Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising: Which Is the Most Excellent?

We are trying to look for the best cruising longboard bearings. But, it seems difficult.

There are too many options.

The best longboard bearings available on the market might bring the enjoyable ride. However, it does not mean that they are suitable for cruising.

Best Longboard Bearings for CruisingWith the fastest bearings, you can reach a speedier and faster ride as desired.

And of course, to get these bearings, you must have knowledge of them. What? How to choose the right bearings? And then, consider the desired products as your demand.

Don’t need to waste time to figure out! All have in our article. Read right now! Go! Go!!!
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What Is Bearing?

best longboard bearings buying guideThe steel balls run inside the bearing on the circular track is the total construction of the bearings.

One side will be attached to the truck and another side (having the steel balls) will be attached to the wheel. Like that, though the trucks are in the motionless state, the wheels can still move.

Each longboard wheel’s interior construction has two bearings. That’s why the manufacturers sell sets including 8 bearings.

Different from the best longboard wheels for cruising, the longboard bearings have the certain standard sizes.

If you choose the good bearings, they will provide the smooth and fast ride and vice versa. The bad bearings will create more friction.

So, when you intend to purchase the bearings, you should carefully consider.

For the best longboard bearings buying guide, we will mention below. Don’t hurry!

5 Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising Ever in Budget

Are you struggling with the options available on the market to look for the proper longboard bearings for cruising? Well, to cope with this, we will take you to here – the bearings list for cruising.

Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards

Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards
For those who are finding answers to the spacers and speed, it will be difficult to ignore a steed like the Zealous Bearings.

At first sight, built 4045” in spacers and 5mm of the speed. Contribute to bringing the parts loser when changing bearings.

The next is the combination of the steel (green) and ceramic (white). Provide the relative durability.

Even, to last long the use time, add the coordinated rubber to these bearings. The purpose is to protect them from dirt and dirt.

Most interestingly, there is the low friction – at 0.003%.

This is the lowest level in the Tribology field. It creates a nearly frictionless surface.

Another outstanding point is the premium lubricant. The main is the nanoceramic compound. Help to eliminate the unevenness.

Thanks to that, don’t have to worry about corrosion. At once, don’t require you to wash them frequently.

Honestly, with design the precise axle holes ~ 8mm, these bearings are suitable for the super speed move. All have 8 bearings attached.

How? Are they good enough?


  • Perfect for aggressive carving
  • Provide a faster and smoother ride
  • Less break-in time
  • Great bearings for cruising and fits well
  • Quiet
  • The affordable price


  • Don’t spin too much
  • Don’t effectively work on the light-up wheels

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Heady Shake Pro 608rs Titanium Skateboard Bearings

Heady Shake Pro 608rs Titanium Skateboard Bearings
The speed along with the smoothie will offer the certain effectiveness when skating. So, no reasons to let you deny the skateboard bearings from Heady Shake.

Not only rotate in a quiet way but also spin with the high speed.

Exactly, the blazing speeds are ideal for most gears. You can use it for the roller skates, skateboards, kick scooters, and longboards. No problem!!

What about the style?

Well, these are the sleek inline bearings. Apart from being friendly with the skaters, they still provide the skateboard spacers as desired, including a water-resistant sticker.

Don’t doubt about the smoothie and speed of the Heady Shake Bearings. Owing to applying the special lubricant, it makes sure that you will likely get the fastest and smoothest ride.

Furthermore, in comparison with standard bearings, they are both more stable and more durable.

Have absolutely believed in their product quality, so the manufacturer gives the guaranteed satisfaction. Ensure that you will be refunded in case the product has any problem.


  • Provide a great combination of speed, stability, and durability
  • Very smooth
  • They are very quiet
  • They are already faster
  • Look nice
  • Made of high-strength materials


  • Too much resistance
  • Leave a part out

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Bones Bearings Reds Longboard Bearings

Bones Bearings Reds Longboard Bearings
Speak of the longboard bearings, most skaters prioritize to select the bearings from Bones Swiss.

And here! The Bones Reds – Bones Swiss’s relation, is also dependable equally.

Accurately, this is the bestselling brand on the skate bearings market in the US.

Ideally, CCS – skateboard t-tool, is one of the reliable names in skateboarding. This creates a certain confidence when using.

Don’t think that these cheap bearings are not short of the precision.

Look at there,…

They have the single rubber shield. Both help to decrease the friction and clean easily. When needing to clean, you just need to remove it.

In addition to that, the nylon ball retainer with the optimum speed contributes to enhancing the speed and strength.

Use the Speed Cream racing lubricant, so you can reach the smoother and faster ride.

Being packed with 8 Reds Bearings pre-lubricated available, a CCS skateboard tool, manual, and sticker.

Clearly, they are good enough to compete with any competitor, right?


  • Quiet and spin with very little resistance
  • Have an affordable price
  • Easy to push the wheels
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent for use to upgrade stock bearings
  • Come with extra spaces and stuff


  • Don’t include the washers in the package
  • You can be going to need the Massive improvement when coming with a longboard

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Bronson Speed Co. Set of 8 Bearings

Bronson Speed Co. Set of 8 Bearings
What do you need? The strong bearings? Well, you have found the right address. Set of 8 bearings from Bronson Speed Co. Promise a great experience.

One after the other…

The product is tested twice, micro-polished, and washed with ultrasonic solvent three times before packaging.

It means that the bearings held on your hands are suffice the quality.

With that being said – the packaging, these bearings are packaged in a box filled the nitrogen. The purpose is to decrease the oxidation until you open them and use.

