The Best Longboard Accessories Lights Are At Your Fingertips

Best Longboard Accessories LightsEvery rider should invest in these best longboard accessories lights.
Most longboards do not feature LED lights initially. Therefore, you should pay an extra investment. Thankfully, there are affordable and high-quality accessories as long as you search thoroughly.
To save your time, we provide a shortcut of 6 best longboard accessories lights here.
Before we start, digest the following buying guide.

How To Choose LED Lights For Longboards?

Whether you are a night longboard rider or you just like to ornament your longboard with longboard an underglow lights and headlights, it is important to know what different types of LED lights are out there and how to choose wisely among them.

The quick and easy way to give your longboard a “BOOM” is to buy a kit of longboard underglow lights. This deal is not a bad one as it gives you different light colors with batteries and adhesive velcro on the bottom. Look for these characteristics while shopping for LED lights:

  1. Light weight
  2. Water proof
  3. Shock proof
  4. Easy to install and replace

Best Longboard Accessories Lights Review

GlowCity UnderGlow Light Up LED Lights (6 Pack) For Longboards, Skateboards, and Scooters

GlowCity UnderGlow Light Up LED LightsThis is the hottest accessory for your longboard. You can light up your ride by a range of colors that this package provides. It includes 6 high bright LED lights and 9 ultra-bright LED colors. Also, a premium 3M Velcro with ultra-holding power is placed within to ease the hassle of attachment. Whether you want it for yourself or for your loved one, it makes a perfect gift. In addition, you can’t find a combo of safety and style in any other package. This has been the best-selling accessory in 2017.
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Donbala Self-adhesive LED Underglow Skateboard

Donbala Self-adhesive LED Underglow Skateboard If you are definitely looking for some awesome options to light up your longboard or skateboard with some glowing ornaments, here comes the ultimate accessory that lets you get the wonderful outlook of the skateboard. These are the ultra-bright LED waterproof lights that come in 7 colors and replaceable lithium batteries. You can use them for as long as you want and you will surely get the best looks and results.
These are not bulky nor have a complicated wiring that keeps you confuse and causes problems. In fact, a set of four lights gets you covered easily and let you have the best accommodation. These are tough and water resistant so you can hit the skate parks, roads, and other tracks without any hassle in any weather without any hesitation. The lights get you the ultimate support for colors and ease of use for your longboards with your own idea and needs.

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CNZ LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards

CNZ LED Underglow Lights for SkateboardsSo far you loved the idea of riding longboard at night with a twist of colorful light effects. Now, no matter what the weather is, you can enjoy the same bright lights on your skateboard. Besides, the waterproof shining lights will add up to your style. CNZ LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards for skateboard have a wide range of color choices. Furthermore, the super easy self-adhesive replaceable lithium batteries will make it the best choice. You can go for any of the three packages; 4pcs lights, 6pcs light, and 12pcs lights.
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Board Blazers, The Original LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards, Longboards

Wonnv LED Light-up Skateboard Wheels with ABEC BearingsIf a shining board attracts people around, why not add more charm and style by installing skateboard lights in your trucks?

Place the lights under the trucks to grind, flip, and slide in the cool style. Board Blazers is endorsed by a lot of pro skaters for the street and skate park. Moreover, these original LED lights have different colors and combinations. You can enjoy your shining ride without any trouble because it has no bulky battery pack or wires.

It can be easily replaced with a mini button cell batteries that last for 30 hours and you can save the energy with its twist control. This Original LED Underglow Lights- Board Blazers is such a perfect accessory for a skater life which can show your spirit, represent your school and it makes your visible to drivers on the road while blazing through the night. It is a PERFECT GIFT for the PERFECT SKATER.

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Big Boy 70mm Blank Gel Color Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels (Gel Blue)

Big Boy 70mm Blank Gel Color Pro Longboard Cruiser WheelsThese are a fun and inexpensive LED lights for longboards. They work fantastic for night skating. The 70 mm Longboard Cruiser LED Light Up Clear Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings come in a set of 4 pcs LED light up wheels. To light up the wheels, you need to do some tricks and maneuver the board. The multicolored LEDs look cooler at night. Moreover, it does not require batteries so it saves you some money.

These LED lights for longboards are an added bonus for those who are really concerned about riding at night from a safety point of view. On the other words, it gives you a smooth ride with ABEC 7 bearings.
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Longboard Wheels Bearings Complete Skateboard

Longboard Wheels Bearings Complete SkateboardThis bright 65mm LED Wheels comes in a package with trucks, risers, bearings and some Philips hardware. You don’t need a battery to light up these wheels. As you roll over, the lights become brighter because it is powered by the force from the wheels activity.

The estimated lifespan of these bright wheels to light up is approximately 10,000 hours. Together with the trucks and bearings which are rated 9, these wheels offer precession, speed, and durability. The wheels don’t just light up for you but you got increase speed because of its components.

These wheels will make look amazing. It doesn’t just illuminate you but it serves its purpose to keep you safe by being seen under the night sky.

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Top Rated Longboard Accessories Lights In Amazon

Are you jealous of your friend’s longboard because it glows? Hang on, you have access to a handful of guide on how to light up your longboard/skateboard. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s customize and give a stylish personalized to your own longboard.


So, the best longboard accessories lights should be:

  • Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easily installed
  • Durable

You can customize and give a personalized look to your skateboard or longboard by picking up accessories lights from the list we have provided. They are designed thinking about the customer’s safety and style both. Hurry up! Light up your skateboard, roll around at night and have some sparkling fun. Nothing can beat them for the special prices. You do not need to worry anymore as they do not pose any safety risks. Also, take this important piece of advice and that is to use knee pads. Just in case of a drastic fall, your knees will stay safe!

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