6 Best Cheap Skateboards That Deliver Quality Performance

Over the years, the skateboard is popular for both children and adults, boys and girls until nowadays. Therefore, on the skateboard market, there is a wide range of choices from extremely expensive to best cheap skateboard. As a beginner you should buy products that suit your skill in order to adapt to it faster. The cheap skateboard is a smart choice in the first stage in place of purchasing the most expensive one. In fact, you can easily find out a cheap and friendly-budget product.

The Best Cheap Skateboards for Beginners
We highly recommend newcomers to read reviews on the product before purchasing it for better outcome. My review not only gives you essential factors to choose the best beginner skateboard but also recommends top cheap skateboards. They are the best models with the lowest prices and receive good feedback from customers.
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Top 10 Best Cheap Skateboards

Skateboard For Girls

Are Cheap Skateboards OK to Buy and Ride? And Who is Best Suited For?

Are Cheap Skateboards OK to Buy and Ride?
As I mentioned, now, skateboarding is more and more popular, so the appearance of rider beginners also rises. However, some of them just want to try with a cheap skateboard for beginners, adults and children in advance so that they can have a good feel on how a skateboard works. So, are cheap skateboard ok to buy and ride? And how much is a good skateboard?On the market now, several skateboards look cheap, but they are really good quality. Some pro skateboarders have proven this. Specifically, Penny is one of the best skateboard brands at a low price. But, are Penny boards good for beginners? Yes. Apart from Penny, Darkstar is also a famous and popular brand on the market. I hear that darkstar is a good brand is that true? I am sure that all products of this brand are worthy of your money.

Generally, to determine whether or not you suit a cheap skateboard, you must know how serious your skateboarding is. If you don’t usually use your skateboard, you can consider a good cheap skateboard, giving you more great starting experience.

Factors to buy a good skateboard

Buying a good skateboard for beginner girl, boy, kid or adult with low price is never an easy task. Sometimes cheap products have awesome quality so keep reading this article. We will show you how to find a cheap but high quality board. The following factors will help you choose a good and cheap skateboard:


Any skateboard is designed with a certain shape that can meet the different demands of users. Let’s think about what you want to do with your skateboard because the option is limitless so you should think carefully. Looking for a model to ride around your place? To ride around your place, a wide cruiser skateboard with the large soft wheels is a good choice. Would you like to go to a skatepark to perform tricks or use in a mini ramp? You should invest in a classic shaped model, this is the most economical way to buy a skateboard!


If you choose a skateboard with plastic or rubber wheels, it’s better to choose another model that is more suitable for your kids. Because it is hard for the wheels to grip to the road surface and the rubber is easy to break apart.I highly recommend you use skateboard wheels which are made from urethane. Urethane wheels are more stable giving your child a better chance to get to know the skateboard.


Bearings support the skateboard wheels spin smoothly and freely. You should check the information on the bearings to consider ABEC rating so that you will know the quality of the product. The ABEC 1 and ABEC 9 have some differences which result in the ABEC 9 having more benefit and higher quality. Meanwhile, the ABEC 9 bearings express a very high-quality product that is delicate, precise especially as it spins smooth and fast. The skateboard doesn’t need ABEC 9 bearings since the slamming, and jarring motions will destroy these delicate bearings. I highly recommend ABEC 5 or 7. 9, and lower 5 ratings are a good choice. We advised changing the bearing frequently for smooth and stable rides.


In a skateboard, trucks are the “axles part.” The material of trucks should be fairly sturdy metal. Most of the skateboard’s weight comes from the trucks itself due to the fact that the deck is quite light because they usually are made of high quality material. Obviously, if you can trick well with too heavy ones, everything is ok. Make sure to have a real brand name on the label of the trucks. We recommend having rubber brushing in the bearings.


In general, the decks are made from the wood layers pressed together making light and flexible. The edges of the deck are made to be round for better steering and drifting. Thus, if possible, you should check the information about the skateboard in the box. A deck is made from the strips of wood pressed together. It’s called “PLY.” The standard of a good skateboard deck is 7-PLY Maple. PLY (Plywood) adds the strength, but a model with less PLY is lighter and more flexible. Therefore, 7-PLY can create a balance making it the superior product.


A deeper concave can help you flip the skateboard because it is used to perform greater leverage. However, if you choose a flatter skateboard, you can catch a flip and land in the air easier.

