Best Electric Longboards to Buy for 2021

As skating is earning much popularity among youngsters and adults, upgraded models of longboards are hitting the market every other day. These days, electric longboards are much in talk. This technology has been around for many years but due to advanced improvements, it’s the right time to invest in one. This quick review on best electric longboards will help you choose the right product from thousands available in the market. Here you will be informed about the impressively designed models so you may choose the best, long lasting longboard.For safe and comfortable ride, we will also tell you about the best riding speed and preferably right size of electric longboards.

Top 10 Electric Longboard to Buy

5 Best Electric Longboard Review

1. Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for the best electric longboard, consider this flawless 2nd Generation Dual+ board from Boosted brand. With its 2000 watt of power, you can reach the top speed of 22mph and get to your destination faster. It allows 25% grade hill climbing without breaking a sweat. This board is quite safer as well because it comes with an ergonomic, Bluetooth-enabled remote that can be used to control the speed and brakes effortlessly. With a standard battery, it offers 7 mile range whereas extended battery enhances the performance and offers 12 mile range. This powerful electric longboard has been reviewed by 37 users from which 81% rate 5 stars.

2. Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Once again, Boosted brand has showed everyone that they are best at manufacturing flawless electric skateboards. Featuring advanced technologies, this skateboard comes with 3 onboard microprocessors, automotive grade lithium batteries and a multitude of sensors. It’s truly an incredibly powerful electric vehicle that has a flexible bamboo deck and compliant wheels perfect for carving. The electric longboard motor installed in this equipment allows riders to unleash the top speed of 22mph. It is a very light skateboard weighing only 13.5 pound with an average range of 7 miles that’s perfect for short trips. It has been reviewed by 201 customers with majority of 88% rating 5 stars. Overall, it’s fun, fast and magical!

3. Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard – Durable

Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard - Durable

Here comes the one of its kind, durable, high-quality and defect-less M1 Premium electric longboard from the Inboard brand. It has the top speed of 22 mph and offers 15% hill grade riding. Its standard battery comes with 7 mile range but you can always use an extra battery as it allows quick and easy battery swap. This board is also safe to ride because of its regenerative brakes that enable control and allow users to slow down when required. It makes riding more fun, easy and safe with its four riding modes that can be managed through remote. 68% users rating 5 stars prove that this electric longboard is totally worth buying!

4. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

This Skatebolt Electric skateboard is outstanding in its performance, design and impressive features. It offers the top speed of 24.8 mph with maximum climb angle of 25 to 30°. It has a 36V lithium battery with the capacity of 6600 mAh that takes 2-4 hours to charge and offers 15.5 miles range. The overall performance of this electric board can be affected by user’s weight, road condition and battery level. It comes with a wireless remote control and power is generated by dual motor with 500W each. The regenerative brakes and effecting remote controlling make this equipment the best electric skateboard. It has totally 19 customers on Amazon so far with 63% rating 5 stars.

5. ACTON BLINK Lite | World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

ACTON BLINK Lite | World's Lightest Electric Skateboard

With this world’s lightest electric skateboard, kids’ and teens’ wait is over! It is perfect for children up to 130 LBS as it much different from high performance boards. It’s a playful skateboard that can be used by kids to get around the town and school in a fun way. It offers an average range of up to 5 miles on a single battery charge. The most admirable feature of this electric skateboard is in-built Led light that allows an enhanced vision at night, improving the safety. This best motorized skateboard weighs only 7.7 pounds hence pretty light and easily portable even for the youngsters. It has received 39 customer reviews on Amazon with 63% rating 5 stars.

Amazing Things When You Own an Electric Longboard

Many people ask why an electric longboard and not a standard one? The simple, one word answer to this question is ‘Fun’! The excitement offered by an electric longboard cannot be experienced by driving an enticing jaguar or thrilling mountain bike. An electric longboard comes with a lot of benefits one can enjoy every day effortlessly.
The biggest advantage of having an electric longboard is that you don’t need to invest your energy in pushing the board. It moves smoothly with the help of a charged motor. It’s relatively quiet and can be charged wherever you charge your cell phone and laptop. With an electric longboard, you can even skate uphill without pushing that seems quite interesting for people who just hate investing effort.

