Best Commuting Electric Scooter For Daily Travelers

In the world of increasing carbon footprint, more and more people turn to use environmentally friendly vehicles which are powered by electricity. One of them is electric scooters.

Riding an electric scooter has become more than just a hobby or an activity to do for fun.

Even daily commuters are choosing this mode of transport.

What’s about you?

What makes you reluctant to use electric scooters?

If it is because you don’t know which is the best commuting electric scooter for daily travelers, keep scrolling down for the answer

Top 5 Best Commuting Electric Scooter For Daily Travelers

The Competitive Edges Of Electric Scooters That You Probably Overlook

Best Commuting Electric Scooter For Daily TravelersNeedless to say, the most obvious advantage of e-scooters is that they do not cause pollution. Fuelled by electricity in batteries, electric scooters release no fume, no smoke. If you are aiming toward living clean, this is definitely the choice.

In addition to eco-friendliness, daily commuters should opt for an electric motorcycle because of its portability. Scooters are smaller than other motor counterparts so they are easier to get through the crowded traffic during rush hours.

Do you know that there are even foldable e-scooters?

With this model, you will be able to effortlessly find a parking lot or you can also bring it to your home or your office.

Furthermore, there is no requirement for a driving license if you are riding a scooter. Therefore, not only you can use it, your children can use the scooter too.

Though they look light, small and vulnerable, electric scooters are actually safe and durable.

The handlebars, brakes and the deck are often made of premium materials, which are built to stand an average sized person and to last longer than several years.

The pneumatic technology is applied for scooters’ tires to diminish the possibilities of flat tires.

If all these above advantages are not enough to persuade you to purchase an electric scooter, let me introduce the top 15 e-scooters for daily travelers.

Best 15 E-Scooters For Daily Commuters

Glion Dolly Foldable Scooter

Glion Dolly Foldable ScooterMy very first recommendation is from Glion Dolly. This is a fantastic scooter for all ages, especially young adults.

Besides its foldability to optimize space, this Glion Dolly is extremely powerful with one of the strongest battery pack you can find in the market nowadays.

This makes sure that you are able to ride to a scooter for more than 3 hours nonstop.

If you need to travel to work or to school every day, this model is perfect for you.

Moreover, the charging time is very quick so it’s will be very fast (approximately 3 hours) till you get your scooter with a full battery.

This is also a speedy scooter. It can reach 15 mph, which is pretty high for an electric motorcycle.

What’s more?

It is only 26 pounds in weight. But still sturdy. The wheels and the frame are military grade, that’s why an adult can stand on the Glion Dolly with no worries.

The brakes in the motor of Glion Dolly gives you extra safety thanks to the anti-lock type, which requires little to no maintenance.

In my opinion, up till now, no model could beat Glion Dolly in terms of foldable electric scooters.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric ScooterIf you have done any search on e-scooters, you must have come across the brand name Razor. And you are going to meet this name several times in my recommendation list for electric motorcycle simply because they offer some of the best models.

E300 may not be the best thing Razor has made but it is such a great option for kids or anyone new to electric scooters.

A big bonus of E300 is its affordability. You can reach the same maximum speed of a Glion Dolly at lesser expenses.

However, you can’t expect the battery of Razor E300 to last as long as Glion Dolly.

While the latter is suitable for daily travel to work, the former is ideal for kids to go to school.

I don’t think your children have to spend more than 40 minutes, which is the maximum running time of E300, to get to class. Therefore, this version of Razor scooters is cost-effective for teenagers’ use.

Another thing I like about Razor E300 is the retractable kickstand which makes it safer to get on and get off the scooter.

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter

EcoReco M5 E-ScooterQuite a new name on the scooter market is EcoReco. However, I find that the model M5 from this manufacturer is worth to mention in my top 15 list.

It has a minimal, yet sleek design. No matter you are an office worker or a student, you will look super duper cool on this EcoReco M5.

