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best-Wrist-GuardsLongboarding is one of the most favorite sports that is beloved by all levels of age. For the best experience, the wiser skaters always offer to wear protective gear. Longboard Wrist Guards is one of the most important gear that skaters need to have, not only the beginners, but also the professional.

Longboard wrist guards are worn to support and protect the wrists if skaters wipeout when skateboarding or longboarding. If you are skating on a difficult terrain, sure that you are wearing wrist guards to prevent breaking, spraining, or fracturing your wrists. A pair of wrist guards will prove to be useful to you when you are sliding down the hill.

Let’s check out the top best longboard wrist guards below and consider what is the best for you.

Longboarding safe with one of these fantastic Wrist Guards

What Type of Longboard Wrist Guards Do You Need

The requirements of wrist guards are dictated by your longboarding style. The more aggressively you will attempt tricks and do stunts, the more protective wrist guard you will need. If you haven’t used wrist guards before and totally new to this protective gear, here is a complete guide for you about the different types of longboard wrist guards, you might be needing while riding on your board:

Longboard Protective Sliding Gloves

For longboarding, this wrist guard is a must-have! Whether you’re into freestyle, cruising and carving or downhill riding, you do a lot of sliding whenever you get on your board. These gloves are leather fabricated and come with knuckle padding plus a hard disk that help you to slide across the street smoothly without losing balance or injuring your hand. With these sliding gloves, you can get low to speed up the ride and live an ultimate longboarding experience!

Longboard Wrist Guard Protective Gloves

These longboarding protective gloves come with shock absorbent foams to prevent wrist injuries. Especially designed for longboarding and skating, these gloves protect fingers, palm, back of your hand and wrist. You will find this wrist guard type pretty comfortable and versatile as it can be used for any sort of riding style. With this protective gear, you can enjoy your speedy rides and thrilling tricks without worrying about injuries.

Standard Longboard Wrist Guards

This is the most common type of wrist guards that is widely used by pros as well as beginners. The design of a standard longboard glove includes splints that curve from your wrist to your palm and back of hand. Due to proper padding and excellent fit, you will find these wrist guards pretty comfortable. The only drawback of this type is that it doesn’t provide protection for fingers like the one we discussed above.

Longboard Wrist Guards, the Anti Glove

This type comes with Kevlar padding and offers complete wrist protection. It’s designed to prevent the extreme bending of wrists while doing tricks and stunts on your longboard. These wrist guards are actually perfect for professionals who prefer lighter wrist care and don’t need protection for fingers and palm. We recommend this protection for skillful players who have a lot of experience since it offers mobility and easy to move around.

Longboard Wrist Support Braces

This type of wrist guards is close to the design of standard longboard gloves. Your fingers and palm won’t be covered when wearing these gloves. These are actually good for people with already injured wrists. The design includes firm braces that provide strong support to the broken wrist and prevent further damage while longboarding. But you can also use it even if your wrist is not damaged. With support brace feature, these gloves will keep your wrist well-protected.

Part 2: How to Choose the Right Wrist Guards

When choosing wrist guards for longboarding, you will need to consider various things such as materials, size and price. Just following your riding style and reading some advice below, you can find your own wrist guards.

When looking for right materials, you first need to determine the levels of flexibility and strength in respect to your longboarding style. For instance, wrist guards that include metal in their manufacturing are more likely to be stronger in return for its flexibility. Whereas plastic material is quite flexible but may allow more deflection during an impact, resulting in wrist damage. Looking at Kevlar padded and brace supported gloves, they offer more support to the wrist than providing protection to it during direct impact. If you’re aggressive and more passionate about participating in drills and tricks, wrist guards with metals structure are perfect for you. But if you are just a cruiser and like to keep it smooth, plastic structured gloves are fine for you.

The second step, let’s find the one fit you by seeing Skateboard wrist guard sizing chart:

Small Medium Large X-Large
Hand Width 5”- 6” 6”-7.5” 7.5”- 9” 9”-11”

Finally, Wrist guards are relatively inexpensive and you can find good ones ranging from $15 to $60, depending on their specifications. The last thing, most wrist guards are adjustable but it’s better to measure your hand and knuckles to get a solid fit. Do check the size chart before placing your order.

