The Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

Are you seeking the best electric scooter for heavy adults?

Well, if yes, do not waste your time searching everywhere. Just keep reading our article today. We are going to share a list of top-rated options, along with other useful information.

But first, have you ever wondered if electric scooters have a weight limit?

Let’s find out the answer together!

Is There a Weight Limit on Electric Scooters?

weight limit on electric scootersA big YES. It depends on the model of electric scooters. Typically, their maximum capacity of carrying ranges from 220lbs (roughly 100kg) to 550lbs (approximately 250kg).

As you may know, the weight limit is a crucial feature that you should keep in mind when seeking a product for adults of larger sizes. This is because electronic scooters cannot be ridden with the weight higher than the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Our advice is that if your weight is about 200 pounds, the recommended weight limit of e-scooters should fall in between 220 and 230 pounds.

Anyway, irrespective of your weight, try to buy an e-scooter that holds more than you. The more weight it can hold, the higher its performance is.

We have just shared about the weight limit of e-scooters. Now, it’s time to jump into our list of the best electric scooter for heavy adults today.

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

OUTSTORM 56MPH Ultra High-Speed

OUTSTORM Electric ScootersThe OUTSTORM 56MPH is an excellent choice for heavy adults with a weight limit of up to 385lbs. That means those who are over 300 pounds can use this product.

The most notable feature of this e-scooter is its speed, which can reach 56mph. This is thanks to its dual motors of 1,600W and a beefy battery.

You are pretty sure that some of you will wonder how the battery and motor impact on the speed of a scooter. Here explains.

You know, e-scooters are like other battery-used vehicles. Therefore, the Volts directly influences the acceleration and speed, and the Watts impacts on the maximum output of e-scooter.

In short, the bigger the figure, the higher the performance.

And aside from its fast speed, it is also great for the ability to climb hills up to 30 degrees. What makes it can do it is its rugged tires and the motors.

Besides, the product also comes with some additional accessories. They are one detachable seat and two big eye lights. While the seat provides you with the most comfort when sitting for a long time, the lights help you get a more unobstructed view at night.

With many great features mentioned above, you can guess the price of this e-scooter is not low.

Also, it weighs up to 101 lbs, which is too heavy to lift and carry around.


  • Weight limit of 385lbs
  • Fast speed with big battery
  • Ideal for riding on hills
  • Additional accessories


  • Expensive
  • Too heavy to lift and carry around

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Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric ScooterMeet another great choice in our list, Glion Dolly Electric Scooter. This product can hold riders 250lbs. Though the weight limit is not too high, it is good enough for those of over 100kg.

Throughout our use, we find it deserves to be one of the best electric scooters for heavy adults. Here is the reason. The e-scooter comes with a lightweight foldable design, so it is great for carrying around. Its weight is only about 28 pounds. What a portable scooter!

Plus, it features a 36V battery that can provide power for up to fifteen miles riding. We know it isn’t a long distance, but you can see it is still good enough for a short commute, right?

Still, it also comes with an electric brake on the back. Thanks to this feature, you can slow the e-scooter down without many skidding-out risks.

Furthermore, like the first choice, it has a bright headlight. Therefore, you will not need to worry when riding at night.

This choice sounds excellent. But it still has some cons that undermine its performance.

For instance, it has cheap plastic handlebars, somehow creating uncomfortable controls for users.

Moreover, the product is not an ideal choice for riding in the hills. It slows down quite a lot on inclines. That’s probably because of its 250W motor.


  • Lightweight foldable design
  • Rear electronic brake
  • Feature a bright headlight


  • Low-quality plastic handlebars
  • Not great for climbing hills

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QIEWA Q-Power Double Motors Style

QIEWA Q-Power Double Motors StyleAnd now we have a quite expensive electric scooter which is also suitable for holding up heavy adults, QIEWA Q-Power Double Motors Style Electric Scooter. Its performance is impressive, with a maximum riding speed of up to 55mph or roughly 88 kmph. Compared to other models on the list, this is extremely fast. Its speed is thanks to a dual 1,600W motor inside the machine.

On the same note, the scooter comes with a beefy battery as well; it can go up 56 miles (approximately 90km) on only one charge.

Adding to its pros is a power-saving feature that makes the battery last longer.

When it comes to durability, the scooter is created for off-roading, and it comes with cool tires as well. That’s why it is obviously durable.

And the most remarkable thing is that it can hold up more than 600 pounds, which is a considerable number. Compared to other models, it is definitely the choice for those of a quite large size. Yes, it has an extremely high weight limit.

As mentioned above, this product is quite pricey, which can cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore, please consider your budget carefully before making a decision.


