Top 5 Best Big Wheel Scooter Reviews (Don’t Miss #3)

Most of the regular scooters are for children. However, adults can also use them for the purpose of moving or entertaining. However, those scooters will need to match the weight and size of an adult. And we want to introduce to you big wheel scooters. Are you looking to own a Big wheel scooter? So let us find out the top 5 best big wheel scooters for an adult now!

Big Wheel vs. Small Wheel Scooters: Which is Better?

Before choosing which is betterBefore choosing which is better, let’s find out the differences between small and big wheel scooters. Which functions are good? Which are bad? Now, check it out in the 3 following points:

  • First, in terms of design, the small wheel scooter has a traditional T-shaped handlebar. Meanwhile, the big wheel scooter has the retro design of the curved chopper handlebars, which is more modern and trendy.
  • Secondly, according to weight, a small wheel scooter will be lighter than a big wheel scooter. However, the disparity in mass is insignificant. Besides, the height of the handlebars can be changed, but the small wheel scooter can be much wider than the big wheel scooter. The small one is suitable for children aged more than 9 years old.
  • Last, but not least, that is the force control level. For a small wheel scooter, you can easily control the force because the speed of rolling is not as fast as a big wheel scooter. However, it is also very dangerous. When you brake quickly, the scooter can fall forward if you are not firmly steering wheel. In addition, a big wheel scooter will also bring a softer, more comfortable feel.

In general, it can be seen that the big wheel scooter brings certain safety to you and has a very modern design. To answer the question above, we will choose the Big wheel scooter. So let’s find out the top 5 big wheel scooter products right now!

Top 5 Best Big Wheel Scooters

There are many brands that manufacture various kinds of big wheels scooters. But not all the brands and all the scooters are good. That’s why we have summed up and listed these top 5 products for you. Here are 5 best big wheels scooters that will impress you.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric ScooterThe first thing that you always want from a scooter is its safety, right? Yes, you can keep safety in mind. This lightweight kick scooter has a non-slip ability that allows you to cruise simply. Besides, it can absorb your weight and has a wide deck. So you will feel comfortable while riding this scooter.

The scooter is also durable because it is made of aluminium and steel. You can use it whenever you want without worrying that it would be broken.

What do you hate most when you buy a scooter? You are afraid to assemble it right? But with this scooter, there is no assembly needed. You just need to do feel steps and then you can start using it.

Another great thing about this product is that it can be folded for easier transport. You require no tool but using the push up folding mechanism. Folding and unfolding the scooter now become easier than ever. Besides, the item comes with a carry strap that will help you to store and carry the scooter around.

Some scooters are suitable for teenagers, but some suit only for adults. If you want to buy a scooter that all your family members can use. Then this scooter is the right choice. Because of the adjustable handlebar, everybody can take and ride it without any problems.

Because this scooter makes sure highly about the safety, the locking mechanism may be hard to undo.


  • The item has a safety lock
  • You can fold and unfold the scooter easily
  • The scooter is quite sturdy


  • You may get difficulties in undoing the locking mode
  • You may not feel smoothy while riding this scooter

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HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter

Hudora 205 Adult Folding Kick ScooterThe material to make this product is of high quality aluminium. Although the item is light, it is still sturdy, durable and can work against rust.

If you want a scooter that can be easily carried around, then you should try this item. With the new folding design, you can fold the scooter after one step. After being folded, the scooter is now so small that you can store it in many different places such as in your car, under your table, in the closet,…

Besides, this product comes with a strap that you can hang it on your shoulder. The strap will help you to move the scooter from place to place with ease.

Another advantage of this item is that its PU wheels can resist elastic wear. Besides, the handles are covered in a soft sponge. So you are able to avoid bumps and vibration while riding.

If you do not have good weight but still want to slide a scooter, you can try this one too. It can hold up to 100 kg weight, make sure for a good experience.

Unfortunately, this scooter is not recommended for youngsters under 12-year-olds. The kids may feel hard to take this big shape scooter under control.


  • The big wheels allow the scooter to run faster
  • The brake works on about 30 degree slope
  • The item has a kickstand
  • The product arrives already assembled


  • You can not install an extra seat on it
  • The scooter may be hard to be controlled by children under 12 year olds

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Mongoose R6170WMI

Mongoose Expo Kids ScooterThe tires of this scooter are 12 inches long. That will allow you to ride smoothly on both paved and unpaved roads.

