Best Longboards Gears and Accessories

Best Longboards Gears Longboarding is an exhilarating sport. Anything on wheels is fast paced and prone to slips and trips. It doesn’t matter what is your level of expertise in longboard surfing; even mightiest have fallen and this is bound to happen; unless you can defy gravity. This always makes it necessary for the surfers to have protective gear for their safety against a bad fall. You are not going to compromise on yours and your loved ones safety and same should be the case for the brand you choose for getting Best Longboard Gear and Accessories. Longboard Protective Gear is the insurance of your safety once you hit the road; so make sure you don’t leave without one. We are going to help you in getting Best Protective Gear and Accessories for you!


Helmets are the foremost item in Best Longboard Helmet Accessories and gear that you need for longboarding. A good quality helmet is a must for the longboard surfers, no matter how expert they are. It takes only one fall to decide between life and death. For Freeride and downhill surfing, the importance of helmet amplifies manifolds.

BEST LONGBOARD HELMETHelmets come with certifications that ensure that the helmet you are using is going to work and doesn’t fail you in the time of your dire need. The black foam inside the helmet takes all the shock your head takes while falling.

If it’s of low quality, it might give way and you might get seriously hurt.While purchasing helmet for longboarding, instead of skateboard certified helmets, go for bicycle certification as it will be able to protect your head from fall.


Choosing Best Longboard Slide Gloves is not as straight forward as it looks. You have to decide what kind of slide gloves serves your needs best. There are low profile gloves and then there are padded and thicker ones available to give you extra protection. Then, there are gloves with finger and thumb pucks. List goes on. Pick the one that serves you best.

BEST LONGBOARD SLIDE GLOVEMost of the gloves are made with light material with breathable fabric for summers, to avoid sweating of hands. The fabric, though light-weight, is durable to withstand wear and tear. Usually, Kevlar and composite fabric is used in its manufacturing with double stitching for durability. However, more aggressive surfers of longboard use leather gloves for more protection and firmer grip of longboard that is very important for stable ride.


Longboard wheels come in lots of shapes and sizes, brands and material. Soft wheels are mostly associated with longboards. Reason is simple. It offers firm grip for your downhill rides. Hard wheels are Fast Longboard Wheels. Hard wheels offer you speed which is quite useful for your free riding surf.
To buy Best Longboard Wheel, following parameters should be considered:

  • Size
  • Lips
  • Durometer
  • Contact patch
  • Urethane characteristics
  • Core size and shape
  • Core placements

CHOOSING LONGBOARD WHEELSConsider above mentioned characteristics of wheels while buying wheels for your longboard, keeping strictly in mind what kind of longboarding you are going to indulge in. For more grip and stable rides downhill and carvings, soft wheels are better and for speed and concrete smooth surfaces, hard wheels can serve you well.


While choosing best longboard bearings, the Longboard Bearings Guide more often than not, suggest not going for the expensive ones, as it is not necessary for the finest riding experience. Inexpensive bearings will deliver whatever you are expecting from them and will last longer.

BEST LONGBOARD BEARINGSIn fact, according to experts, it is better to spend more on wheels and better quality Urethane decks if you have extra cash in hand. That would add to your longboarding experience rather than wasting money on bearings. All you have to do is just take care of them against erosion and that’s it.

Bearings like Bone Red and Spacers are serving excellently for the longboard enthusiasts without gouging on your pockets. These are Best Longboard Bearings for Speed and offer you premium riding experience.


Trucks were first introduced in skate boards; since then, trucks have come a long way. After skateboards, now they are supporting and helping in moving a longboard. According to Longboard Truck Guide, for downhill as well as Freeride longboarding, the one type that is being used is known as ‘Longboarding truck’.

BEST LONGBOARD TRUCKSIt is a reverse kingpin truck loaded with bushing suspension. They are best for high speeds and are very controllable and making smooth turns. So whether, it is drop-through or drop down longboards you are using, these reverse kingpin trucks like Randal, Paris or Bear are best choices.

The base plates of trucks play an important role in handling smooth turns. High degree trucks with 50 degree lean would produce quicker response than the tilt of 40 degrees which will give you stability at high speed.


Any sports played on concrete or hard turf, needs a definite protection and safety measures. Longboarding is one of them. While speeding downhill or just weaving through crowd taking a Freeride, protective gear is a must as the fall on such hard surface or at such high speed could prove fatal.

BEST LONGBOARD KNEE PADS, ELBOW PADLongboard Protective Gear is a must for amateur and pro alike and includes kneepads and elbow pads. So when you decide to take longboarding as a hobby, first thing on your purchasing list should be names of your Best Longboard Accessories.

The knee pad that comes with longboarding has hard shell, for obvious reasons. And elbow pads comes in breathable and flex material with EVA foam placed to absorb the shock of the fall while outside of the elbow is protected with ABS plastic shell.


Any vehicle or wheeled object moving at night without lights is at risk of accident. Longboarding is a wheeled sports and Longboard Lights is a very useful addition to the Longboard accessories. Longboard Headlights and tail lights are very necessary items if you are used to longboarding at night time as well, especially going downhill.

BEST LONGBOARD ACCESSORIES LIGHTSThese lights are easy to install and easy to uninstall as well. They are protected by the wheels and truck of the longboard and don’t cover the artwork of the longboard that you want to show off as well. The car drivers moving through the same road, coming from opposite direction will give way and stop once they notice these lights giving them idea about what’s coming ahead.


Shoes are the most underrated accessory that should have been given an equal importance as any other accessory being selected. While taking the joyride on longboards, need to stop occur occasionally and sometimes, emergency brakes are more than necessary.


In order to control speed and turns, or just come to a complete halt, Longboard Shoe Foot Braking is used as braking mechanism more commonly. For this, your shoes should be durable and designed to withstand such harsh treatment.

Therefore, we are going to suggest you invest in getting longboard friendly shoes as well. The shape and design of longboarding shoes are quite different from your running shoes, which are not recommended at all to be used for this sports. So buying an appropriate pair of shoes makes whole lot of difference in making surfing a safe sport.


Leather is the favorite fabric of motor sports enthusiasts as it gives the perfect aerodynamic feel to the fabric and the person wearing it. It’s a highly durable fabric used by ardent motor cyclist, cyclists and racers. Its cool designs and high functionality always makes it a favorite. Longboarding Leathers are durable and stitched to perfection for long boarders to avoid quality control issues.

BEST LEATHER LONGBOARDING SUITThese suits are mostly bought by longboard racers or pros. Its aerodynamic design makes it the ideal apparel while bombing downhill at high speed. For this reason, the suits for longboarding are made according to the shape of our body and are close fitted. They offer very little air resistance, while boosting your confidence in moving ever faster. So getting quality Longboarding Leathers is important as well.


Getting good quality Longboarding accessories and Protective Gear is mandatory, not a luxury. Everything, from a helmet to kneepad, from headlights to a body hugging suit, has a vital purpose to serve which cannot be ignored at any cost. Some of them are going to cost a hefty amount but considering your life is more precious, this should be overlooked completely.

So, if you really want an exhilarating yet safe experience of longboarding, these things are a must buy and will help you in ways you least expected. So, don’t worry too much about the cost; consider the benefits you are reaping with safe landings you have to face as an amateur. And last, but not the least; before buying anything, make sure about the authencity of product you are getting and never compromise on the quality of the product.

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