Full Reviews of The Best Blank Skateboard Decks 2022

The history of skateboarding goes back to the 1940s, and it has been one of the most influential sports all over the world leading to thousands of skateboarding manufacturers.

As the deck of your skateboard is where you put your weight on, it must be the best one for you to sharpen and show off your riding skills.

Hence, some of the best blank skateboard decks come highly recommended today with a buying guide as well as a sneak preview of them before you make a purchase.

You might be wondering: What is the best blank skateboard deck to buy?

Here is what you need:

How to Choose Your Best Blank Skateboard Decks 2020

No matter you are looking for the best skateboard for beginners or real pros, you still need to remember the vital factors contributing to your best blank skateboard decks.

How Long Is It?

How Long Is It?How to measure the length of a skateboard deck? Well, it starts from the nose to the tail, and the average length is between 28 and 32 inches.

What matters here is to find the one that satisfies your needs. While the short skateboard decks are well loved by novices and street riders thanks to its low profile, the long ones are recommended for pro skateboarders.


RailsYou will see edges that run along the length of your skateboard deck, and they are rails. These tools will help you control and feel comfortable with your riding.

In reality, you will probably find 3 main forms when it comes to skateboard rails:

  • Rounded rails – These are the most popular ones that assist you in doing flip tricks with ease
  • Sharp rails – With their blunt edges, this type of rails can hold your shoes in place during your riding
  • Gas Pedal rails (GPs) – GPs get several areas which are cut into a beveled edge to reduce the sharpness and concave

How Wide Is It?

How Wide Is It?In general, the normal width of a skateboard deck ranges from 7.5 inches to 8.75 inches. The wider that deck is, the better it can perform, and again, it mainly depends on your style.

In case you want to practice some ramp tricks or pick up new skills you had better choose a wide board as it provides you with a bigger room for your feet as well as a controlled performance.

However, kickflip lovers and street riders should find narrow skateboard decks as they are the best options.

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Wheel Base

Wheel BaseYou might wonder what wheelbase is? Basically, it is the distance between 2 sets of mounting holes which are drilled into your deck. The average distance ranges from 13 inches to 15 inches.

On the other hand, you can customize that wheelbase based on your personal needs. Tall individuals tend to prefer a wide wheelbase for a great stance while short people seek a narrow one to feel comfortable.

Keep in mind that the adjustment of your wheelbase will bring you differences when skating down the street. Thus, it plays a vital role in how you feel your riding.

Understand Its Nose and Tail

Understand Its Nose and TailIt would be a bit challenging for you to differentiate the nose and the tail of a skateboard at first. Don’t worry! Most of the decks available on the market have graphics that distinguish the kicktail nose and kicktail tail.

Mounting Holes

Look at Figure 5 you will easily see the set of mounting holes. This is where the trucks of your deck get attached. Normally, the majority of skateboard deck have one set, but some come with various holes.

Effective Foot Platform (EFP)

Effective Foot Platform (EFP)Effective Foot Platform or EFP is a term that simply refers to the area that you will place your feet on the deck to control it. That part lies in the middle of your skateboard, between the front and rear rollers.

Make sure that you feel comfortable and confident to stand on it!


Ply is the skateboard deck itself containing a lot of wooden layers which are tightly pressed. Most of them are made of 7 plies. However, a nine-ply skateboard will be yours, if you spend more money.

Instead of using a large piece of wood, cross-grained timber is much stronger and more durable in comparison with decks produced with a single piece.

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ConcaveFinding a high-quality skateboard deck can be a mess without considering the concave shape. Different shapes take charge of different functions which will support you in turning, drifting, and sliding.

Here are the common forms of concave regarding skateboard decks

Flat Concave

No concave gets shaped. You will probably see it when it comes to several cut-out longboards. The plus point here is to offer your feet a large space to get some tricks done.

Radial Concave

It is true that radial concave is the most popular one which appears in the form of a U. The radial concave makes sure of a greater foot grip which is useful for most of riding styles.

Progressive Concave

The progressive concave is an updated version of the radial one. The steep wall and the wide base are blended nicely for the secure footing.


Featuring an additional curve, the W-concave allows you to shift with more power from your heel towards your toe. More briskness, responsiveness, and precision are what you will get.


Based on the picture, you could realize that the convex-concave is the opposite of the concave one. The upward-arching form is designed for pro skateboarders.


Flat-cave or also known as a tub, it looks similar to the radial concave. However, the real difference here is the sharp angle running along the rails. It will help you gain more energy when doing sudden shifts.

Your Favorite Style

Your Favorite StyleYour skateboarding experience largely depends on the style of decks. There are 4 basic forms, and each of them is made for a particular style.

  • Shortboard: In case you are a park or street skateboarder, this shortboard deck would be an ideal choice for you to perform tricks.
  • Longboard: This is designed for pros, and perfect for a downhill race thanks to a low profile with a symmetrical shape.
  • Old school: Asymmetrical form, flat nose, and cocktails give this old-school style a wider nose. If you are interested in carving the roads, skating ramps or pools, you should go for it.
  • Cruiser: As its names suggest, this deck works as a great companion of cruising lovers due to a maneuverable and versatile mid-length.

Camber and Rocker

Camber and RockerThe rocker skateboards feature a dropped middle whereas the camber decks have a raised one.