You can also fold up this e-scooter to easily carry around and save up space. No need to think much about traffic congestion or parking lot because EcoReco M5 is very mobile.

Durability is another strength I need to mention. At its price range, no model can last as 2000 charge circles as the M5 does. It can also run as far as 20 miles once fully charged.

The braking system is amazing. Rugged and harsh terrains are no problem with EcoReco M5. In other words, it isn’t going to slip over or break down easily.

EcoReco M5 offers such great value for money and efficiency.

GEO TRAX Glider Electric Scooter

GEO TRAX Glider Electric ScooterIn case you live in the city and you often travel on short, smooth and even roads, I highly recommend you try GEO TRAX Glider Electric Scooter.

Although it can only travel for about 9 miles on a full single charge, the speed it can reach is unbelievable. The incredible maximum pace is made with the powerful 250-watt motor, which gives you the best experience you can have on a scooter.

The design of GEO TRAX is pretty simple. This means that both adults and children can use it on their way to work or to school.

It is also a foldable version which is absolutely lightweight. As a result, you will find no hardship to bring the GEO TRAX scooter with. Nor will you find it take up too much of your space.

GEO TRAX electric scooter is equipped with a display screen with an LED rear light, providing extra safety for traveling at night.

If you don’t have to travel too far, give GEO TRAX a try. It will not let you down.

Megawheels S1 Electric Scooter

Megawheels S1 Electric ScooterMegawheels Electric Kick Scooter is a reliable hop and ride design that you should never overlook.

Megawheels has been in the business of personal transport since 2014 and Megawheels S1 electric scooter is the most prestigious model.

It is a durable and dependable electric kick scooter.

The frame of Megawheels S1 can bear up to 150 pounds. Though this is not a big number, the scooter can serve the use of children or young adults very well.

Made from high-quality materials, this folding model can be released and folded up easily. It is also lightweight and will not cost you too much.

You can adjust the handlebar to fit your size or your kid’s size.

I bought a Megawheels S1 for my daughter on her 8 year birthday. Now she is 13 and still using it.

I feel assured when my kid rides this scooter because the maximum velocity is not too high, the deck is also anti-slip while the tires are solid rubber.

However, due to the lack of a headlight, I rarely allow riding Megawheels S1 at night.


GOTRAX GXLFast run, quick mount, short charge.

They are the basic features of GOTRAX GXL.

It only takes 4 hours to get the full battery for GOTRAX GXL. Quite amazing, isn’t it? Though it will not last longer than 12 miles, you are expected to ride at the highest speed of 15 mph. Still fantastic.

The structure of this scooter seems quite simple but it is actually calculated to reduce the wind resistance on your way down a slope.

There is a small display on the easy to adjust handlebars, just enough room to show basic information such as your battery life, speed, gear, and LED headlight controls.

Riding on a GOTRAX GXL, you feel like you can control everything of your scooter at your fingertips.

Furthermore, the battery of GOTRAX GXL is lithium ion, which is known for greater durability. Waterproof ability adds a bit more to this scooter’s endurance. With GOTRAX GXL, rain and fog will not be your concern anymore.

Mi Electric Scooter from Xiaomi

Mi Electric Scooter from XiaomiIf you just know about Xiaomi’s smartphones, I’m pleased to introduce you Mi Electric Scooter, which was given IF Design Award in 2017.

The aerospace-grade anti-rust aluminum frame weighs only 26 pounds while still gives premium strength and endurance.

The Mi Scooter can carry a person of about 220 pounds. An incredible figure for a normal e-scooter.

Powered by a 250-watt motor positioned the rear wheel and lithium battery located under the deck, you can smoothly accelerate this Mi up to its greatest speed of 15.5 mph.

There is an indicator light down the top of your handlebar to show you the battery level. Another press butter for easy and fast switch-on and switch-off.

The battery of Mi scooters is extended greatly via regenerative braking. The mechanism is that energy while you accelerating will be converted to electrical power.

