Benefits of a 28 Inch longboard Over Short Board

A longboard comes in different shapes and sizes. A board with longer size will have more turning radius, more stability and many other major benefits over a shorter board. A smaller board do enjoys some benefits such as easy to cross a narrow stance, easy to store under a desk and much more.

Overall, a longer board enjoys several benefits over a short board. The only major drawback of long board over a short board is that it is difficult to store. However, you can place the long boards vertically along with the wall. Apart from this disadvantage, a longer board is definitely a better option than a shorter board. So, do consider the size factor whenever you plan to buy a longboard. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of 28 inch longboard which makes it a perfect option for the riders:

Get Maximum Space

One of the major benefits enjoyed by a longer board is that it provides maximum space to the rider. With maximum space, a rider can easily adjust his position which will help him to perform tricks with ease. A shorter board will have a limited space which makes it difficult for the rider to perform tricks as he needs to be perfect in it because if anything goes wrong he will fall from the board thus causing an injury to the rider.

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Larger Turning Radius

A longer board will have larger turning radius which makes it easy for the rider to take turns. A shorter board will have a tighter turning radius which means a user needs to expertise in it to take a sharp turn because the board will not move freely during the turn. For beginners as well as experts, longer board is beneficial as a beginner can easily take a turn while a racer can take a sharp turn during the race which will help him to complete the race in less time.

More Stability

Stability plays an important role in a longboard because if the board is not stable then no rider can ride on it for too long. Even an experienced6 rider will find it difficult to ride on an unstable board which means it’s impossible for a beginner to ride on it.

A longer board provides more stability than a shorter board which makes riding simple for the riders. More stability doesn’t mean that it’s very difficult to ride on shorter boards but it means a rider will find it easier to ride on a long board than short board. With more stability, a rider can also perform difficult tricks with ease as it becomes easy for the rider to control the longer board.

These are some of the benefits of a 28 inch longboard over shorter boards. These benefits are enough to tell the importance of a long board, so if you are planning to buy a longboard then do look for the board with longer length and width to avail all the benefits mentioned above.

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