As per need, to add the speed sound, they utilize the fully-open audible speed technology. Coming with that, don’t forget to mention the high spin and shield-free RAW’s.

Moreover, have the super strong cage design without distorting. Make sure that the balls can reach the precise spacer.

Yes, to run the bearings, no including the shields. Use a minimal amount of oil. And get a RAW sound. Here! The Bronson Speed Co. bearings are suitable for these needs.


  • Very fast like floating
  • The reasonable price
  • Allow using for street skating
  • High-quality
  • Work great


  • The sound seems not too loud

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Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate 8mm Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate 8mm Bearings
It is certain that you have heard Bones Swiss Skateboard – one of the well-known skateboard brands throughout 28 past years.

And today, we want to introduce the skate bearings from this brand – Bones Super 8mm Bearings.

Initially, just to clarify…

Related to the design, the bearings have owned the perfect design, including 6 bigger balls. From there, support the better strength and faster acceleration.

With the removable rubber shield, cleaning becomes easier. Combining with the Speed Cream lubrication (pre-lubricated), the friction is significantly minimized.

Personally, we satisfy with their nylon ball retainer. Built-up the high-speed, so help to reach up to the great speed and strength.

Noticeably, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty against the producing defects. You might feel secure to use.


  • Quiet
  • Lower resistance
  • As smooth and as long as the fast bearings
  • Easy to cruise
  • No noise
  • Great for inline speed skating


  • Not hold speed very well
  • Need to clean to avoid rusting

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What to Consider When Purchasing Longboard Bearings

As previously stated, the bearings will directly affect the operation of your longboard. It is necessary to invest seriously.

To select, you need to consider:

Bearing Shield

Bearing ShieldYou ought to know that the bearing shields are the wall that protects the bearings from dust and dirt.

This is a vital part of the longboard bearings. Involve two main types – the metal shield and a rubber shield.

With the rubber shields, you can remove them from the bearing. On the contrary, the rubber ones are impossible.

Keep in mind,…

The removable rubber shields can enable you to clean and add grease to the bearing balls. But, for the metal shields, you cannot get inside to do these when they are not removable.

ABEC Rating

ABEC RatingYou likely understand that this is the allowed deviation of the bearings, in particular, the speed, run-out, or changes in the racing wall thickness.

Being odd, the ABEC rating often runs from 1 to 9. Higher numbers will provide the high precision.

Nevertheless, avoid mistaking the smoothness, hardness, or vibration. These numbers do not show these.

In fact, the ABEC rating will tell you the distance of the dead center that the bearings are going to roll.

And these numbers become important when you compare the bearings in the same manufacturer.

In general, the lower the ABEC numbers the cheaper the bearings will be while the higher the rating the smoother the operation of the bearings will be.

Ball Material

Ball MaterialYou cannot get the best longboard bearings if you ignore the material utilized in the balls.

There are two dependable options – the ceramic and steel. They contribute to supporting the rolling capacity of the bearings.

With that thought, the best plan would be to pick up the most effective material when skating.

Ceramic: Very preferred, thanks to the strength and smoothie. Accordingly, they are more expensive.

The ceramic balls have also classified, including, the silicon carbide, zirconium dioxide, and silicon nitride.

What type of ceramic is harder?

The silicon nitride. As known, this is the toughest type of the three.

Nonetheless, remember that the ceramic material is only applied for the balls. The concerned parts are built-in the steel.

Steel: The elasticity and ductility are the popular characteristics of the ball material. Consequently, whatever you are applying the loads to the steel balls, they can still keep the initial shape.

This means that you are using the full steel bearings.

You can have peace of mind that they are anti-corrosive and rust-proof.


Pre-lubricationAnother vital factor is the pre-lubrication. The pre-lubricated bearings will help to improve their performance and effectiveness.

Even so, you still have to lubricate your bearings yourself. This is a useful way to maintain your bearings.

In this case, it is necessary to look for the lubes, which make sure the most efficient performance of the bearings.

Coming with that,…

The installation must be simple and easy. The entire installation process is quick and easy. Don’t cause any difficulty. Keep in mind!


SpacersThe best longboard bearings cannot lack the spacers. They provide the speedy and perfect performance while still ensuring the stability.

On the other hands, the spacers still make sure the safety of the longboard and the life-span of the bearings.

Until now, we have not determined the standard sizes of the spacers.

But, experiencing many different items, we recognize the measures around half one inch.

Based on that, you can easily get the desired spacers for the bearings.

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Longboard Bearings FAQs

Q: How often should you clean my bearings?

It depends on your need. Don’t have a specific answer to this issue. Frequently, the bearings are sealed well unless you ride on the damp ground or the full dust surfaces.

Whenever you sound like grinding, it’s high time to clean your bearings.

Q: Are there the stainless steel or the steel that rusts when saying to the steels bearings?

Being an outdoor skateboarder, we recognize that these bearings look like stainless steel. Basically, taking a very long time, they have gradually rusted.

Q: What mm are these?

Most of them are 8mm because there is average level today.

Q: How long do the bearings spin for?

Exactly, the free spin time relies on lots of factors, the temperature, axle, wheel speed, wheel size, weight, bearing wear included.

Your Choice

After all, you have chosen the best longboard bearings for your cruising purpose, haven’t you?

The size seems small, but you need to have to consider plenty of sections to get a right investment.

Of course, in return for that effort, you will find the excellent bearings.


There are the best longboard wheels for cruising. Now, plus the bearings for cruising, you have got the speed, stability, and smoothie. So good!!!

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