Other factors

Other factors

  • Normally, to save cost, the manufacturer will use a cheap paint kind for the graphics on the bottom which doesn’t affect the overall performance.You can still ride it safely and smoothly.
  • A good and cheap skateboard is usually made from Canadian Maple material. Although it is a common hardwood in Northern America, this cheap type keeps your model lightweight, but durable and flexible. This material is also pretty safe for skateboarders to perform many tricks on it.
Skateboard Youth 22 inch Mini Cruiser Retro Starry Adults Skateboards for Kids Boys Girls Beginners...
  • Meketec Unique Technology - The strong 3.25 inch trucks with different color with others skateboarder,let you skateboarding slide more distinctive.
  • Performance - High speed abec 7 meketec Bearings; 60mm Urethane wheels; 22.5 inch long x 6 inch wide deck, max load weight 200 lb.
  • High Value - Meketec Unusual skateboard appearance outperforms many of the leading brands and high cost performance price.
  • Advantage - Take this board on the park, school and road with ease, It’s the best holiday gift for Kids and Adults.
  • Easy to Use- With CE certification, this well-built skateboard is safe to ride and suitable for any level of riders, no matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider.

Full Reviews of Top 6 Best Cheap Skateboards on The Market in 2021

Apart from the appearance of the expensive, high-quality skateboards, there are a lot of choices of the best cheap skateboards for people with lower incomes:

Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive

Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive
In 2008, Punisher was founded in Pennsylvania. It aims to produce the graphically pleasing designs, resonating with riders deeper. Punisher handpicks each artist who takes responsibility for designing the original, unique images. These will be incorporated into the skateboard products. The combination of the fantastic graphic design and the high-quality skateboard gives you a very personalized riding experience.

The Punisher company and manufacturer make sure to provide you with all essential features through their products. You will have the safe and efficient riding experiences. This versatile design comes with a wide range of skateboard size for the beginner, suiting any using object from children to adults.

No matter the user is boy or girl, the geometric design with many colors can satisfy all. They include yellow, blue, white and green in the pattern.

The Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete is made from Canadian Maple material, so it’s durable but lightweight, and flexible. These features allow riders to perform several tricks easily even in the bumpy roads, and you can control the model smoothly.

The concave desk shape of the skateboard can stand the 200-pound riders. Furthermore, it keeps your feet on the board firmly. That means they are positioned at a suitable angle.


  • Heavy-duty grip tape
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy ride rolls freely


  • The deck of the skateboard can be stronger

MINORITY Maple Skateboard

MINORITY Maple Skateboard

If you are searching for the classic skate park skateboard to ride around in nice days, the MINORITY is a skateboard for you.

As the name implies, the MINORITY board has constructed the 100% maple deck. It is sturdy and durable when supporting the weight up to 220 pounds.

MINORITY uses genuine aluminum alloy to cast 5-Inch trucks and equips it with 78A high rebound PU bushing and carbon steel kingpin. By this way, it is strong enough for you to perform any tricks.

It continues supporting your stricks by providing accurate speed. All is due to ABEC-9 bearings made from chrome steel and 52mm PU wheels.

The product has passed tests on pools, streets, and ramps, so you can feel secure to use. Many skateboarders get attracted by the unique graphics of the MINORITY board.


  • Super good pop from the start
  • The durable deck for tricks
  • Comfort to riding
  • Ideal for riding on pavement and street
  • Good quality for the price


  • Grippy wheels for much at the beginning
  • A little heavy
MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard|Trick Skateboard for Beginners, Intermediate and Pros (Snake)
3,700 Reviews
MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard|Trick Skateboard for Beginners, Intermediate and Pros (Snake)
  • SOLID : 100% maple deck, 7-ply hardrock maple cold pressed into 32x8-Inch deck, Max support weight 225 lbs. Mediate concave makes it ideal for any tricks.
  • STRENGTH : 5-Inch trucks are casted by genuine alluminium alloy, equipped with carbon steel kingpin and 83A high rebound PU bushing.
  • SPEED : ABEC-9 precision bearings are forged by chrome steel, work with 52mm 107A PU wheels. Fast speed is half success for tricks.
  • SMOOTH : Rest your heart when cutting corners. The boards has passed maneuverability test on streets, ramps, and pools.
  • STYLE : Strikingly attractive graphics range from trendy to vintage, make boards ideal choices as gifts.

Landwalker Pro Cruiser

Landwalker Pro Cruiser
Landwalker is one of the new brands that is founded in 2016. The company runs with good people. They aim to produce good things and make good sense. All products of Lanwalker is designed carefully. The majority of their items are sports products such as skateboard lights, skateboard, scooters, and longboard.

Landwalker Pro Cruiser is made from the high-density wood which makes sure your skateboard in one piece when falling. After getting the product, you can take out onto the road immediately because of the pre-assembled complete.

