The Best Balaclavas For Skiing & Snowboarding: List & Reviews

Do you fall in love with winter and lots of outdoor adventures in this season?

If you live in areas such as Switzerland, you may even experience that weather condition all the year round on peaks of the Alps. What a perfect place to hit the slopes!

But don’t forget sunburn, windburn, frostbite, or snow! They can pelt your face in some ways.

So, why don’t you try the best balaclavas for skiing? Read up on to know more about them right now!

Top 5 Best Balaclavas For Skiing & Snowboarding

Best Snowboard Brands

What is a Balaclava?

What is a balaclavaIf you are a devoted skier, you may know what that item is. Now, imagine it as a face/headgear of ninjas!

It’s a headgear which can cover your head, including your neck and even three-fourths of the face. Of course, there is still an opening for your eyes area.

A balaclava will protect against the extreme weather. It can keep the face warm and prevent frostbite in such wintry conditions. Plus, it will improve your sight when you’re in a winter storm.

Besides, with the right materials, it can protect the face from a burning fire. You can also use it as an army camouflage-style cap or while hunting, or driving.

Our Pick of The Best Balaclavas for Skiing & Snowboarding

Name Material Sizes
Self Pro FBA_BBL002 CoolMax Polyester One size
Under Armour ColdGear 1244401 Other Fibers One size
Chaos -CTR 9G3 1630 Windproof Fleece and Membrane S/M, L/XL, Junior
Tough Headwear Ski Mask Polyester, Spandex One size
Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Ski Mask Multi, thermal fleece One size

Self Pro FBA_BBL002 – Top Pick

Self Pro FBA_BBL002The first wind-resistant balaclava we would introduce is a high-rated product from the Self Pro brand. When you need unmatched protection, this simple yet good-quality model won’t disappoint you.

It features CoolMax® premium advanced polyester fiber. That point makes it absorbent, breathable, and perfect for moving sweat away from the skin. That lightweight, soft fabric is hypo-allergenic as well.

Its longer neck will provide maximum coverage to your skin, while its versatile design allows you to wear it in different ways. Plus, the improved sewing angles and cuts allow it to fit on the head well.

Featuring classic black, this item is fast to dry after your skiing sessions. It’s helpful in guarding your skin against the cold wind or dust. You can wear it as ninja hoodies, face masks, open balaclavas, hats, or neck gaiters.

So, for your activities during winter, don’t hesitate to get this best balaclava for skiing to keep your head and face warmer!


We find the mesh area for the mouth of this product is still a bit small for some wearers.


  • Abrasion-resistant and wrinkle-resistant
  • Lightweight, easy to dry and wear
  • Adjustable
  • Machine washable
  • Able to work well with smooth goggles
  • Quite flexible
  • Very functional


  • Smallmouth mesh area

Final Verdict

The item can fit children, women, and men. It’ll be perfect for snowboarding, skiing, motorcycling, trekking, running, mountain climbing, biking, airsoft paintball, tactical training, hunting, and many outdoor activities.

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Under Armour ColdGear 1244401- Best for Warmness

Under Armour ColdGear 1244401This Under Armour product is another excellent balaclava you should consider. Thanks to the special technology, it can enhance the amazing flexibility.

That is infrared thermo-conductive technology. It helps to keep the cold outside but heat inside. Thorough absorbing the body heat, that tech will keep you warm during extreme weather as well.

Plus, the anti-odor tech helps you stay fresh during the day. You won’t need to wash your gear daily after use. Also, it has an EVO ColdGear fabrics design which will offer maximum skin hugging and comfort.

Besides, the knitting has the four-way stretching ability for more mobility. When wearing it, there won’t be skin overheating because of excessive pressure and maintaining the gear shape is easier.

With those technologies, why don’t you give this item a try? Make your adventures better with it right now!


Its neck coverage seems to be a little short for some users. You can solve this issue by using a parka or jacket to fill that gap.


  • Being breathable and lightweight
  • Great insulation
  • Machine wash
  • Keeping material fresh during days
  • Excellent body warm keeping
  • Good-quality fabrics and high breathability
  • Keeping the head well covered


  • Lacking the extra neck cover

Final Verdict

You can drop its front side under your nose or chin or wear it as neck gaiters for more ventilation. That hood will be ideal for your camping, hiking, running, or skiing during the cold winter.

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Chaos -CTR 9G3 1630 – Best with High Tech

Chaos -CTR 9G3 1630Now, take a look at this Chaos balaclava and its hinged lower and upper construction. It is a good option for nasty or cold weather in such extreme conditions.

That unique design of this Howler Multi-functional Pro item will help you wear it a balaclava or a neck tube, offering versatile use. You can move the gear section down or up easily.

The face section features Lycra binding to avoid the elements. The bottom gives full coverage and prevents extreme gathering material so your balaclava may retain the shape.

With mesh breathing panels, it can afford excellent fresh air exchange without letting the cold wind in. It will also keep moisture out and keep your temperature warm.

You can tuck this gear inside the coat for keeping everything tight. The elongated neck section will help to drape over your shoulders and well tuck inside your jacket.

Now, let complete your winter outdoor look with this fashionable clothing item!


The only drawback of this waterproof balaclava is the possible development of wet breathing.