Amazing Things When You Own an Electric Longboard

Electric longboards are quite durable and offer rapid acceleration in addition to multiple riding modes. These features increase the fun and enable people to enjoy extreme riding. Efficient brakes make electric longboards safer as you can slow down the speed considering the hurdles in your path. You can control the electric longboards by using remote to speed up or speed down the ride.

Skating is quite fun in itself but once you are not bound to push the board, you can give in completely to enjoy a wonderful ride with free mind. The touch of the wind feels amazing and all you need to think about is to carve your way without hitting anybody through the pedestrians. Although electric longboards are not a replacement for cars, they can be used to cover regular, short distances. In fact, students can also use this technology on the campus to get around the large college area effortlessly.

Buying guide for an electric longboard

Electric longboards are simply fun to ride and great to get around your college campus and neighborhood. Whenever you are on the deck of an electric longboard, it enhances your trip and offers an adventurous ride. But it all depends on choosing a right longboard that is a tricky process. Well, worry not; you’re lucky enough to have us here with this quick guide. Here are some prominent specs of an electric longboard you must consider while purchasing one.

First thing you need to know is that electric boards come in two major types; longboards and skateboards. Both types almost work same but the main difference is that longboards are longer and wider hence can be flawlessly geared for cruising. On the other hand, skateboards are comparatively shorter and narrower hence preferable for tricks.

When choosing an electric longboard, power needs to be seriously considered because it plays a significant role in enhancing or reducing the board’s performance. Higher watt power is preferably good as it offers a smooth ride even in the sloppy areas where a little more push is required than flat surfaces. The power varies greatly but usually ranges between 300 to 2000 watts.

Speed is another feature to consider as it greatly affects the performance of an electric longboard. There are boards that come with variable speeds to give you more control. You can use wireless remote to slow down or speed up the ride. The top speed varies and depends on the weight of the rider and road condition.

The battery range is also a significant aspect of an electric longboard. The range explains how far your longboard can travel on a single charged battery. At best, you will get eight miles range offered by top-notch longboards with high power. If you cover only short distances and are able to charge your board frequently, a lesser range will also work for you.


How Old Should I be to Use an Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are much easy to operate and weigh pretty low and decent. Yet, they are longboards and longboards are not suitable for kids at all. As they are powered boards and controlled by wireless remote, it can get pretty tricky for kids to control brakes and speed. Under the adult supervision, a child can have some fun but at a limited speed and less crowded place. Children under the 14 years of age are strictly prohibited from using electric longboards. Teens and adults are currently the main users of this technology.

How Long Will My Electric Board Last?

Generally speaking, electric longboards tend to last longer but there is always a chance of lower performance and technical problem occurrence. If any part stops working, it can be repaired or replaced and your board will be good as new. In most cases, the motor wears out due to excessive use. You can always get brushless motor installed because it survives longer than any other motor. You will also need to change the wheels, most probably after a year or two. Honestly, the life of an electric board depends on its maintenance and usage. The more carefully you will use it, the longer it will ride.

Can I do Tricks on an Electric Skateboard?

The simple and straight answer to this question is no, you cannot and even if you can, you should not! Electric longboards are specially designed for push-free riding. Doing tricks may not affect the board at once but will lower its performance in the long run by damaging its motor and battery. Although they are sturdy and withstand road bumps impressively, they are not compatible for tricks and drills. Tricks involve abrupt spinning and rolling that increase the possibility of damaging machine and ruining its performance.


It’s time that you put your standard longboards on hold and try the new technology of electric skateboards. These are easy and comfortable to ride, no matter you’re a beginner or a pro. If you want more fun and thrill in your rides, electric skateboards are best to have. But you will need to consider a few important things such as motor capacity, battery power and speed to choose the best one. Also, never allow little kids to ride electric skateboards as it can be dangerous. For long lasting use, maintain the board and avoid doing tricks on it.

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