Top 7 Best Longboard Bags in Town You Should Know

If you use a longboard for a while, you’ll surely know that the longboard’s quality will degrade and its color will gradually turn yellow after a long time exposed to sunlight. Thus, to maintain the board’s quality and whiteness, longboard bags or covers are must-have items.

Longboard bags come in many prices, performances, materials, designs, and functions that easily drive newbie surfers to pick up. Thus, today we jot down this article to help you choose your desired longboard bag and answer your queries about this item. Now, let’s jump right in!

Top 7 best longboard bags in town

PAMGEA Surfboard Cover – Best for Protection

PAMGEA Surfboard CoverIf you are searching for a lightweight surfboard cover that offers brilliant protection, PAMGEA Surfboard Cover is our big recommendation.

This surfboard cover is carefully made from thick, knit and super stretchy polyester material. Thus, it can protect your board from UV rays, bumps, and scratches as well as remain its original outlook. The firm padded nose adds extra protection along the board’s nose. Plus, the cover prevents the wax from melting under hot conditions, like stored in the car’s interior or under extreme sunlight for a long time.

PAMGEA features horizontal striped patterns between white and blue colors, which recall our memories about the beach and summertime. Apart from white and blue colors, female surfers can purchase white and pink colors to fit their summer outfit styles. PAMGEA is thoughtful when choosing light-colored materials to keep your longboard as cool as possible.

It has 3 types of socks to fit customers’ requirements, including pointed nose board sock, oval nose board shock and rounded nose board sock. Its length varies from 6’00’’ to 10’6’’. In case you prefer a thick style board, you’re better off choosing a bigger size.

Everything has its pros and cons, and this product isn’t an exception. This brand has some problems with the sizing. Its size noted on the packaging is much smaller than the actual size.


  • Superb protection
  • 3 sizes and shapes to pick up
  • Prevent wax from melting when stored in the car’s interior
  • Fit all types of surfboard


  • Improper size

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Curve Surfboard Bag – Best for Durability

Curve Surfboard BagCurve is a well-known brand that was founded in 2005. After 15 years of experience, Curve is preferred by numerous American surfboard players thanks to its high-quality product and affordable price.

Curve Surfboard Bag is a highly appraised surfboard cover in the industry. It impressed surfboard players by its manly design with silver color and extreme durability. Its reflective color surely catches everyone’s eyes when you walk down the beach.

This surfboard bag includes a Polycanvas outer layer and a 7mm foam core. This firm construction protects the board from all outdoor impacts and keeps it waterproof and heat resistant. Curve also adds a tail protection strap system to maximize the protection. Moreover, the manufacturer equips a fin slot with velcro closer to increase comfort during transportation.

We’re amazed by its toughness. We purchased this model 2 years ago, and it has maintained its outlook and quality until now. According to the manufacturer, all Curve products are tested carefully before shipping to the customer’s doorstep.

It’s premium PK nylon zipper is guaranteed not to corrode. Interestingly, Curve offers a 12-month warranty for all surfboard’s bags which is hardly provided by other brands.

For the sake of easy and long-distance surfboard carry, Curve adds a padded strap and integrated wax pocket. Plus, this product features a secret pocket stash that facilitates you to keep your wetsuit and surfing equipment safe.

This lightweight bag offers plenty of space that can fit surfboards up to 23.5’’ wide. Plus, it comes with 6 types of lengths, ranging from 7’6’’ to 10’2’’.

However, some surfers found its size too small compared to the indicator noted on the product’s information which misleads them to purchase improper size for their boards.


  • Suitable for big-size surfboards
  • High protection
  • Long-lasting
  • 12-month guarantee
  • Smart design


  • Small size

Pro-lite Recession Longboard Day Bag – Best for longboards

Pro-lite Recession Longboard Day BagPro-lite is a long-standing brand that was founded in 1982 by two traveling surfers: Dave Neilson and Bill Hapgoood. As long as they travel, they found out that they need to create something to protect their surfboards. Thus, they started their business by making surf travel bags.

After several decades, their product range is diverse, including a full line of bags, traction pads, racks, and leashes. Among Pro-lite products, we’re really keen on Pro-lite Resession Longboard Day Bag. This model is highly suitable for longboards as it features 27” wide to accommodate all longboard shapes’s width.

Similar to the Curve surfboard cover, Pro-lite also wears on a semi-reflective silver surface to protect surfboards from UV rays and extreme heat. The bag features 3mm foam protection to increase the general performance.

Pro-lite’s molded corrosion-proof zippers remain smooth after several years of usage, even when the bag fabric wears out and fades. There are rail guards and reinforced noses around the zipper to add more protection to the surfboard.

The shoulder strap has a key pocket and Velcro closure system. Pro-lite equips a top zip flip top that allows users to slide the surfboard in and out of the bag effortlessly. Pro-lite bag has 4 sizes, ranging from 7’6’’ to 10’0’’.

However, the price of this model is quite expensive, around 20% higher than its competitors. So, take the price into consideration if you are on a tight budget.


  • Suitable for funboards and longboards
  • Reflective surface
  • Good protection
  • Durable zippers


  • Only fits one board
  • High price

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FCS Day Longboard Bag – Best for Lightweight

FCS Day Longboard BagFCS is one of the leaders in providing surfboard accessories like fins, covers, traction, and leashes. At the first time touching it, we’re highly surprised by its lightweightness. With only 2.2 pounds, FCS bag is the most lightweight product in this list. FCS adds a 5mm high-density padding to provide superb protection over unwanted damage and harmful UV rays.

While using, you can use the firm rubber handle and two small handles to carry it stably. This bag is suitable for small and medium-size boards which ranges from 5’6 to 8’0.

