What Are The Best Carver Skateboards? Here Is The Guide To Your Choice.

The best carver skateboards are truly what a skateboarder needs, regardless of his age and level.

For a beginner, skateboarding is fun and challenging at first. It requires patience and lots of practice. A decent board is very helpful for learning tricks and mastering the skills.

However, not many new people know how to choose the board that is suitable for them, regarding their levels and personal taste. Here we have come up with the list of five best skateboards and also recommend the most outstanding board based on its general features.

List Of The Best Carver Skateboards

Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard CruiserIf you are just into skateboarding, this mini skateboard is “born” for you. It has a simple yet powerful design and solid build, plus an elegant look. The theme color is pleasant with wooden color and stylish graphics.

Made out of high-end materials such as Canadian Maple, aluminum, and polyurethane, this mini cruiser can handle almost anything you throw at it with relative ease. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can use this Magneto board to learn from the very first tricks and perform the most advanced ones.

This board is also made for a safer ride. The asymmetrical design with double kicks allows sudden stops when you move along the street full of obstacles.

The surface finish of the deck is anti-slippery for the beginner-friendly experience. It provides balance for a more controlled ride. This is crucial for beginners who are afraid of falling off their boards.

However, if you really look for some higher performance boards with extremely smooth wheel spin, or you are just the kind of experienced competitor, this one is not for you.


  • Easy to carry for daily use
  • Suitable for all ages and levels


  • The bearing only spins smoothly when properly broken in and lubricated


With a view to making an all-age and all-level friendly skateboard, Magneto has come up with this model. If you look for a skateboard to practice every day or to give it as a present, this one is perfect for you.

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Flybar Skate Cruiser Board

Flybar Skate Cruiser BoardsThe brand Flybar has been making decent skateboards for years to come and its Flybar skate cruiser board also comes with powerful design and notable features of.

The deck finish gives you a tropical feel while the grip tape offers extra durability and stability for your ride. The board has quite a classic shape of one nose and one kicktail, making it flexible and suitable for kids.

The construction material is Canadian Maple for extra durability and even weight-distribution. The aluminium trucks also contribute a great deal to lightweight and portability. The riser pads are added to increase shock absorption.

The only downside is that the bearing is not smooth enough right out of the box. This means that if you take this board seriously for professional competitions, you will need to add some lubricants or upgrade your bearings.


  • Durability and flexibility
  • Simple yet effective concave design


  • Low quality bearing


To wrap up, this board is aimed for youngsters but still suitable for all ages. The design is ideal for daily practice as well as learning tricks.

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Roller Derby Slide Skateboard

Roller Derby Slide Street Surf SkateboardThe deck is designed in fish shape that comes with black coat and multi-color graphics.

This model comes with a patented truck system that contains springs for greater momentum in performance. You need less excess power to pop the board off the ground while riding by simply bending your knees to activate the spring system and jumping with your two feet. The spring then releases tension and the board pops off in response to your trick execution.

The truck is flexible with rotating axis for easy turnover and side-to-side sliding. Therefore, you can ride on almost any smooth surface. This model is also equipped with premium gold plated bearing for extra smoothness. The gold plating needs almost no lubricants and it is built to last while maintaining the smooth and high speed wheels.

However, you should consider your body weight before performing extreme bumps with this board. If you exceed the weight limit, you can cause damage to this board.


  • It comes with adjustment tool for the trucks and an extra sticker pack


  • It is a bit oversized and heavy
  • It can be a little pricey


To push your skateboard skills to the limit, try and experience the Roller Derby Slide Skateboard and feel the difference. This model is suitable for long rides and flexible for direction changing.

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FLOW Surf Skates ‘Wedge 32’

FLOW Surf Skates SwellFLOW is a newcomer to the skateboard scene. Founded in 2018, it has released to the market decent skateboards at lower price point compared to other brands.

The build is solid and durable enough for daily use while the shape is a modern design with very attractive theme color and graphics.

There are different colors to match the deck with the wheels to create more street-style and active vibe.

The trucks also come with internal spring mechanism to absorb shock and create natural momentum. This is a notable feature for you to ride the board on hard surfaces, to maneuver through obstacles and to perform some crazy tricks. Moreover, the truck spring can be adjusted to your desired tension while the axes can be altered to your desired tightness. Therefore, the riding experience is improved.

This model comes with an ABEC 7 bearing, which is average for smooth spin when broken in and lubricated.
One minus point is the squeaking noise from the new bearings. To solve this problem, you simply need to break in the bearings first. An alternative is that you can use the lubricants for bearings, but remember to use thin lube only. The thick lube can prevent the free motion of the new bearings. You can also try to clean them. It is up to you.


