Best Hoverboard Brands Leading the 2023 Market

In the swiftly evolving realm of personal mobility, hoverboards have firmly established themselves as an iconic mode of transportation. As we step into the year 2023, the search for the best hoverboard brands takes center stage, defining the direction of this dynamic market. These brands not only promise cutting-edge technology but also guarantee an unparalleled riding experience. Join us on an exhilarating exploration as we uncover the leading contenders steering the hoverboard market in exciting new directions.

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In-depth Review Of Top 15 Hoverboard Brands

Hoverboard Brands

1st Place: GOTRAX

With the slogan “Say Hello To The Future”, GOTRAX is among a few hoverboard brands to be on top market leaders. They invest a lot in product innovation, so hoverboards of GOTRAX satisfy all important criteria for evaluation.

Not only do they have the highest quality hoverboards in the market, but GOTRAX products are also the safest, following UL 2272 electrical safety standards created by top engineers.
Even your kids can use GOTRAX hoverboards without worries.

To confirm the quality promise again, the company even have a 30-day return policy for any reason by the manufacturer, another 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
No wonder GOTRAX is always ranked the first among hoverboard manufacturers.


2nd Place: Swagtron

Second in the list of top 15 brands for hoverboards is Swagtron, the US brand has already well-known for a wide range of both scooters and skateboards.

To catch the trend of electric vehicles, Swagtron began to produce self-balancing scooters from 2016 and soon becomes dominant in the hoverboard market.

Thanks to the optimization in logistics and the overall value chain from manufacturing to selling, the price of Swagtron hoverboards is more reasonable while the crucial features remain. They also offer a special discount for students who are also the target audience.

A Swagtron hoverboard for your children is such a wonderful choice!


3rd Place: Felimoda

Another hoverboard brand you can trust is Felimoda.

Speed is not a strength of Felimoda products but they give you ultimate safety. Felimoda hoverboards not only meet all necessary certification but they are also fire-retardant with an endurant shell.

If you just start driving hoverboards, you will find Felimoda super friendly and easy to control. The products have an automatic balancing system to assist you in your first step on hoverboards.

Felimoda offer some other models for professional scoot drivers. The versions for amateurs are still the best at their price.

Besides one-year warranty, Felimoda hoverboards come with free 24/7 technical support so in case any problems arise, you know you always have a back-up.


4th Place: XPRIT

XPRIT hoverboards seem to always stand out among products of other brands thanks to the sleek design that many people think they will be more suitable for men and boys. However, if you love the sharp diamond cut in the wheels and on the decks, go ahead and buy one.

Your gender does not matter.

Hoverboards of XPRIT makes more fun when you use them at night as they have LED lights with many vibrant colors. Some latest versions have Bluetooth technology and a speaker to bring the music person inside you whenever you have fun with your hoverboard.


5th Place: NHT

The most outstanding feature of NHT hoverboards is their color. They offer all kinds of vivid and lively shades. The color board has annual updates to catch the latest trends and meet the needs of young people.

The performance of NHT products is above the average. The highest velocity is 7.5 mph with a pair of 350W motors.

With a speaker onboard and the built-in Bluetooth, you can connect your phone or other smart devices with your NHT hoverboard to listen to your favorite songs while playing.

Though the hoverboards are certified according to UL 2272, they have a 90-day warranty only.


6th Place: The CHO Power Sports

Founded by a team of young, yet experienced businessmen, The CHO Powersports aims to make constant progress in the hoverboard industry.

They spend all the sources on developing hoverboards so products of CHO are upgraded regularly with new utilities that are attractive to young people. The decoration of CHO hoverboards has a rookie vibe with graffiti pictures on the decks.

What grabs my interest in CHO is their analysis of different terrains commonly seen in the US, parks and roads for example. After that, they try to make the most suitable e-sports equipment for all geographical conditions.

Though the effort hasn’t been successful yet, CHO hoverboards are still worth a try.


7th Place: Segway

Segway products are special.

Even though the manufacturer says they are not hoverboards, Segway hoverboards are a significant improvement from the ordinary self-balancing scooters.

There is an adjustable knee control pad added in the middle of the hoverboard deck. This upgrade provides additional comfort for long rides with a Segway.

The tires meet top quality standards while the frame consists of aircraft grade magnesium alloy. Thanks to this, Segway hoverboards can easily overcome rugged terrains with safety and durability.

The equipment comes with a controller via a phone app, which enables you to track your experience and change different modes of the hoverboard. There is also an anti-theft feature for you to lock your toy through your smartphone. When the hoverboard moves, the phone will ring to alert you.


7th Place: Sea Eagle

Next in the top 15 hoverboard brand is Sea Eagle, another model powered by 200W motors for beginners.

It may not the fastest hoverboard on the market but it operates stably. The pedal is anti-skid so you no longer feel tired when scooting for a long distance.