Part 3: Top 5 Best of Wrist Guards Follow Amazon.com

187 Killer Pads Black Wrist Guards

187 Killer Pads Black Wrist Guards187 Killer Pads Black Wrist Guards

Suitable for skateboarding, scooter riding, bicycling, roller skating, and more

If you are looking for a comfortable and durable protective gear for your wrist, check out this 187 wrist guards review and place your orders now! It is a black colored wrist guard that is pretty hard and protects the wrist impressively. With maximum protection, it also offers extreme comfort to the wrist so you may enjoy longboarding at fullest. No matter how hard you fall, this wrist guard is tough enough to handle the falls and enables you to stand up again with the same energy to continue the ride. Looking at a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, this wrist guard is used by a lot of people and they quite love it, this 187 Killers Pads Black wrist guard is a must-try!

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Pro-Tec Street Wrist GuardsPro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Set of 2 professional quality Youth size wrist guards for action sports

Here comes the best wrist brace for skateboarding to provide promising protection so you may enjoy rides instead of worrying about wrist injuries. When it comes to longboarding, the biggest achievement you need to do is be able to stand back on your feet after a fall. With this wrist guard, you can beat falling and get back on track with even higher energy. Apart from being durable and comfortable, the Street wrist guards are also breathable that make them a perfect longboarding protective gear for summers. Its fit is also quite nice and adjustable. The majority has rated it 5 out of 5 stars due to its fine design and features.

Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

Triple 8 Saver Series WristsaversTriple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

Ideal for inline skating, roller derby and all roller sports

With these wristsavers, now you can enjoy thrilling longboarding adventures with protection. These are quite durable skate gloves with wrist support and offer snug fit due to the four way stretchable nylon mesh body. They have splints on front and back of the wrist to resist high density impact with sufficient support. The design also includes shock-absorbing EVA foam to further protect your wrist in extreme impacts. In order to enjoy its benefits, you need to ensure the perfect fit. Measure the circumference of your hand to the knuckles and consider size charts to find the suitable sized wristsaver. It has more than 90% people rated it 4 out of 5 stars, so it must be deserved to try.

Triple 8 Hired Hands

Triple 8 Hired HandsTriple 8 Hired Hands

Protection for the most extreme skaters

Manufactured with top-notch leather, the Triple 8 Hired Hands are truly stylish and durable gloves. They are fully padded with shock absorbent foam to protect your wrist in forceful impacts. The design includes a thick neoprene support strap that ensures a secure and perfect fit. They come with impact-resistant ABS splints and the top and bottom of these gloves can be easily replaced. It’s one of the most popular protective gear items skaters wear while longboarding. These pro designed wrist guards are truly good for rolling sports to keep your hands and wrists well-protected. It has over 60% rating 5 stars from users and almost all admire this product.

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Solid Wrist Support And Protection, Front To Back.

Here comes the most durable wrist guard gloves that are made up of goat skin material and dual stitched with nylon thread to ensure the long lasting usage. Apart from wrist protection, it also provides security to the palm with the feature of impact-resistance ABS palm splint. The best thing about these gloves is that you don’t have to take them off to get a stronger grip because they only cover half fingers, leaving half of them uncovered to enjoy a convenient hold on everything. These skateboard wrist guard gloves are perfect to enjoy speedy rides while keeping your wrist protected. It has 53% rating 5 stars from customers with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5.Meaning, it’s worthy of a try!


Longboarding is an exciting sport but to keep the fun alive, it’s necessary to use protective gears to avoid sever injuries. As there are huge chances of getting your wrist damaged during longboard rides, never get out without wearing a fine wrist guard glove. To choose the wrist guard gloves, you will need to consider different aspects including the size, material and price. Your longboarding style matters a lot when selecting a useful wrist guard glove. Different types of wrist guards have different features and serve in diverse manners. Do check out our list of top 5 wrist guard gloves and enjoy well-protected longboarding!

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