The Best Carbon Fiber Skimboard Reviews & Buying Guide

Equip yourself with a carbon fiber skimboard now! because summer will come soon. You are in love with the beach, aren’t you? If yes, let your surfing passion on fire. Surfing with a skimboard is a very interesting and adventurous sport.

To have a great adventure, you must first have a good skimmer board. Show off your cool skills with the board, and you will surely impress other people.

Are you ready to see the best Carbon Fiber skimboards? All right, let’s get started.

The Best Carbon Fiber Skimboards of 2020

Fedmax Skimboard

Fedmax SkimboardAs the latest version of Fedmax, this skimboard is designed with only excellent materials to suit from starters to professional boarders.

Specifically, this board has a unique structure. The nose and the bottom of the skimboard are from carbon fiber and the body is from fiberglass. That allows this board to witness pressure from both users and huge waves.

Normally, the skimboard head will be under the waves when you surf, but this board is not like so. Due to its 2.28-inch high nose, it can keep its head on the surface of water, supporting you to do many techniques with ease.

Besides, when buying this product, you will receive three traction pads. These pads are made of EVA foam, supporting your balance while surfing. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the installation because a clear assembly instruction will come along with the product.

You have a lot of skills to show while surfing? Then this best carbon fiber skimboard will be your trustable partner. Due to its thin style, lightweight and stability, you can smoothly perform your cool tricks

Because this item is very soft and thin, you must be careful while carrying it around. Or else you may accidentally give it some ugly scratches.


  • You will receive a PDF file that teaches you surfing techniques
  • It is a hybrid skimboard


  • It may crack if you carry it around carelessly


If you just get started with skimboarding, we recommend you to use it because it can support your balance quite well..

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Slapfish Skimboard

Slapfish SkimboardSlapfish always focuses on providing handcrafted skimboard with high quality. Thus, this skimboard is very durable and well- designed.

What first impressed you is its construction. The carbon fiber is used to make the nose and the tail of the board. However, this sturdy material is even 2 times reinforced at the board rails. The body between the nose and tail has been machined twice to help the skimmer board be more sturdy than ever. In addition, the Poly PVC foam is used for the core, making the board light and waterproof.

If you want to do surfing techniques while surfing, then this product can be a great support. The board has a super glide bottom suitable for riding at high velocity even when surfing long distances. Additionally, it also prevents you from being caught by the big waves.

Coming along with this skimboard is an arch bar. With this arch bar, you can pull your front foot easier while surfing. As a sequence, you can control the board with ease and perform a lot of tricks. As a side option for the purchase, you can tell the provider to install it for you.

There is one thing that you need to remember about this product. Although it can support your maneuver while surfing well, you still need to use some surf wax for this board in order to have better traction. In fact, this board does not need much wax like the other ones, but just in case, add some wax for your safety.


  • It works well even in deep water
  • It supports sand skimming


  • It requires surf wax for better traction


If you often show off skills while surfing, you can regard this skimboard as your most suitable partner.

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Zap Lazer Skimboard

Zap Lazer SkimboardZap’s best carbon fiber skimboards are always famous due to their special style. And now they continue to release a wonderful product called Zap Lazer Skimboard.

This product is designed with a large body and a thin nose. But do you know why it is made so? This style is not only beautiful but it also helps you catch the waves simpler. When you ride Zap Lazer Skimboard on the water, its body will contact directly to the water and the narrow front will bring you to the height quickly.

In addition, the board curve will support stability while surfing. If you catch the right wave, the pressure will separate into two sides of the skimboard, avoid crashing out.

If you are looking for a skimboard for your children, then this Lazer skimboard will be suitable. Despite its lightweight, this skimboard can withstand up to a 100 LBS person. Thus, your child can use this item to learn surfing.

Although this product is good, it will not come with the traction pad. Therefore, you must buy the pad as a side option. Even though this skimboard still works well even without the traction pad, only the professional can handle that with ease. Otherwise, we recommend you to add some surf wax to the board.


  • It is light
  • It helps catch waves better


  • You can not choose the color of the board
  • It is not suitable for adults


This product is perfect for your children to learn surfing.

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How To Choose the Right Skimboard

To own a suitable carbon fiber skimboard, you must first note the characteristics of each type of skimboard. Besides, identify your needs: are you a good player? Or are you a true racer? Based on each factor below, we will help you find yourself the best skimboard.


MaterialSkimboard is made of different materials such as foam, wood, and so on. However, each material will be different.

