Beginner Skateboard For Kids: Which One Is Suitable For Your Children?

On my son’s birthday, I asked him what he liked and he told me that he wanted a skateboard. I was not sure because skateboarding is quite dangerous. But I could not make him sad on his birthday. And then, I found on the Internet that there are beginner skateboards for kids. Today, I want to introduce you to these skateboards.

What Age Should a Child Start Skateboarding?

child start skateboardingOf course, my son was so young. Therefore, I checked the Internet very carefully. And I found a good recommendation from The American Academy of Pediatrics. They said that children under the age of 5 should not skateboard. When our children were 10 or less, they should skateboard with our supervision.

I saw this recommendation very reasonably. Our young children often think that they are so powerful. For example, my son always jumped on his bed and act as if he was a superman. There were so many times that he felt out of the bed just because he thought he could fly.

Nowadays, with the growth of television and the internet, there are many shows with great performances of professional skateboarders. Our children may want to do the same. So our supervision is not a “should”, it is a “must” in order to prevent our little creatures from injuries.

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A List of The Best Beginner Skateboards for Kids

There are plenty of types of skateboards, but not all types are for kids and children. So I have summed up to recommend the top 5 best beginner skateboards for kids I have experienced before.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard CruiserThis is the first skateboard, which I want to suggest on this topic.

The design of this skateboard is quite beautiful with a heartbeat, giving a sense of excitement to the player. Skateboards are made of Canadian maple deck covered with a glossy outer layer. So this design of skateboard will be much lighter than a conventional one.

With a length of 27.5 “, a width of 7.5″ and a wheelbase of 18.5”, you can hold it or move this skateboard wherever, whenever you want. In addition, these skateboards are engraved with the lines as the double kick tails, which is suitable for dynamic and cool guys.

Magneto has 4 different designs. If you are a simple person who loves minimalism, choose Bamboo. If you always burn your heart out in love, dynamism, and enthusiasm, why not choose your own Heartbeat or Light bulb? And if you are a passionate guitarist, of course, get a Magneto with the iconic Music. With a simple design and extremely high quality, a Magneto costs quite expensive than the others.

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MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

MINORITY 32inch Maple SkateboardDifferent from the Magneto mini cruiser skateboard, Minority is a bit more artistic and fun. The underside of the skateboard is imprinted with super-cute bananas with generous brushstrokes.

Made from 100% wood, this skateboard will give users a feeling of comfort and certainty. Moreover, 52mm 102A PU wheels with chrome steel bearings make sliding speed faster than ever. This is also a great success in this type of skateboard.

On the other hand, Minitory owns various designs that you can choose the best sample you want. We have America, Blue, Mask, Pineskull, Snake, Sunset, Tiger, and UkiyoeBL, many amazing designs for you. All of the types are sold on the market currently. And you can ask your children about those available samples. It is cheap and good quality.

I recommend you should buy this one for your children if they are new in this game.

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BELEEV Skateboard 22 inch Complete Mini Cruiser

BELEEV Skateboard 22 inch Complete Mini CruiserAn extremely feature-rich skateboard like this one cannot be missed from the list. This is also the skateboard that I would recommend for you, especially young children, or beginners.

The most outstanding point of BELEEV skateboard is glowing wheels with colorful colors. You are thinking at the beginning of worry about the lamp will need to change batteries constantly? No, it will always light when you ride.

The material of the skateboard made from polypropylene, which is very durable and ensures safety for children. It helps users control the speed as well as manipulate when riding. In addition, this material also helps to dampen the user when going through rough roads or road bumps.

BELEEV has 4 colors for you to choose: mysterious black, feminine pink, dreamy purple and personality blue. Each color represents your personality and shows your character.

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Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete Skateboards

Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inchesIf you’re a girl who always wants to play skateboarding, do not worry, we’re here to make that wish to be a reality.

Amrgot with feminine design and beautiful pink swans is suitable for girls. The image of this skateboard has the good light quality and is eye-catching.

The material of high quality skateboard is made from aluminum alloy stents, which makes the skating more smoothly.

This is the right skateboard you should choose for the hottest summer days. The cost of “these floats” is good, which is more expensive than other but “high cost, high quality”. Trust me!

Amrgot also has two other designs of the same type: ice cream and skull. Both of those are very personal and have their beauty, which is suitable for both females and males of all ages. You can easily select the image which you want most.

In addition, when you buy a skateboard called Amrgot, you will get support cost if you buy a protective gear set for adult/child and skateboard helmet.

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Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards

Flybar Skate Cruiser BoardsLast, but not least, this is the Flybar with impressive colors. The color of the skateboard is eye-catching, striking on all terrains. This enables users to attract the attention of pedestrians.

In particular, Flybar possesses excellent grip tape with adhesion, high roughness, which can help users easily control everything.

This skateboard is the slightly concave design and the kick tail allows you to “fly” and slide on any terrain without worrying about tripping.

Flybar skateboard, on the other hand, has 6mm riser pads, 4 ”Inch Aluminum Trucks and PU Cast Medium Bushings that offer you a comfortable, smooth ride without being bitten by wheels.

For a beginner, you can choose this one with a protective gear set and Zeato all-in-one skate tools, which helps you ensure complete safety.

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How to Choose A Good Skateboard for Kids

In order to choose a good skateboard for your kids, you will need to base on these simple rules.


If your child is under 10 years old, you should buy a plastic skateboard without grip tape. The reason is simple. The children under 5 years old often start skating by sitting on the skateboard and going down the hill. If there is grip tape, it will create a hole on their pants.

The older children who are from 10 – 14 years old often suit a longboard. Their body is much tougher than the under 10. At these ages, the children may already search for the information online. If you really want to buy a good skate, you can ask them for a good idea. Nothing is better than giving them what they like right?

Skating Purposes

Skating purposesTwo common types of skateboards for kids are longboard and classic skateboard. Each type has its own function. So remember what is your kid’s skating purposes before buying.

The style of longboards is usually a single kick. This style often has soft wheels that help to roll easily. If your child’s purpose is skating on uneven ground like driveways and bike paths, then this longboard is suitable.

The classic skateboard usually has a double kick style. They are used to skate on streets, skateparks or to learn tricks. The average length of the most double kick styles runs from 25 – 30 inches. and the width is about 8 inches. This standard size is often chosen by skaters because they find it simpler to catch with their feet when they try to do the flipping.

Best Cheap Beginner Skateboard


Before I write this very topic, I have tried to recommend my friends who are also parents. They have bought those skateboard above for their kids and the children. And they seem to like it very much. Now they have mastered in skateboarding, of course!

There are plenty of skateboards with different beautiful styles and colors. So I hope with my topic, you can find for your little skateboarders some great skateboards.

If you need my advice, I am always here to help you. Just get in touch with me.

And for the last, thank you for reading!

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