Best Foam Skimboard- Which One Was Born For You?

Foam skimboard can give a breath of fresh air to your summertime. What does an ideal summer mean to you? A full-of-laughter summer vacation, energetic outdoor activities, a whale of a time in the golden sunshine with friends and tons of fantastic gossip? Hmm, you can list a lot, we bet it!

But wait a second. Are you missing something? Yes, you can not enjoy your summer to the fullest without conquering the waves of the blue sea with the cool skim. And you know what? Foam skimboard can help you perfectly show off your skimming skills.

The following Top 5 best foam skimboards can blow you away with their fantastic features. Are you ready to dispel the heat? Keep reading and find the best skimboard for you!

Best Foam Skimboard – Which One Is For You?

Fedmax Foam Skimboard – Best For Beginners

Fedmax Foam SkimboardIf you still feel you’re a fish out of water when it comes to skimming and it’s hard for you to confidently conquer the blue sea, Fedmax Foam Skimboard can do you good. This skimboard was born to help beginners face the music.

Fedmax Foam Skimboard is designed with a slight curve at the nose and this allows it to glide slightly and effortlessly on the sea surface, even you are not experienced in gliding.

Wanna glide in the deep water but afraid of diving? Then Fedmax Skimboard would be your perfect choice. With slight-curved design mentioned above, the scenario of diving when conquering the deep water area will happen once in the blue moon.

You can try this one-of-a-kind skimboard for 90 days to find out whether it suits you or not. This policy is really a plus point for non-experienced skimmers as they may find it hard to choose which one is best for them at the first glimpse.

In the event that you are not much into the chip-equipped board then Fedmax foam skimboard may not be what you are looking for. This product has a small chip at the bottom and may make you feel disappointed if you don’t have a careful first check at the selling point.


  • High quality foam- IXPE
  • Easy to maneuver
  • No wax needed
  • Also be perfect for adult


  • Fragile shipping packaging
  • No tricks and tips guide available


We strongly recommend this out-of-the-world Fedmax foam skimboard for beginners as maneuvering it is just like a piece of cake. You can easily be in control of your glide even though you are just a newbie in this water sport.

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41-Inch Kipper Skimboard – Best For Growing Kids

Kipper SkimboardWant to make the kids jump over the moon? Just give them a Kipper Skimboard- a product of South Bay Board Co.. Believe it or not, no gift for their upcoming summer is as fantastic as 41-Inch Kipper Skimboard!

What makes this skimboard so captivating in the eyes of the children? The answer lies in its nose rocker. This nose rocker is added with a view to assisting non-experienced skimmers like children in keeping balance and deterring from diving as the nose is kept out of water, thus giving you a smooth move.

Another factor that makes children fall head over heels for this 41-Inch Kipper Skimboard is the color diversity. You will be spoiled for choice regarding color options as this skimboard has up to 4 basic colors which are all fresh and eye-catching. And, of course, colors feast the eyes of the children, right?

A downside of this skimboard is their speed as you may feel like it can not help you glide as fast as other boards. But this can also be a great perk as your kids can easily handle it when they first take part in the game.


  • It possesses a great grip on the surface
  • Wonderful design
  • 1 year warranty policy


  • The grip can peel off after a short time using


Incredible and affordable- these are the adjectives that we can use to describe this wonder skimboard. 41-Inch Kipper Skimboard is completely worth the amount of money you invest. Don’t hesitate to buy one for your lovely child.

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Slapfish Skimboard – Best For Adults

Slapfish SkimboardYou have the makings of wave riding and want to feast the eyes of other people with your cool skimboarding skill? Slapfish Skimboard can turn you into a real expert. With a unique design, depicting the waves swirling in the middle of the ocean, the Slapfish Skimboard is crafted to deliver the ultimate in durability and speed in your every move.

The core of this skimboard is made from high quality Poly PVC foam which can bring a great experience for your glide. At the same time, you will not need to worry that it will gas out or become waterlogged because this material is very thick and waterproof as well.

One highlight that we have to mention when talking about the Slapfish Skimboard is that a 2-inch nose rocker is added to increase the skimming flexibility and speed up the moves.

This skimboard has a weight limit of up to 200 lbs. If you’re heavier, then it doesn’t seem to be a friendly friend. Check your weight carefully before a purchase or you will end up in hot water


  • Well-cut foot pads
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for experienced skimmers
  • Carbon and fiberglass manufacture for fantastic speed.


  • Not suitable for newbies or less experienced people


A marvelous skimboard! We do recommend it for you if you are experienced enough in your skimming skill. A spectacular performance is never a hard task when you have Slapfish Skimboard by your side.

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Wavestorm 48 inch Skimboard – Best For Casual Wave Skimming

Wavestorm 48 SkimboardWhat makes this skimboard stand out? Well, it’s the material. This 48-inch skimboard is crafted with high quality and lightweight material. The foam-core surface can do wonders for users as it is soft and easy to control.

The EPS Core, together with the HDPE Slick Bottom that this skimboard owns, also makes it more amazing in the eyes of users when speed and flexibility are increased.