Foam is often designed for surfers, and it costs more than wood. We see a lot of foam skis at the beaches because they are light and thick enough to float on the surface of waves. On the other hand, wood skimboard is heavier and sink very quickly. This plank material is often used at rivers, lakes, puddles and so on.

On the market nowadays, wood skimboards costs from $50 to $100 while foam skimboards are more expensive, which range from $150 to $300.

In general, choosing foam or wood depends on the level of the skimmer. For example, if you are a new player, we recommend using wooden boards; the cost is cheaper and you do not need a durable one. In contrast, for avid skimmers, foam boards are a good choice.


SizeTo find a skimboard of the right size for you, first, consider your height, weight, speed, and skateboarding style. This is a very important factor, so pay attention to it.

When your weight is heavier than a skateboard, you will sink . So, to make it easier to understand, try taking the example. If you weigh 80 pounds, you should use a small board. Conversely, if you weigh over 170 pounds, a large board is a better option for you.

For a more detailed look, you can refer to the following size:

  • Small: 80 – 140 lbs (45 in. or less)
  • Medium: 120 – 160 lbs (45 in. to 47 in.)
  • Medium-Large: 140 – 180 lbs (47 in. to 49 in.)
  • Large: 160 – 200 lbs (49 in. to 51 in.)
  • Extra Large: 180 – 220 lbs (51 in or more)


ShapeSkimboard comes in diverse shapes. You can choose yourself the appropriate design. Let’s see the different among those shape of skimboard.

  • Shallow rocker: higher speed and easier motion along calmer water.
  • Steep rocker: slower movement between sand and waves, suitable in places with muddy water.
  • Pintail: good balance when in water.
  • Square / W-tail: creating flexibility when moving, handling stunts well on water


Currently, there are many quality and popular skateboard brands such as Zap, FedEx, Slapfish, and so on, on the market, which you can refer to. You can choose your own favorite before considering the other factors. Besides, consider asking the salesperson to give yourself the best choice.

Basic skimboarding tricks for beginners

Possessing the best carbon fiber skimboard, you can not surf without learning some cool techniques, right? If you still not know any cool skills, we will teach you some simple moves. Let’s scroll down!

Flat Spins

Flat SpinsThis skill seems to be the easiest trick that you can do.

First, you can start to skimboard by jumping on board and riding with a steadily faster speed. After that, put your hand down under the water in order to move and spin as the inertia.


OllieBefore doing this trick, make sure that the water is high enough. At least it must reach your ankles.

Run as quickly as possible and ride the board straightly. After that, you have to lower your head and back down. While sliding, stand up and release the front foot. At the same time, focus on giving pressure on the back foot and jump.

As you are in the air, the board will follow you. The only left thing to do is just preparing to land.


KickflipThe first requirement for this trick is that you must be able to handle the trick “Ollie”.

After getting in the air by doing the ollie, use the front foot outer sole to flick the board. When it flips, let the motion continue for a while and then stop it by stomping on the board.

One footer

You can do this great trick with any foot. But it requires you to practice more frequently.

Before practicing this trick on the water, try balancing yourself with one foot on the ground.

After getting used to it, you can start being balance on the water. Run fast and when sliding, lift one leg and try to keep balance as long as possible. One piece of advice for you is to use your hands to hold the lifted foot to prevent it from moving around.


WrapWhen the wave comes, jump and slide the board to catch that waves. At that time, the wave will form a curve, as if you are controlling it. Next, after the wave stops, be prepared and continue your trick again.


To help you understand this trick, just think about a puppy that is peeing on a hydrant. This trick has a similar style.

Start doing this trick by running fastly and straightly on the water. Hold the top of the board with one hand and drop it with the other to keep the balance. Besides, your legs are down and your body is facing forward.

Frontside 180 Degrees

Frontside 180 degreesIf you can already handle the ollie, learning this trick will not be hard.

After doing the ollie, start rotating your shoulder about 180-degree to the front. And then lift your knee. The board will now be sucked up. But do not stop spinning.

When you come back to the ground, try to take control of the board back with your knees.


Have you chosen for yourself a suitable carbon fiber skimboard? May be 3 products sound all good to you that makes it difficult to decide, right?

As our recommendation, you should go with the Fedmax skimboard. Because this product is suitable for either beginners or professionals, you can use it for a long time. Besides, when you purchase the product, you will receive a PDF file that teaches you surfing skills, saving a lot of money.

We hope that these skimboards will please you. For more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply to you in the shortest amount of time.

And now, thanks for reading.

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