  • Adjustable
  • Made in the USA
  • Windproof and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Machine wash and line drying
  • The integrated side gusset for extra fit and expansion
  • Heat gathering fleece lining
  • A reflective logo for improving the visibility in the low-light conditions


  • The wet breath buildup

Final Verdict

You can use this product as a balaclava, or a neck gaiter. It is perfect for skiing, snow machining, snowboarding, hunting, motorcycle riding, and other outdoor activities.

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Tough Headwear Ski Mask- Best Budget

Tough Headwear Ski MaskThe next product is the best cold weather face mask from Tough Headwear. To show the outstanding performance, it features high-quality stretch fabrics which will accommodate all users.

Though it fits the head, there isn’t a chance of suffocation since efficient ventilation will keep your skin free from much sweating.

Unlike other gears, this versatile model is perfect for use at night. Thanks to its light reflecting the logo, your visibility will increase, especially when you are on the roads or highways.

How about wearing goggles? It is possible and smooth because the mask prevents fogging in case of increased airflow.

This gear will give your face maximum comfort while wicking moisture away. And the lining may retain the gathered heat, and the mesh panel is also breathable enough to prevent stuffiness.


According to a few customers, this clothing item is a bit larger than some other products. However, we think this point is not a big issue.


  • Beautiful
  • Ideal for non-sports and sports activities
  • Budget-friendly
  • Convenient to convert to a scarf or neck gaiter
  • Heavy-duty
  • Perfect with breathable mesh
  • Great for cold and UV rays protection


  • Larger than others

Final Verdict

This model fits both women and men. You can wear it as full face masks under your helmet, open balaclavas, or neck gaiters for different purposes like hunting, riding, snowboarding, snow shoveling, skiing, and more.

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Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Ski Mask- Best quality for the money

Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Ski MaskMove to the final one! This N-Ferno 6823 model is now among the best headwears that many users are looking for.

Featuring the stretchable fleece, this unisex balaclava will fit well on any shapes and types of head.

With heavy-duty materials, it comes with long-lasting high capacity. It helps you to hold body heat throughout extreme cold weather. The mask also features durable knitting in vulnerable parts to add more protection.

What’s more, the opening part for the face contours under two eyes and above the nose for better protection and coverage.

Many customers enjoy its superb coverage due to its hinged design. It covers the entire face, mouth, nose, neck, and ears. Great ear-to-ear comfortability and warmth is a big prime feature of this balaclava.

Now, how about staying safe and warm in extreme conditions with this excellent item? You won’t be disappointed!


A few users find it not a good match with glasses which may get foggy. If you need glasses while your activities, let buy cycling glasses.


  • Good-looking
  • Ultra windproof
  • Unisex
  • Thin profile for using with helmets
  • Simple to fold into scarfs or neck warmers
  • Wind-protectant and versatile
  • Available in various wearing ways


  • Doesn’t work with glasses

Final Verdict

This balaclava is for shoppers who are into outdoor non-sports and sports such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, motorcycling, snowmobiling, and more.

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How to Select a Good Balaclava?

Well, here are some tips to get the correct balaclava for you:


FitWhen in search of this item, you’ll realize that manufacturers often advertise their products as one fits all.

Should we count on that, or not? The answer is yes. Balaclavas often fit almost users, irrespective of sex or age.

If you’re rather picky about the size, you should choose an adjustable product featuring Velcro or straps. Many items provide extra room for easy adjustment, which is useful when you feel it isn’t your size.


MaterialAnother feature you should notice when buying good balaclavas is the good-quality material.

That factor will determine whether it’ll keep your face warm enough on cold days or not. Also, it should be comfortable to help you enjoy outdoor activities.

In general, balaclavas come in various materials that will create different warmth levels. Plus, the material can dictate how stretchable and flexible the balaclava is, which can affect mobility and fit.

Aforetime, wool was the most common choice. Now, fleece is one of the most favorite options. Other popular materials are cotton, silk, spandex, neoprene, and polypropylene.


FlexibilityOne more factor is how flexible your product should be. Though a balaclava is elastic, you should select one that allows you to turn the head easily.

In this case, don’t forget to check if it features a great design for enhancing flexibility.

In good balaclavas, one size often fits for most customers. Some items even provide a single size for kids and adults. Those products are stretching to accommodate all face shapes or sizes.


DesignThis feature is also important. By design, balaclavas are designed to cover your face, head, and mouth. They leave a cut-out part for eyes and often leave nose and mouth “breathing” holes.

But, you will find some mask style designs that cover only your mouth and cheeks. Some balaclavas will serve as full protection while others can be worn under your helmet.

So, to get a proper design for your activities, you should consider what complementary gears you own and what activity you need that item for.

Don’t forget to consult further information from the manufacturer to get the best one.


Hands down, a balaclava is a must-have when you are in the cold season. And among 5 excellent models above, if we have to choose, we would reckon the Self Pro item is our top pick.

Self Pro is a famous name. The winter gear of this brand is premium and hi-tech in nature.

It is even ideal for those who suffer from allergic conditions. Reason being, it features the Hypoallergenic trait that won’t cause any skin irritation.

You will get strong coverage from UV rays, cold, wind, dust, or other particles. The unisex design also gives users the most comfortable outdoor experience in the warmness.

Do you think so? However, that is just our opinion. Consider your budget and needs to buy the best balaclava for yourself.

Have fun with your enjoyable days on the slopes!

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