  • Lower price point


  • Need a lot of break-in


All in all, this board is everything that any average skateboarder needs, from the design to the price. This board has a lower price point than most brands so you can consider equipping yourself with more than one board to practice daily, or to take it to some local competitions.

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Penny Australia PNYCOMP156

Penny Australia Classic Complete SkateboardThis model comes with a very classic design and a cool dark theme color. The plastic built Penny board is coated in black from the deck to the bushings and the wheels, making it easier for you to match with your outfit. There you have the most stylish ride!

The deck finish is plastic, with waffle-like anti-slippery deck surface. This brings about a classic and timeless look as if the board is the symbol of simplicity.

When it comes to materials, many people hesitate between plastic and wood. Some worry that plastic cannot withstand heavy use while wood does the best job. However, this myth needs debunking. Plastic can still offer certain levels of durability and shock absorption. Meanwhile, the plastic used to make the deck is premium quality so it stands the test of time. The truck is also made of lightweight aluminium for superior quality.

The drawback to this board is its length. Sometimes people find this board less stable than longer boards.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Maneuver in crowded spaces with ease
  • Suitable for travelling
  • Long-term warranty from the manufacturer


  • Less stable and durable than most wooden boards
  • Wheels need updated for extended use
  • Expensive


There you have a classical-look skateboard that is designed by experienced pro skateboarders. Made out of fairly durable materials, this board has made its name to our list, but not the exceptional one.

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How To Choose The Right Board From List Of The Best Carver Skateboards?

If you fancy seeing our list, it is time to guide you to your proper choices. There are some criteria you should take into account when shopping for your dream board.

Rider’s personal features

Rider personal features

  • Rider’s age: Age plays an important role in choosing skateboards. In the market, they have skateboards for children, teenagers and adults. Knowing the age will get you the proper board size, weight, width and length. You don’t want the board that is too large or too small which can end up in the lack of balance and control and lead to potential dangers.
  • Rider’s level: There are different levels of skateboarding, from beginner to intermediate, advanced and expert. There are also corresponding levels of skateboards. You should know your personal level to choose the right board. Sometimes beginners’ boards are friendlier and easier to control. On the contrary, expert boards are made for higher intensity use.
  • Rider’s height and weight: Tall riders often look for longer wheelbase, which means longer distance between two trucks while short riders look for shorter wheelbase. Small riders might want a board with average nose and width while bigger riders opt for wider board with larger nose and kick.

Carver skateboards’ features


The longer wheelbase can bring about more stability for more controlled rides. This is essential in riding a long way and on different surfaces. However, when you maneuver through a crowded street, longer wheelbase are not very responsive. On the other hand, the shorter wheelbase often offers more versatile turnover.

Width and length

The wider the deck is, the grippier and more comfortable you will feel under your feet. You cannot make easy turns while the deck surface is slippery and the feeling of falling off your board is constant. Therefore, this is also the underlying factor of choosing any board for your safety and fun riding experience.


The more durable and wear-resistant the material is, the longer your board can last. You can afford a board of few hundred dollars provided that it can last for years, not the cheaper boards made of less durable materials that you have to replace once every few months.

Carver skateboards featuresCanadian Maple is the most popular material for making decks due to its features like durability and lightweight. Bamboo is extra durable and flexible that can withstand really heavy use. The use of bamboo is more environmentally friendly than the use of maple. Plastic is also durable, but not all kinds of plastic has the same durability.

Aluminum is commonly used for making trucks for its versatility. Nowadays most skateboards come with aluminum trucks.

The essential part of the wheel is the ball bearing which must be made of stainless steel, ceramic or gold plated stainless steel. Otherwise, the bearing degrades quickly over a short-term use despite your careful maintenance.

The wheels must not be made from plastic since it cannot withstand corrosion when it comes to contact with rough surfaces. Instead, more flexible materials like PU are often used for this purpose.

Graphics and artwork

Ornamentation improves the look of your board. Some boards are decorated by well known artists for its artistic appeal. Some boards cost an arm and a leg because they have the signatures of the best skateboarders in the world.


We wrap up what the best carver skateboard is about. After all, a good board is not only about the look, but it must also come with diverse utilities. Therefore, focusing on the quality and your purpose is essential.

We have also come up with the list of the five best carver skateboards for your recommendation as well as the outstanding one which is the Magneto mini cruiser. This model is suitable for all levels and all ages. Finally, we hope that this article is helpful to you. Be a smart buyer and make a smart choice. Good luck!

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