You can even connect your scooter with your smartphone through Bluetooth to check the lifespan of the battery or mileage history,


NANROBOT D4Widen your budget a bit more, I have NANROBOT D4 for you.

Unlike other mid and low range models which are facilitated with lead-based batteries, the battery of NANROBOT D4 is made from premium lithium.

Lithium batteries are regarded as the technology of the future, which enables a full charge within only 3 to 8 hours while ordinary models take up to a day.

Additionally, there are 6 shock absorbers with 2 pneumatic tires, hence, NANROBOT D4 can deal very with uneven or rough terrains. The anti-slip function is a big plus point of this scooter.

The highest speed a NANROBOT D4 can hit is higher than 40 mph, which is quite impressive for an electric scooter.

Moreover, no matter how fast you are riding, it can highly ensure your security thanks to the stable brake system. It is a disc braking system from sturdy carbon steel, allowing a stable stop in case of emergency.

Of course, to get the benefit of extra speed, high-quality battery and safety, you will have to sacrifice your budget.

But for a long term investment, this is definitely worth.

Super Turbo 1000-Elite Electric Scooter

Super Turbo 1000-Elite Electric ScooterApart from Razor, Super Turbo is another popular brand name for best electric scooters. The Super Turbo 1000 Elite is one of them.

Elegant and durable are the best 2 words to describe Super Turbo Elite.

The structure of Super Turbo Elite is super convenient with an extra seat. Long distance travel with this deliverable will no longer be difficult because of this feature.

I bet you are going to love this removable and adjustable seat.

When you feel a bit tired on your legs, simply have it installed. When you want to stand, it is also easy to be removed.

With 1000 watt battery, Super Turbo Elite is one of the fastest scooters available on the market. Under an ideal condition, this scooter is able to speed up to 26 mph.

There is an additional button to turn on energy saving mode, in which the maximum pace will be lowered but the battery lasts longer.

Super Turbo Elite is very durable. Because of the chain driven engine and the high-quality steel frame, the scooter can bear up to 250 pounds on an even road. However heavy you are, Super Turbo Elite can be with you.

UBERSCOOT 1600 Electric Scooter

UBERSCOOT 1600 Electric ScooterAnother scooter with a seat I want you to consider is UBERSCOOT 1600. If Super Turbo 1000 Elite has a delicate look, UBERSCOOT appears to be more modern and sporty.

There are still 2 modes to suit any ride of you: energy saving mode and speedy mode.

What I like best about UBERSCOOT 1600 is that it does not take much time to fold up or release.

Just about 5 minutes and you are ready to carry the scooter to the bus or the cab. Another 5 minutes after getting off, here you have a complete released scooter.

This is a great companion wherever you go.

However, it will not be as lightweight as scooters without seat. The extra weight can be counted for the seat and the paddles. So it is comprehensible.

After a full charge, UBERSCOOT can go for 12 miles nonstop, which is quite impressive for a scooter with a strong 1600 watt battery.

With pneumatic tires which greatly deliver shock and traction, comfy and well-padded and saddle, this is an ideal scooter to run on both even and uneven terrains.

URB-E Folding Electric Scooter

URB-E Folding Electric ScooterIf you are looking for something different, something that catches the eyes of everyone around, URB-E is certainly that one.

I have to say the design of URB-E is such a masterpiece.

It is made by millennials and surely made for millennials, by which I mean the generation of advanced technology.

No wonder this design has got quite a lot of awards for creativity.

You must know that scooters of this type or scooters with a seat are often heavier. But URB-E is an exception.

This is only 30 pounds, roughly the same as no seat scooters.

This super lightweight allows you to bring URB-E with you no matter where you go.

Not only the weight, but the speed of it will also make you impressed.

Although the motor is only 350 watts, the highest speed can be 18 mph, superior to my top choice, Glion Dolly.

One full charge can provide a 20-mile trip. So, URB-E is wonderful for any daily commuters who are aware of the polluted environment.