This additional feature makes Sea Eagle hoverboards an ideal transport method for daily commuters or pet walkers. You don’t have to practice much or reach a certain skill level to use a Sea Eagle.

The hoverboards can bear a person up to 200 pounds, which is amazing.

For the basic need for daily traveling, Sea Eagle is a reasonable choice.

Sea Eagle

8th Place: Halo Board

Halo Board, set up in 2005 as a privately owned company focusing on electric sports devices, is among the oldest manufacturers to produce hoverboards. The product range of Halo has become wider tremendously up to now.

Hoverboards are one of the leading products in Halo.

The company is customer-oriented so they are very responsive to feedback. They also encourage young designers and developers to innovate their products. As for a long-established business like Halo, I really appreciate their attempt to catch up with the fast-changing world of self-balancing scooters.

Halo hoverboards are actually very effective but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Halo Board

9th Place: Razor

If you are a fan of electric sports devices, you must have heard of Razor. No exaggeration to say Razor was the first to introduce electric scooters of all kinds to the mass audience.

Razor products have some essential things in common. Wonderful sturdiness. Nice performance. And cost-effectiveness.

Hoverboards of Razor may not the fastest, not have the coolest design, not have multiple modes and additional features.

However, they have stability.

They are something you can count on for long-term usage.

All your family members can confidently step on a Razor hoverboard because it is easy to balance. An average-sized adult is able to use Razor hoverboard too as the device has premium materials.


10th Place: XtremepowerUS

XtremepowerUS is quite a new name in the hoverboard market. Targeting at kids and young adults, the appearance may be smaller than other counterparts with lower speed, less powerful motor.

However, products of XtremepowerUS are very durable. The battery, based on premium li-on technology, is rechargeable. The XtremepowerUS hoverboards are built to last.

Your kids would be very happy if they own a XtremepowerUS. Small children can play it in the parks or use it to go to school.

Because riding a self-balancing scooter requires some kind of balancing skill, it is recommended for kids over 8 years old.


11th Place: Hoverzon

Unlike other competitors which offer a variety of versions and models, Hoverzon currently has only 2 models.

Because of the limited number of products, they seem to optimize everything on each version.

The main difference is the size: Hoverzon S and Hoverzon XLS.

Both have Aegis Armor battery, a new technology developed by Hoverzon. They also have an ultra-responsive controller to any movement of the riders, preventing sudden fall-off or dis-balance.

The hoverboards have wonderful endurance thanks to the ABS materials. The tires are bigger than common size for rides on bumpy roads.


11th Place: One Wheel

Hoverboards of One Wheel are one of a kind. The brand name speaks for itself as the hoverboards have one wheel only.

It’s like a perfect combination between a skateboard and a hoverboard.

You stand on One Wheel like the way you keep your balance on a skateboard but you have the same powerful motor as a hoverboard.

What can be more fantastic?

Due to the unique design, it takes some time for you to get used to with One Wheel, the price of it is not very affordable as well.

But here’s the good news.

You can pay in installments and there are plenty of hands-on reviews with in-depth instruction available not only on the official website but also on YouTube and other social media.

One Wheel

12th Place: VEEKO

VEEKO is a super powerful model of hoverboards. With dual motors that can reach the maximum capacity up to 700W, they are among the speediest hoverboards available at the moment.

9.6 mph is the maximum velocity, an incredible number for self-balancing scooters.

VEEKO hoverboards also have LED lights with vibrant shades and colors to give you more fun and safety when you play at night. The light works as an indicator of battery level. Dim light means you are running out of battery.

The flip side of VEEKO products is the dimension. The height of the board is high, so it is not kid-friendly.

Children aged over 12 years old still need supervision from adults when they are riding a VEEKO.


13th Place: Megawheels

Megawheels was once a veteran of electric vehicles. After working in that field for over 10 years, I believe that you really got the insight of the customers and began their own business in manufacturing self-balancing, scooters and electric skateboards.

Though the factory has just been established since 2014 in China, products of Megawheels have achieved great success. They are all well-qualified for most prestigious certifications such as UL, CE, RoHS because they follow a rigid procedure from material purchase, manufacturing and inspecting.

This year, Megawheels will supposedly increase the budget for research and development. Hope that this will help to promote the products’ performance.


To Sum Up


The market for hoverboards is still in the progress of expanding. Many more models with additional features will be available. Many more new names will appear on the market.

I believe that who are doing good now will still do great in the future. These best 15 hoverboard brands have been there at the beginning of the scooter trend. They have gone through one of the hardest phases and gain a position in the public audience.

That’s why you will be happy if you buy a hoverboard from one of those 15 brands.

To specify the best hoverboard for you requires even more consideration and attention. Therefore, I have no intention to put it in this super long article.

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