Best Longboard Surfboard Brands for 2022

Wide varieties of surfboard models are available in the market which are manufactured a large number of surfboard manufacturers. With too many options available, it is a difficult task to pick up the best longboard surfboard brand.

Channel Islands, Rusty boards, Santa Cruz surfboards are some of the leading surfboard brands that ruled the surfing industry in 2015. So, let’s have a look at some of the popular surfboard brands which have released some super models:

Surftech Channel Islands Caddi Paddle Surfboards

Surftech Channel Islands Caddi Paddle SurfboardsThis model single handily doubles the sales of the Channel Island brand. This model gained too much popularity that several other surfboards tried to make a replica of it. Some of the major benefits of buying this incredible model are the ability to handle any wave conditions and the use of long paddles for better comfort. In short, this is a perfect surfboard model and can be used for different riding styles.

Robert August Longboard Surfboard – Surftech

Robert August Longboard SurfboardWhile purchasing a surfboard, people consider some special factors such as speed and turning radius as the board performance majorly depends on these factors. This model has 60 by 40 rail configurations which allow the rider to gain more speed and easily make sharp turns even in the lightning board speed. Moreover, this model supports FCS brand fins, which are responsible for offering a better performance and durability.

Santa Cruz Fang Deck Surfboard

Santa Cruz Fang Deck SurfboardSanta Cruz is a renowned brand in the surfing industry and its Fang Deck surfboard has added a little spark in the industry as it offers some incredible features which have raised the standards of surfboards. This model is well known for its smooth and comfortable performance as it offers free future fins, which is the main reason behind its tremendous success.

Santa Cruz has been offering their valuable services for the past 40 years and has helped the beginners as well as the experts to buy the best surfboard. So, always look out for Santa Cruz surfboards as it is one of the best longboard surfboard brands.

Surftech McTavish Fireball EVOII TLPC Surfboard

Surftech McTavish Fireball EVOII TLPC SurfboardThis model is far better than all the models mentioned above because of its spectacular performance level. Three FCS, rounded tail, ability to catch any wave are some of the major factors behind the top quality performance. Apart from these striking features, the board size is also perfect, which makes it the best option. The board dimensions are 9.-9.6” X 22.8”, which allows the rider to easily move around and control the board without any difficulty.

These are some of the best longboard surfboard brands which have released some top models for beginners as well as experts. If you were not able to try these super models in 2015, then do try it this year as it will double the fun of longboarding as these boards makes surfing too easy. Moreover, these super models are not too expensive, which makes it the best models currently available in the market.

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