If you love aesthetics and have your heart set on owning a good-looking skimboard, we bet that nothing is more suitable for you than this Wavestorm 48’’ skimboard. Its colorful Graphic Film technology Top Deck can satisfy you the very first time you look at it.

However, the life span of this product may not last as long as you expect. Take this fact into consideration for better preservation.


  • Perfect for fun moment at the beach
  • Suitable for inexperienced skimmers
  • High durability


  • Require good balance

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40.5-Inch Wave Zone Diamond – Best For Sand Skimming

Wave Zone Diamond40.5-Inch Wave Zone Diamond does not disappoint those who love beauty. The beautiful textures and excellent structural combinations make this skimboard truly a work of art which is handcrafted by skillful people.

The light foam core that 40.5-Inch Wave Zone Diamond possesses can do wonders for the entire board as it makes the board light and flexible.

Durability is also an added plus of this skimboard. Its foam core is cover with a thin layer of fiberglass and this helps to expand the lifetime of the board. You can use it up to months or years.

Besides, with the Diamond shape to the tail of the board design, this skimboard can completely bring a sense of security when conquering the sea as it can help you be more stable and well balanced.

“Cool!”- That what you may claim when you use this down-to-earth product.


  • Nice structure with 3 layers
  • Carefully handcrafted in the USA
  • High durability


  • Experienced riders may find it boring


This skimboard is ideal for those who first approach to skimboarding, especially kids. Wave Zone Diamond is lightweight to take and carry around so your kids will be into it for sure!

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Tips For Buying A High-Quality Foam Skimboard

A good skimboard can bring you a myriad of wonderful experiences but a wrong one will leave you nothing but a nightmare. How to choose a perfect foam skimboard that best suits you? We believe that the tips below can blow your mind.


BrandBrand is one of the factors that many people prioritize when deciding to buy a skimboard. This is not too hard to understand! Brand is the factor that helps us feel more secure about the quality of our products.

Many reputable brands in the market for skimboard products such as Zap Skimboards, We, Fedmax Skimboard or Wave Zone have captured the hearts of consumers when the products they launched have reached the peak of inner quality as well as outer beauty.

Therefore, when choosing a skimboard, you had better take the brand into account.


SizeAs with clothing or whatever you wear on your body, size is an important factor. When making up your mind which size is better for you, you should also consider the effects that size brings, including speed and maneuverability.

If you pride yourself as an well-trained skimmer, small skimboard can be best for you. Why? We do believe that you want to showcase your skimming skills with fantastic tricks, smaller boards are maneuverable and they will help your tricks be performed to the fullest.

How about beginners? Well, a bigger board can help! It can support your weight and help you keep balance better than the small one.

Shape and Rocker

Shape and RockerThe shape of a suitable skimboard can help you have smooth moves. Rocker facilitates the process of transition from the sand to the water. So, they are worth considering when you buy a skimboard.

Normally, 3-inch rocker is the cup of tea of a large number of skimmers There are many shapes to choose from depending on your preference and purposes. If you want to achieve high speed, choose Shallow rocker. Steep rocker will be perfect for muddy water area.

Pintail and W-tail shape would be your optimal option if you prefer great flexibility when moving.


How do you make a foam skimboard?

A foam skimboard is really intriguing. Let’s get down to making it. First you need to prepare some materials. Don’t worry, these are easy to find- just Resin, foam and fibreglass.

Once you have the material, just find the shape you want and then cut the foam. Remember to make the rails round by using sandpaper. You will then move on to the glassing step.

This step is quite hard and requires your attention. Placing fiberglass on a table before putting resin on fiberglass, as it is a good idea because the resin will not stick to the surface of the table. The final stage is to put more fiberglass on the board and use resin to stick it to the foam. Easy-peasy, right?

How do you make a fiberglass foam board?

To be able to effectively work with the fiberglass, you need to follow the strict process. First, use a sandpaper to smooth the edges of the foam until flat. You also need to make sure that no dust is attached to the foam because these unwanted dust will affect the whole process.

Next comes the second stage: cut the fiberglass mat. A razor knife may come in handy in this case and remember that cut the mat to the shape and size you desire.

Wet the foam with resin and then apply one layer of fiberglass mat to the foam one by one, one hardens then reapply the other. Just like that and you’re done.

What is the best foam skimboard for beginners?

We believe that this question can not bewilder you anymore when you scroll here. The answer is, without a doubt, Fedmax Foam Skimboard! This state-of-the-art skimboard possesses a unique structure with a light curve at the nose, allowing those who are still new to skimboarding to keep balance well.

With the help of Fedmax Skimboard, your skimming experiences will be upgraded to a new level.


We believe that now you can confidently make up you mind which foam skimboard is suitable for you. Top 5 foam skimboards mentioned above do have their own perks and negative sides, but believe us, there is always one born for you.

What are you waiting for? Choose a suitable skimboard, hop on it and conquer the fantastic blue sea right now.

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