Landwalker Pro Cruiser is a witty rainbow-checkered design. In a package, there are other skateboard pads and a helmet. If you are looking for a model with a funny message for showing off your personality, this is ideal. That is because there are other 2 alternative options: green cover, and panda design.

The dimensions of 31 x 8 x 6 and 5-pounds weighing can meet the demands of adults and over-10-year children.

This board is made from the heavy-duty Canadian Maple, so it’s very durable. Thanks to the 8 layer system, this model is sturdy and can withstand quite a force.

You can reach the high-speed thanks to the concave design which supports you to perform many kicks and tricks easily. Furthermore, your feet are positioned in place safely, ensuring you always have a right posture.


  • Good riding quality
  • Great material
  • Cheap
  • One-year warranty
  • Runs fast


  • Wheels may be too soft for someones
  • Hard to adjust the wheels

Krown Rookie Checker

Krown Rookie Checker

The skateboard production of Krown has run since the late 1990s. Krown aims to produce high-quality boards with a reasonable price. After selling the skateboards in a certain period, Krown expanded their business with longboards, helmets, pads, and others over the years.

There are available 7 checkered colors. Thus, if you are looking for something which can both skate and look well, this is a great design.

Are you a beginner and looking for a narrow and lightweight model? 7.75” x 31.5” dimensions of Krown is a perfect choice.

The combination of the heavy-duty aluminum material and an 80 skateboard grip tape creates high endurance, helping you skate safely.

The design of the modern concave allows you to ride with high speed. It’s so convenient to learn any kind of trick.


  • Cheap


  • Hard to turn
  • Difficult to tighten the struts


In 2000, Marc Johnson – a pro skateboarder founded ENJOI which lasted more than 2 decades until now because of the quality that satisfies all customers. In the starting period, they focus on the production of skateboard accessories, and clothing for skateboard riders only. After that, they use the panda image as their logo for the majority of their products. Panda has quickly become the trademark of ENJOI Company the Investors really like this because the are consumer-friendly and kids love pandas.

Although ENJOI has run over 2 decades, in the first stage, they just focus on the skateboard accessories and clothing. The trust of customers with their skateboards haven’t reached a high level. If you want a cheap and good ENJOI skateboard, it’s best to invest in a product ranging $50-$90 which is inexpensive for a quality product.

ENJOI WHITEY PANDA is an entry-level model which helps you deal with many hard terrains. The combination of the metal material and the solid feature of the truck makes sure you can ride sturdily and safely. It is no important you are on or off the ground. Thus, you can freely and confidently perform several tricks.

The design is unique with the red, black, or white wheels and simple with the panda image on the back. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for young riders.

Thanks to the dimensions of 7.75 x 31.5″, this skateboard has become one of the most versatile ones on the market. It fits both children, and adults even beginners.

Another feature proving its solid construction is the Canadian maple material. What’s more, it’s fine when practicing on because all parts stuck together perfectly through the specialized resin glue.

Compared to other skateboards, the core of this skateboard is more lightweight very much. However, its look is still a heavy-duty aluminum. The initial design is lighter so riders can easily to pivot.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice and sturdy trucks


  • Un-assembled (complete skateboards for beginners), not suiting those who like pre-assembled completes

No products found.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2
George Powell and Stacy Peralta founded Powell Peralta – an American skateboard company in 1978. In 1991, they produced skateboard equipment such as RollerBones, Bones Bearings, and Powell.

Powell Peralta is a long-standing company, so there are many customers trust the quality of their products. That is a part of the reason why the prices of most Powell Peralta are over $70 due to the awesome quality it provides. Compared with other products of this brand, Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 has a low price with good features. They are enough to give you the wonderful experiences.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 is famous for durable and firm features. The design of the concave skateboard deck is ideal to perform several tricks. Its smooth ride skateboard wheels allow you to reach the highest speed.

This design is special that boasts a menacing-looking dragon, peering out of black flames. Thus, it suits young boys or tomboy girls. Due to the sizing of 31 x 7.5 x 6 inches, both adults and over-8-year kids can deal with well. Moreover, the metal struts allow heavy duty riding.


  • Holds up very well
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has warranty
  • High-quality wood
  • Well-built deck
  • A perfect combo of the main model, mongoose knee, elbow pads, and a colorful unicorn helmet


  • Seems to be too fast for children

Longboards Cheap


The best cheap skateboard seems to be perfect for beginners because it can meet all the basic needs. Even some pro riders have proven that. Also, this kind makes sure to provide you with enough safety on the road. Even they have some outstanding features you can find out in a few expensive products.

Is my post informative? Have you selected a suitable model on my top list? Please let me know by a comment in the section below. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones who are in need of this post.

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