Best Longboards for Cruising – Get Fun and Safe At The Same Time!

Nowadays, there are a dozen kinds of Longboards For Cruising with various quality and cost. This is the reason why I created this short review, where you will get to know five Best Longboards For Cruising to decide which one is worth investing.

Top 9 Best Longboards For Cruising Recommendation:

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Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo (44-Inch)

Quest Super longboards for cruisingThis is an amazing 44-Inch Artisan Super Longboard with good-looking Bamboo and Maple deck, innovative abstract graphics, rough aluminum trucks and long-lasting 70mm PU wheels. It claims to take you anywhere you want in style. It’s especially ideal for going around town, riding to school or cruising along the boardwalk. It is also highly appreciated for being able to work with both amateurs and pro skaters. Many users informed me that they learned from the scratch using this longboard. Last but not least, it is so durable because it is built with standard materials, so you never have to worry about its quality.

Best Longboards for Beginners

Atom Pintail Longboard, 9.4 x 39.0-Inch


This has a classic deck shape which assures that you will never get a wheel bite when you’re carving at your hardest. It is an ideal entry-level longboard with a very affordable price.

This amazing longboard is said to be designed to perfection. When you first see it, you will get attracted to its remarkable quality. If you are new to longboarding, then the Atom Pintail is a great option to start on. Similarly, if you are an accomplished longboarder, in that case, you will feel surprised by the balance and ability that this board offers.

In terms of function, this mighty longboard introduces the perfect platform and the wide wheelbase for cruising that will give you the desired stability at higher speeds. For such a big board, the Atom Pintail longboard is remarkably agile and responsive too. This is perfect when you are navigating your way down a hill, and for maneuvering sharply when needed.
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Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete

yocaher professionalCan Punked Stained Pintail Longboard live up to your expectation? Yes, it is another great choice for beginners because of the pintail teardrop-shaped deck. The shape guarantees to prevent the wheel from contacting the board while still offering ample foot space. Pintails are also one of the first campus cruisers. It is a perfect choice for beginner longboard riders.
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Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard, 9.0 x 36.0-Inch

Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard 9.0With the size attached to its name, you can easily know that the length of the Fractal is great for users who are looking for a long wheelbase for cruising but still want to do tight turns. This board introduces the key features of a longboard but is still able to create tight calves and lines. It allows you to ride on 9″ Gullwing Sidewinder II with 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings. The Fractal is even long enough for complicated uses.

SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete

scsḱ natural blankIt is a perfect choice for those who are new to boarding and has a limited budget. Its wheels and deck length proves that it can be used as a good all-rounder. The board was so thin and light it made me feel like I was standing on solid air. It makes me feel a little bit nervous, but after getting used to the “long” feeling of it, I enjoyed it very much. The turns are very wide and not as quick and sharp as the former versions were. Maybe because it is a longboard and it serves to cruise.
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So, you already know which are the best longboards for cruising?
In fact, cruising is the most basic boarding technique out of all styles. However, it is way-fun.
Just get a cruising longboard now and roll along the park trail at a breeze. But first, digest our reviews carefully to make an informed choice!

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