No matter where you skate- indoors or outdoors, in the park or in your yard, in the vast skating rink or around your house, you can always have fun with roller skating.

In addition, many people prefer roller skating to other sports since they can play and practice at any age, from children and teenagers to adults and even to the elderly. Yes, too good to be true but that’s it.

Benefits Of Roller Skating

Don’t you know that health is the most basic demand in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Therefore, we are always in search of ways to have the better physical condition and roller skating is a perfect choice. Like other sports, roller skating is a good exercise for our health.

It can be said that this sport is not only intellectual nourishment but also a general development lesson for your body. When skating, both mental and physical are improved to help us become more active.

By skating, our feet, legs, bones, muscles are operating to support the heart, lungs and brain to work better. And we have a piece of good news to tell you that roller skating is also an effective way to lose weight and prevent some diseases related to osteoarthritis and diabetes.

And how about the mental? There is no doubt that roller skating helps us relieve stress, have more happiness and boost personal confidence. Another significant advantage of this sport is that we can have a great team or close friends in our life who can speak the same language with us.

How To Become A Good Roller Skater?

Begin with Basic Skills

Begin with Basic SkillsIn any field in our life, great things often come from the basics. Let us tell you a story: On a beautiful day, a man stumbled across an interesting video about roller skating and was strongly inspired by skillful movements of the player.

“Wow, I have to buy a pair of skates right now”-he exclaimed. After that, he searched “How to do roller skating tricks?” and tried to imitate but failed many times.

Can you find the image of yourself in that story? You’re frustrated and don’t want to use the boots anymore? However, do not rush! Let’s start from the basics.

Keep Balance

Keep BalanceIf you want to do the difficult and interesting movements, you have to start with the basic technique. At first, you have to keep balance on the roller skates, which is really necessary. When standing on roller skates, you have to form a “v” corner so the heels can touch or nearly touch each other.

At the same time, hunch down and put your hands on knees, keeping your legs slightly overlapped. In this step, sometimes the wheels roll without your control, so you should calm down and try to maintain the movements as mentioned above.

Learn to Glide

Learn to GlideThe next basic step you have to practice thoroughly is gliding. Before sliding forward, you should stomp on the spot for a certain period of time. When you feel you can control your body, let’s move with short steps and keep the legs slightly ‘V’. Finally, switch legs continuously to continue gliding.

How to Stop

How to StopLast but not least, you have to learn how to stop in roller skating. The most basic braking is heel break that uses the bare in your right shoe, near the toe.

First, you have to ensure that your legs are in a parallel position, then apply the focus to the left foot and keep the posture on it. Next, bring the right foot forward, tiptoe up until the shoe body is in contact with the floor then put pressure on your right heel to slow down.

Obviously, besides these three steps, a skater still needs to learn other techniques like stand up and sit down while wearing shoes, handle falling situations, skate on the bakery line of shoes or duck walk. You should practice in order from easy to hard to achieve higher results.

Find Partners or Teachers

Find Partners or TeachersHaving partners or teachers by your side is really meaningful when you want to skate better. In the beginning, you may find roller skating very interesting and eager to play. But sadly, that feeling may soon end up in smoke. You know why?

As you don’t have any understanding as well as skills, it is very easy to experience boredom. That is why you have to look for friends or someone who can accompany you. Both partners and teachers can motivate and share interests with us so that our skills will be improved effectively

“I dare you to achieve success without a teacher’’. This is an idiom that points out the important role of teacher in any field and roller skating is not an exception. A coach will guide you from basic to advanced skills, train you to prevent injuries and give you the orientation. In addition, your teacher can be your supporter and motivator, even your friend.

It doesn’t matter that your partner has known how to skate before as you can start to learn and practice together. It is really great that you can go out with friends every afternoon to skate, share cool techniques and progress together.

Furthermore, teammates can also give helpful advice and help us overcome difficulties when we get in trouble.

Keep Skating and Don’t be Afraid

Keep SkatingSkate, skate and skate! This is the best way to become a good skater. When starting, you have to deal with many difficulties, you can’t maintain balance and the wheels are also uncontrollable.

More seriously, you fall many times and get injured, of course, it hurts. However, you are looking for ways to develop yourself, do not give up.

Try to skate as much as possible, but it doesn’t mean ignoring other tasks or activities. You can skate when you have free time or turn it into a daily routine the better.

The more time you spend on roller skating, the better you become. Correspondingly, we can achieve marvelous skills and identify strengths and weaknesses to have a great performance by skating habitually.

Remember that “No rose without a thorn”, so try your best to improve your skills, don’t be afraid of failure and bravely face the music..

Get Into Competitions

Get Into CompetitionsCompetitions are big chances for you to learn and advance. Through skating contests, you can recognize many things from both excellent and bad performances.

When taking part in it, you can present your skills and become more confident in your display. Besides that, you may also meet a friend, a partner who will accompany you in the future.

Let’s start from competitions for amateur then gradually progress to more professional contests. Whatever the result, you will surely have fun and rewarding experiences. And there is a secret that competitions are also an opportunity to find a sponsor for those to want to become a pro skater.

Some requirements

In fact, roller skating also has some requirements that are the basis to become a good skater. First of all, you have to have a fully protective guard. Make sure that before skating, you have worn roller skates, helmet, elbows, wrists and knee pads. These devices will prevent traumas and reduce pain when falling.

Secondly, if you have had any injuries before, don’t try to skate until it is fully recovered. When you get pain, you should take a rest and avoid vigorous exercises so that the wound won’t go from bad to worse.

Finally, take care of yourself carefully. You should pay attention to your health and try to avoid injuries or illnesses. Although skating brings to us lots of benefits, it can also be backfire if you overtrain and ignore your body problems. Therefore, you have to ensure your health is from above average otherwise, you will get worse if you try to skate.


In a nutshell, we have given you many ways to answer the question “How to become a good roller skater?” If you want to skate better, let’s begin with basic skills, look for partners, practice and join in competitions as much as possible. All of them are quite easy to understand but really effective. We hope that you will apply these steps while skating and achieve satisfactory results. Wish you fast progress in the future!

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