Skateboard decks with positive camber offer more flex thanks to the stronger center of gravity. Regarding rocker decks, the sloped shape and the weaker center of gravity are well loved by riders.


Needless to say, the price is always a high priority when it comes to shopping anything.

Some people want to the cheap blank skateboard decks bulk to customize while others invest more money to own the best blank skateboard decks.

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Best Blank Skateboard Decks Review

Skateboarding is not just for recreational activity, but also for art. So let’s scroll down for detailed reviews of 5 blank skateboard decks on the market.

Product Features Rating
Kerma Blank Natural 7 Ply Maple Cruiser Skateboard Deck Only Multi-sizes Best for Cruisers and Beginners 4.6/5
Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Blank Skateboard Deck Best for Kids 4.4/5
Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck – More Pop, Lasts Longer, Eco-Friendly Best for Advanced Tricks and Jumps 4.3/5
Blank 8” Skateboard Deck (RED) Plus Griptape Best for Basic Tricks 4/5
Moose Old School Skateboard Deck Best for Old School Lovers 3.7/5

Here is the main part:

Kerma Blank Natural 7 Ply Maple Cruiser Skateboard Deck Only Multi-sizes

Kerma Blank Natural 7 Ply Maple Cruiser Skateboard Deck Only Multi-sizesThis Kerma blank skateboard deck is specially produced with high-quality components for cruisers. Hence, they can easily do their first pushes to even learn how to use longboard later.

In addition, the deck size is appropriate the young since children can maneuver and balance with ease to learn and sharpen their riding skills. The maple provides durability, lightweight, and sustainability.

The product comes with 2 colors – Natural-1 and Natural-2 to make the skateboarding experience more fun. However, this is not for street or technical skateboarding.


  • High-quality components
  • Appropriate for kids and beginners
  • Easy to maneuver and balance
  • Made of maple for durability, lightweight, sustainability, and environmental friendliness
  • 2 colors – Natural-1 and Natural-2


  • Not for technical and street skateboarding

Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Blank Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Blank Skateboard DeckAmong blank skateboard decks, Bamboo Skateboards could bring you the optimum display. Likewise, the tail does a very good job when you suddenly need to make a tight turn.

The high level of durability makes sure that this deck can stay with you in the long run. The deck itself comes highly recommended to those who are into roaming around the school, beach or so on.

The combination of a low concave form and pre-drilled hole pattern provides you with a nice stance to speed down the hills or perform flip tricks without difficulties while you are still able to maintain balance.

Unfortunately, this is a product for kids. The weight of an adult might lead to some hairline cracks which will get bigger and bigger later on.


  • Offers a high level of durability and stability
  • Pre-drilled hole pattern for simple assembly
  • A nicer stance to do flip tricks


  • Suitable for kids only

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck – More Pop, Lasts Longer, Eco-Friendly

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck – More PopAs a popular skateboarding brand, Bamboo Skateboards has been known for its outstanding quality with more pop. This blank skateboard deck is manufactured for you to perform intense jumps and tricks.

Otherwise, the main material – bamboo which makes the deck extremely durable. The classic logo of the brand will catch the attention of any passers-by. The various sizes will support all skateboard lovers.

The interesting point here is that the Baker skateboard deck could be strong enough for a car to drive over. Therefore, you can do the craziest movements without breaking it.

Overall, it is effective in improving your performance with a much better grip. Nevertheless, the product is not lightweight.


  • Bamboo deck for greater durability
  • More pop
  • Designed for both novices and pros
  • A wide range of sizes


  • A bit heavy

Blank 8” Skateboard Deck (RED) Plus Griptape

Blank 8” Skateboard Deck (RED) Plus GriptapeIf you love something colorful, this Blank 8” Skateboard Deck (RED) Plus Griptape is great. The 31’’ x 8’’ concave design is good for beginners to perform some basic tricks, OL or 360’s action.

The deck itself is highly durable. Overall, this a durable deck with a good shape that makes it feel solid.

On the minus side, the deck seems to be too heavy for kids or beginners.


  • Nice color
  • Highly durable
  • Smooth riding
  • Equipped with grip tape


  • Too heavy for children or beginners

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Moose Old School Skateboard DeckThis Moose Old School Skateboard Deck is suitable for both beginners and advanced skateboarders. The high rebound and hand-cast wheels offer better roll and grip.

Another plus point is worth mentioning here is the deck comes with grip tape that covers 100%. The duty-heavy skateboard deck is perfect for old schoolers.

As one of the best blank skateboard decks, the Moose skateboard deck is really user-friendly, so you will not run into any troubles when learning how to ride it.

The maple deck ensures the higher level of durability. On the other hand, the truck placement at the back is a little bit too close to the end that makes its kick tail quite short


  • High level of durability and stability
  • Suitable for old schoolers
  • Great grip and roll


  • Short kick tail

Final Thoughts

Overall, you should remember to take all the factors listed in the buying guide into consideration when buying the best blank skateboard decks.

All of the above-mentioned products offer great durability and stability for smooth riding performance. Last but not least, the winner would be Kerma Blank Natural 7 Ply Maple Cruiser Skateboard Deck Only Multi-sizes due to its various sizes and low concave to do flip tricks with ease.

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