Admittedly, this brand also takes the world by storm as apart from business, it contributes to environmental sustainability. FCS spends 1% of its turnover on ocean conservation charities.

FCS targets the medium and high market. Thus, its product quality remains outstanding in meeting customers’ expectations. If you have a big budget on a board bag and want to experience a high-standard product, please give FCS Day Longboard Bag a chance.

Besides, to provide ventilation and keep the cover snug around the surfboard, this product has a contoured stretch fit featuring armadillo strips. Furthermore, the 3D Rail protection layer contours the rail’s shape as well as eliminates seams.

With double, triple price compared to other same-range products, newbie surfers may find it hard to approach.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Effective ventilation
  • 3D rail protection
  • Suitable for small and medium-size longboards


  • High price

IMPORX Longboard Skateboard Carry Bag – Best for price

IMPORX Longboard Skateboard Carry BagIn case price is your key consideration, we highly recommend IMPORX Longboard Skateboard Carry Bag. This product is the most affordable one among 7 recommended products. IMPORX targets low-end market but still ensures its quality.

This product comes with a super basic design with black color only. However, it can stand the severe test of the time as it possesses waterproof 600D Oxford material. IMPORX adds adjustable straps to support your case, shield and carry the longboard along.

Its 2-shoulder skateboard backpack is portable and handy. IMPORX straps are robust enough to carry heavy electric skateboards. With only 14.4 ounces, this model is ideal for travel purposes. You can easily fold it up and store in your suitcase.

Besides its advantages, what we dislike about this model is that it doesn’t come with a padding layer like other products. Without padding, this bag can only prevent your board from unwanted scratches. In case it is affected by outside impact, the board’s quality can be downgraded. However, you cannot expect much for an under $20 carry bag.


  • Cheap price
  • Easy to carry
  • Good-quality zippers
  • Durable material


  • Lack of padding

UPSURF LongBoard Sock Cover – Best for Medium-size longboards

UPSURF LongBoard Sock CoverUPSURF is a good option for those who are looking for a medium-quality longboard cover with an affordable price. Similar to PAMGEA bag, UPSURF also features horizontal striped patterns between ocean blue and black colors.

UPSURF uses a stretch fabric which helps the bag cover the board tightly and take it on/off easily. It includes a drawstring for the sake of easy close. Like other bags, the UPSURF bag also has a comb and wax pocket.

The black padded nose protects your surfboard from scratches, bumps, and hateful UV rays. Furthermore, this model comes with a high quality woven fabric to prevent wax melting in the car’s interior.

UPSURF bags are designed for medium and big-size surfboards which range from 8’0’’ to 10’0’’.

However, this bag doesn’t come with a thick padding. Hence, it cannot provide as max protection as padded bags.


  • Suitable for medium and big-size surfboards
  • Stretch fabric
  • Acceptable protection


  • Don’t come with thick padding

Dakine Daylight Longboard Bag – Best for heat resistant

Dakine Daylight Longboard BagSimilar to Pro-Lite, Dakine is an American brand with a long history. It was built in 1979 in Hawaii. It offers a wide collection of travel bags, backpacks, outerwear and sport clothing. This famous brand provides accessories for numerous types of sports including snowboard, mountain bike, surf, skateboard, kiteboard, ski, and windsurf.

If you are seeking a bag with good heat-resistant ability, Dakine Daylight Longboard Bag is a good option. With basic design with black and white colors, Dakine is appropriate to those following minimalism.

Dakine has a thick foam padding layer covered by white tarpaulin which functions as water resistance and heat resistance. The white color part reflects sunlight to prevent the surfboard from the scorching heat outside. Users can easily get the board in and out easily thanks to the heavy-duty zipper.

To add convenience to surfers, Dakine equips a non-slip padded shoulder strap with a stash pocket, so users can bring along other essentials. You can carry the bag in your hands or throw it over your shoulder. Its unbeatable lightweight and padded coverage make it ideal for everyday transport.

Like other longboard bags, Dakine bags fit boards ranging from 7’6’’ to 10’2’’. It fits small and medium boards. If you possess a big longboard with 10’6’’, Dakine cannot fit your board size.


  • Good water resistance and heat resistance
  • Heavy-duty YKK coil zipper
  • Non-slip padded shoulder strap
  • Wax/fin pocket


  • Not suitable for wide and long boards


1. How can I clean my surfboard bag?

To remove the wax’s melt, you should leave the bag under the sun for about 10-15 minutes and wait for the wax to melt. If the sun doesn’t provide sufficient heat, you can use a hair dryer instead.

Next, you use a wax comb to scrape off all the old wax. After that, take a surfboard cleaner and spray all over the bag to wipe off the dust and old wax. Finally, apply a new wax on the bag.

2. How to choose size for a surfboard bag?

Choosing a size for a surfboard bag can be challenging for surf beginners as not all brands share the same sizing.

Before heading to the surf shop, you should know clearly about your board’s dimension including length, width, and thickness. In these 3 indicators, the length decides the bag’s size. For example, if your board’s length is 10’2’’. You have to search for at least a 10’3’’ bag.

The thickness and width decide the bag’s style, whether it is shortboard, longboard, fish, hybrid, or funboard.

Averagely, brands tend to cut 2” long in length, you should choose a 2’’ bigger size to fit your board.

3. How much should I spend for a longboard bag?

In the current market, longboard bags come in numerous prices. If you are a beginner and don’t have much money to invest in a bag, we highly recommend you to spend around $30 to $50. If you need a high-quality and brand name product, a $100 bag may suit you best.


To wrap things up, we’ve recommended you top 7 longboard bags. Hopefully after reading this article, you can find useful information about longboard bags and can purchase your desired product soon. Thanks for reading

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