  • Outstanding durability
  • Superior weight capacity
  • Robust tires


  • Too expensive

Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter

Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick ScooterIf you seek an e-scooter for heavy adults that features both function and style, the Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter is the one for you. Its maximum capacity is 264lbs, which is, like the previous product, enough for those more than 100kg.

The product comes with a 450W brushless motor, paired with a battery that can keep you riding up to 17mph for 12 miles in one charge.

Besides, it comes with mechanical brakes with a system of disc braking, making you stop on short notice.

Lastly, the scooter also has a blue-white LED light that aims to increase visibility at night.

However, this Hover-1 Alpha scooter has parts that are difficult to replace. Moreover, its battery can run off quite fast.

Generally, at such an affordable price, if you don’t mind the product’s issue, you can go for this choice.


  • 450W motor for more power
  • Reasonable price
  • Bright LED light for clearly seeing at night


  • Difficult to replace parts
  • The battery can drain quickly

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Hover-1 Journey Electric Folding Scooter

Hover-1 Journey Electric Folding ScooterWith a weight capacity of 264lbs, the Hover-1 Journey Electric Folding Scooter is another choice for heavy adults. That said, the product is designed to be very durable. And yes, it comes with a steel frame, coupled with rugged tires.

In terms of speed, the e-scooter can reach 14mph or roughly 22kmph. Well, it is not the fastest one, but it is still enough to travel around a small town or city. What is also great is that the product can be fully charged within about five hours, which isn’t too long at all.

And we also do like this e-scooter as it is so extremely lightweight that you can carry it around with only one hand.

Another good part of this product is its cost. It is much more affordable than other products.

The only problem we find is that it is a bit slower than other models.


  • Super lightweight foldable design
  • Much affordable
  • Relatively high durability
  • A bit short charging time


  • A bit slow compared to other products

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Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Before you intend to buy an electric scooter for heavy adult, we recommend you to know the following factors that you should keep in mind.


ConstructionWell, for heavy adults, they need an e-scooter that supports them. Accordingly, they should choose a product with a steel frame or stainless steel frame that is much better. When it comes to the seat, it is entirely up to you. Also, the durability of the product is a thing that you do need to consider.


SuspensionAnother thing you should think about is whether the scooter feature suspension or not. Why is it important?

Well, it will make you feel more comfortable when riding. Otherwise, it can cause a little bit of irritation for you.

Normally, higher-end products will come with the suspension in the rear and front, even under the seat (if any).

Motor & Power

Motor PowerWe know that you usually want an e-scooter that comes with a powerful motor. The Outstorm and the Qiewa scooters in our list today come with a dual 1,600W engine, which is quite powerful. If you stick to this creation, you can consider these two options.

You might not know this, but the more powerful the motor, the more weight it can hold up, and the faster it can go.

Battery Backup

Battery backupYou will find it convenient when the e-scooters have battery backups, including an additional battery, or a power bank, or anything that you can keep handy.

Remember, most electronic scooters cannot go far on only one charge.

Weight Limit

Weight limitWe want to remind you as today’s article is about electronic scooters for heavy adults. Undoubtedly, the most crucial thing for you to consider is the weight capacity of the e-scooter.

As mentioned in the first part, you should buy a scooter that can hold up more than you. This will ensure the scooter can ride well.


Is electric scooter allowed on sidewalks?

Well, we must say in many places, it is not allowed. So try to hold it by hand if you are walking on the sidewalk.

Can electronic scooters climb hills?

It depends on the motor of the scooter. The first and third options on our list can surely ride on hills.

What are the benefits of electronic scooters?

Well, they are quite a cost-saving mode of transport. Also, you will not need to have a license for driving or worry about petrol.

How to keep an electric scooter for a long time?

You should drain the battery and charge it fully then. Remember not to power them halfway. Plus, you should lube the chain, gearbox, and moving parts regularly.

How far can an electric scooter go?

We can only answer in averages. Regularly, most electronic scooters can get you between 12 and 15 miles with a single charge.

How does an electronic scooter charge?

It is quite simple. All you need to do is plug the charger into a power source. Then you find the charging port of the scooter and plus a male end into a female port. Any charger comes with a light indicator, so you can look at it to know if your battery is fully charged.

Final Thoughts

Now you know our best electronic scooter for heavy adults.

So what do you think about them?

Well, no matter which one you choose, our advice is that you need to consider factors such as weight limit, battery backup, suspension, motor, and power carefully. Otherwise, you can feel regret after buying an e-scooter that cannot fully meet your demand.

And we recommend you to buy one of the first three options above. The reason is that they perform much better in terms of power, motor, and durability, despite its quite high price.

Otherwise, if you still seek a budget product, you can go for the other two products.

Anyway, thank you for reading!

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