Best Longboard Backpacks

One of the best things about longboard backpacks is that every long boarder or a skateboarder requires a backpack. Though when you start the need to have a backpack may not arise but with the passage of time you may at some point of life may require a good quality longboard. One of the main reasons why you need a backpack is because there are many things which cannot be carried in a pocket.

Top 5 Longboard Backpacks for You

There are many longboard backpacks which are available in the market but the real deal is to find the best one which is worth the money. Another main benefit offered by a durable backpack is that it helps in gaining more flexibility. You can carry smaller items with ease and enjoy your ride. Not only school or college but you can also go to your office on a longboard or a skateboard and carry your important items in a backpack. Here are some important benefits of longboard backpacks that you should keep in mind before buying a one for yourself or your loved one.

A Backpack is An Essential Item for Every Long Boarder and Skater

As you know that Longboards are heavy when you carry them for straight 10 to 15 minutes. The only board which is lighter as compared to the rest of the boards is a Penny Longboard. At times you opt for a walk with your friend or a girlfriend, it becomes difficult to carry your board in hands and at such times a backpack can prove to be quite handy.
longboard backpacks not only looks cool but also add a style statement to the overall personality. Plus the comfort factor is also there.

How can We choose the Best Longboard Backpacks?

Choosing best longboard backpacks is not that difficult as you need to keep in mind few important points such as:

  • Always go for branded backpacks and for that internet is the best source. Search for different backpacks on the internet and then decide about that one particular backpack which has maximum number of positive and 5 stars reviews.
  • Apart from reviews, also check the carrying capacity of the backpack. It is good to opt for medium sized backpacks as they do not look big or too small.
  • Colour also makes a lot of difference and hence always goes for backpacks which are neutral in colour. Such longboard backpacks matches with every dress that you wear and adds a perfect charm to your personality.

Nike Embarca Backpack

  • The first and the foremost is the list of best and highly durable longboard backpacks is Nike Embarca Backpack. It is 19” high and 15” wide. Made from high quality polyester and synthetic leather this backpack has got a special zippered pocket for storing laptop.
  • Another best part about this backpack is that it has got carry straps which are ideal for carrying your skateboard. These carry straps are made of fine polyester and they are made to last longer.
  • It is a lightweight backpack and it weighs only 1.1 pounds. Such a lightweight backpack is ideal for high altitude areas as well as you don’t feel the heaviness as compared to other backpacks sold by various companies.

Element men’s Mohave backpack

  • Element is one such brand which has managed to make a strong impression in the mind of users in last few years. This company believes in offering quality items at a highly reasonable price. Mohave backpack is made from 100% polyester and in fact the lining is also 100% polyester. What else can you ask for as this is one such important parameter of a backpack which ensures maximum durability and flexibility?
  • Zipper closure is also provided so that you can easily put in and take out your items. The Zipper quality is nice.
  • It has got a 14” shoulder drop and is 19” high. One of the most liked feature of Element men’s Mohave backpack is that it can be hand washed. Hence, after a long trip, all you need to do is to hand wash this backpack and put it under shade for drying. Avoid drying it under direct sun because the backpack may lose some shine and colour.
  • A 11” wide backpack is ideal for storing laptops, skateboards and even items such as water bottles and Tiffin boxes. The straps are double buckle which means you can literally run while holding your board in this backpack. All these features are simply incredible and worth spending money.
  • This backpack weighs only 1.6 pounds and you can easily put a 40 inch board inside this backpack.

Eastsport Skater Backpack

  • Eastsport is another such amazing brand which is winning hearts of lots of people since its inception. One of the main reasons behind this is feature rich facility. Made from genuine polyester this backpack has got spacious inner compartment which can be used for storing laptop as well as many more other items.
  • The straps which are provided are of compression type and belong to dual Velcro. All this helps in keeping the skateboard secure over long distance without any fuss. In fact 2 side mesh pockets are also provided which can be used for carrying water bottles or even soda cans. The cushioned mesh back panel is ideal for extra support and easiness.
  • Eastsport skater backpack weighs around 1.7 pounds is available in different colours such as royal blue, red, black, grey, white, aqua and navy. With so many colourful choices available this backpack is proving to be an ideal choice for youngsters especially school going fraternity.

Nike SB RPM Skateboarding Backpack

  • Nike is winner again as it has managed to deliver another masterpiece called as SB RPM Skateboard Backpack. This stuff is really fine and is made available in 4 colours and those are Dark Grey, Black, Purple Dust and Velvet Brown.
  • Special buckle straps are provided for that extra security to your skateboard. This backpack is considered as one of the best among different longboard backpacks because of such fine features.
  • Curved shoulder straps are provided which makes your commuting more comfortable. The external zip sleeve is ideal for storing laptops of dimension up to 15 inches. This item is readily available in stock and can prove to be an ideal gift to your loved one during this holiday period.

Dakine Mission Backpack

  • Wow! How can we forget Dakine? It is one of the leading manufacturers of backpacks and this time it has launched an amazing product called as Mission Backpack. Feel like going on a mission? I am pretty sure that this backpack will not disappoint you.
  • Imported polyester based backpack has got special padded waist belt which does not hurt even if you are climing a mountain or height. Ideal for storing 15 inch laptops as well as Longboards of your choice.
  • This backpack has got 3 interior slip pocket, 4 exterior pockets and one interior zip. All these pockets are ideal for storing important items such as wallet, smart phones, food and much more. Based on the current review scenario this backpack has managed to gain a 5 star rating which makes it as the most preferred choice.


Though there are hundreds of longboard backpacks that are available in the market but the above mentioned 5 backpacks are carefully chosen after proper research. A lot of effort is being put into use so that you are able to buy the best longboard backpack.

Finally, never compromise on the quality by spending your hard earned money on inferior quality backpacks. The real deal should always be to buy the best and enjoy using it for a longer period of time. Final word of advice is to invest some money into a best longboard helmet because protection of your head is of utmost importance.

Happy Shopping!!”

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