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best longboard brands

Wondering which longboard brand stands out as the best? It’s a common query when you’re in the market for a Longboard. Typically, the ideal choice is a Longboard brand that not only meets customer demands but also comes at an affordable price point. In this article, we’ll thoroughly explore the top contenders among the Best Longboard Brands of the past year and the present. We’ll delve into their features, quality, design, color options, intricate components, and various other pertinent criteria.

Additionally, customer feedback and ratings play a pivotal role in assessing the overall quality of these Longboards. As we scrutinize all these criteria, we’ll witness some brands ascending the ranks in 2020, like Quest and Atom, while others may experience a decline.

Best Longboards

1. Sector 9 (93/100)

As has been noted that Longboard Brand is the king of all brands. For five years, it has maintained the first position without any ups and downs. The survey for 2020 has also given the same result for Sector 9. The attractive design and technical support of this brand have received a maximum score from the customers. It has unbeaten quality, size, riding style, overall performance, safety, and other relevant requirements. If you have the budget, you can undoubtedly rely on this best longboard brand.

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sector 9: Best and Worst Longboard Brands 2020

2. Quest (86/100)

The Quest can be considered as the best improving Longboard brand because in 2014 it was in the 4th position, whereas in 2020 it is in 2nd place. This is a good improvement for a Longboard brand in these competitive days! Even though it is now in 2nd place, it has a little gap with Sector 9. They mainly focused on the customer’s needs by collecting client opinions. They have been improving the size, quality, performance, speed, design, and color of their longboards.

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quest: Best and Worst Longboard Brands 2020

3. Atom (84/100)

The Atom has also improved its position from 4th to 3rd in 2020. You can trust these Longboards. They are continuously improving their product quality and increasing communication with general and potential customers. Correspondingly, they provide an opportunity for customers to select from a wide range of style, color, design and price to the customers. If the improving rate becomes constant, it will quickly switch to the upper position immediately.

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atom: Best and Worst Longboard Brands 2020

4. Landyachtz Longboard (83/100)

On the North shore of Vancouver in 1997, a new brand producing longboard has raised and last 16 years until recent. Landyachtz’s founders are Micheal Perreten and Thomas Edstrand. The both are avid skaters in the community. Their story started from one founder’s trip to California and decided to bring more than fun in a longboard.
They aim to make of the best distinction to recognize among a thousand brands available. Starting from scratch, the brand has become successful with the invention of drop down longboard that convinces skaters around the world to have many advantages. Their belief in “making quality skateboards that will improve life” has never faded as they grow to be in the back of Blackcomb Ski Club. They even plant a tree for every product they make and sell to prove their eco-friendly operation.
Besides skateboards, Landyachtz manufactures wheels, trucks, bikes and accessories in between. You can also find apparel specialized for outdoor sports. There is a diversity in their board’s line. Browse from mini cruisers to hybrid boards to add to your cart.

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Landyachtz longboard brands

5. Rayne Longboards (80/100)

The brand based in Vancouver provides skateboards featured with construction of fiberglass and bamboo, Rayne longboards assure the best skating experience you can imagine. Decks made by Rayne has the ultimate crispy flow produced from the highest quality bamboo. The boards come with unique designs that standing out with the cool personality that beats other competitors in the market.
The brand directs their concentration on towards freerides, carves, and downhill rides for all levels. Rayne offers one-offs and protos in their sales. The boards from Rayne in our observation can ride with double kicks, pushers, dancers and cruisers. You can entrust in the authenticity and progression of Rayne since their foundation dated back in 2004 and has not failed any of their fans.

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Rayne longboard brands

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