Most scooters have a small platform. But the Mongoose R6170WMI is not like that. It is designed with a wide foot deck that helps you to feel comfortable while standing on. Besides, it can keep balance and stability while you are coasting.

When creating this scooter, the manufacturers care about the safety of it. They have designed the calliper handbrake carefully so that it can work well while you are riding at high speed. We believe that you will be amazed when you try it with a sudden stop ability.

There is one special thing that you may like about this scooter. With this item, you can do many different tricks. The freestyle handlebar with 360 degree brake rotor and pegs allow you to perform skills while riding. Of course, you have to practice to do these tricks.

On the downside, this scooter takes you quite a long time to assemble.


  • The item is well built
  • You can install a basket in front of the scooter
  • It has a great size that even 9 – 10 years old children can use


  • Assembly is difficult
  • After the time of using, the front wheel bearing may make weird sounds

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Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

Razor A5 LUX ScooterThe item is built with good quality. The Aluminum is welded neatly to create a great solid scooter that makes sure for you about the stability.

When you ride this scoot, you will have no concern about the small obstacles like twig, hose, sidewalk bump. The wheels are large enough to roll over any small obstruction.

Besides, it is designed with a sturdy deck to withstand up to 100 kg of weight. So no matter if you are light or heavy, you will still have a chance to experience the riding.

If you are finding a scooter for an 8 years old kid, why do not you buy this scooter? It makes sure about safety. The brake works even when you need a sudden quick stop.

Besides its advantages, there are still some downsides of this scooter. This product is not recommended to be used in the rain. If you still attempt to do that, the braking ability may not work. Not only that, but it also makes annoying sounds while you scoot as well.


  • The product is light
  • You can buy it at a reasonable price
  • Big wheels help children to avoid accidents
  • The product is foldable
  • The product is pre-assembled


  • The product is not recommended to be ridden on slippery roads
  • When you ride, the scooter sometimes shakes a little bit
  • The platform of the scooter may be too small with some person

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Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and Up

Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 YearsLacoosta always brings to their customers the safest scooters. This product is really safe for you to drive. It ensures a secure footing and easy ride with its non-slip and weight absorbing ability.

You love scooters and want to use it every day? You are worrying that using it too much may damage it? do not worry because this product makes sure about the durability. Of course, aluminium and steel are always the best materials for a sturdy scooter, aren’t they?

Bringing the scooter on the bus or storing it are not problems as well. Whenever you need, you can fold and unfold it quickly. No tools are required for this mechanism. In addition, the product has a carry strap. You can use this strap to hang the scooter on your shoulder to transport it easier.

Do you know what is the most special thing about this scooter? The scooter is designed to suit any age. It looks both simple and modern to fit not only teenagers but also adults. Now you can share the scooter with other family members.

In bad weather conditions, there may be a bubble in the grip tape. Although the bubble is not too large, it may create popping noise when you step on.


  • You do not have to assemble the item
  • The PU wheels can resist elastic wear
  • You can adjust the handlebar with 4 options
  • The product is designed with a mudguard ability


  • This product does not have a rear suspension spring
  • It is hard to collapse the scooter

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Best Big Wheel Scooter Brands

Best Big Wheel Scooter BrandsIn order to get a good quality big wheel scooter, you should learn about reputable and good quality brands. Here are 4 brands you can refer and need to know.

  • Razor: The brand Razor always concentrates on giving its users the best experience of riding. Handling the high quality materials with the cutting edge technology, the Razor always brings the greatest scooters to all people.
  • LasCoota: LasCoota always gives users qualified design, beautiful packaging. Moreover, the chassis of the scooter is very sturdy, durable, which is for all ages from children and adults. Best of all, LasCoota brings joy to children, be perfect to adults and accompanies them over the years
  • Mongoose: Mongoose has always been a brand that gives users inspiration for creativity, pushes the rider beyond its limits. From surfaces like mountains or urban jungle to parks, this is truly the brand for true riders.
  • Hudora: Hudora is a big sports brand in Europe that comes from Germany. The scooters from this brand are the best sellers in Europe. This professional brand has 14 years of experience in producing and designing scooter for China’s market.


In conclusion, all the information we mentioned above is very necessary and useful for you before deciding to buy a big wheel scooter for adults. You should consider the pros and cons of each model and your needs.

Hopefully, with this article, you will have a more specific view and know how to choose the big wheel scooter that best suits you. And of course, when buying a big wheel scooter, be mindful of safety gear if you need it.

If you have any questions, please comment or contact us below. Wish you enjoy the fun and safety!

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