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E300S Seated Electric ScooterHere you meet an upgrade version of the Razor E300 I have mentioned above.

No more beating around the bush, I will go straight into the merits of Razor E300S.

Not having an edgy, sharp appearance, the design of Razor E300S is a new sense of stylish. Some may say it is more suitable for ladies but in my point of view, there is no boundary for fashion.

Not only having a complete structure, but Razor E300S also offer steady performance. 16 mph is the highest velocity it can reach.

But the greatest thing is the peacefulness with barely any sound when you reach such high speed. The gentle, smooth ride with Razor E300S will bring the best out of your travel.

The grip on the handle makes it pretty effortless to grab the rear brake. For such a decent model as Razor E300S, a brake on the front wheel is safe enough.

OjO E-Scooter

OjO E-ScooterOjO is quite a new name on the market for electric scooters. However, after its establishment in 2016, the company has quickly grown and the OjO electric scooter is warmly welcomed.

OjO scooters are best known for the fresh, modern and colorful appearance which really sets you apart.

Normally, scooters are made black for some reasons I don’t know but OjO has made their e-scooters orange.

A risky but courageous step to outstand in the almost saturated market.

Reality has proved that this strategy is effective. The unusual color of OjO is eye-catching, especially with teenagers.

More than that, this scooter has a wide standing panel together with an adjustable saddle to give your legs a rest during long journeys.

Another unique feature of OjO is the replaceable battery. It is not only chargeable on board but you can also change the old battery with a new one when it comes to the end of the run-time.

This means that you can use OjO scooter for so much longer. It is, then, understandable that an OjO costs 4 times as much as ordinary scooters.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric ScooterIf Razor E300S is just a Razor E300 with an additional seat., this Razor EcoSmart is a big difference from other models.

The scooter frame is neat and clean. It is built from a single bar with a bicycle saddle, a basket to extra storage behind and a standing deck made from bamboo.

The wheels are a bit bigger to make up for the lack of suspension. Riding on the rugged road will be bumpy but not too much.

The left handlebar controls the speed while the right is for braking. It may take you some time to get used to with this system.

The maximum velocity is incredibly 18 mph for a 40-minute battery on continuous usage. Obviously, Razor EcoSmart is better at short to mid range travel.

A resilient chain driven motor is applied for this Razor model to make ways for smooth and silent rides.

With the price of a normal scooter without a seat, Razor EcoSmart is the most cost-effective choice for best scooters.

GIGABYKE GROOVE Electric Moped Scooter

GIGABYKE GROOVE Electric Moped ScooterGIGABYKE, a young start-up in California, is hopefully providing the third generation of electric scooters with this GIGABYKE GROOVE.

Outside, this scooter gives me a nostalgic feeling of the ancient Italian Vespa or Lambretta. It has 2 mirrors with a broad vision, a front-rear lamp protected in a metal cage. The body is pretty slim.

The GROOVE is geared with 2 pedals. Therefore, even if you are running out of battery, you can still get home faster than walking an electric scooter.

If this happens, be prepared to exercise a little bit because the 120 pounds is no kidding, especially when you have to go up a slope.

With a pair of pedals, GIGABYKE GROOVE is a fusion of a scooter and a bike. It has a shock absorption system in both front and back wheels, together with responsive and sharp brakes, this model can run smoothly in any kind of terrains.

The top speed is 20 mph but if you ride on pavements, 15 mph is the limit according to the national laws. Still, no license needed.

To sum up

In comparison to motorbikes or cars or other public transports, electric scooters have more advantages, not only for you but also for the environment.

Hence, I hope that depending on your actual need, you can choose for yourself one suitable scooter from my list.

As for me, I stick to the Glion Dolly for its cost-efficiency within mid-range daily trips.

An electric scooter for your kids to go to school is also a very good idea to save your time and promote your child’s independence.

My daughter’s choice is MEGAWHEELS S1 if you wonder.

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