The Best Roller Skates that Fires Up Your Skating Passion

A passionate skater definitely can not miss this article! If you are one, why hesitate? Dive in and we will walk you through the journey of finding the best roller skates!

Owning a suitable roller skate can bring about a great skating experience. Furthermore, we will offer you guidance on how to take care of your most cherished partner. We want you to make the most out of your skate shoes, as well as use them to their fullest potential. Sounds great, right? Then shall we start?

10 Best Roller Skates That Fires Up Your Skating Passion

We will introduce the top 5 most sought-after options on the market. Scroll down and find the best roller skates for you!

5 Best Roller Skates Review

1. Candi Girl by Roller Derby

Candi Girl by Roller DerbyHere comes the first product of today! Let’s say hello to the Candi Girl by the brand Roller Derby. with 5 options of color, this roller skate is always the wish of all young girls.

As an item for outdoor uses, this roller skate can bring you a great experience no matter which type of terrains you ride on. Its solid wheels size is about 66 mm x 38mm, providing for you the smoothest ride. Even when you need to speed up, those wheels will do their best to meet your needs.

Typically, the ankle of the young girls and ladies is quite weak. So if the roller skates can not create enough comfort, they will feel hard to ride and may get into some terrible accidents.

Understanding clearly the problem of the female skaters, the manufacturer has added some soft pads to the inside of those rolling shoes. Thus, the pads can create a softness to support the ankle really well.

Because the product is designed to have ankle-length, it may be hard for you to put your foot in at the beginning. But believe us, after a while, you will feel comfortable.


  • The stopper can be taken out
  • The roller skate is durable
  • It has many colors for you to choose


  • It is hard to put your foot in
  • The surface is not of real leather

Verdict: Having a beautiful style with 5 different colors, this pair won’t fail to capture the hearts of many female skaters.

2. Men’s Classic by Chicago Skates

Men Classic by Chicago SkatesNow is a pair of wheel shoes for male skaters. Check out the Men’s Classic made by the company Chicago Skates. If you love a classic touch to your shoes, this product must be taken into consideration.

The highlight of this pair is the large brake in the front. As the brake is so large, you can suddenly stop without any trouble. On the other hand, if you need to start your skating, this brake allows you to do that quickly as well.

Like the previous product, the Chicago company has designed the inside of the shoes with soft pads to enhance comfort. In order to help you skate smoothly, these rolling shoes have high-quality wheels made of urethane. While riding, these wheels will absorb the shock, enabling you to experience comfort on any type of road.

For the downside, this product is not ideal for skaters who are heavy. So if you are not so light, we will advise you to purchase other items. Otherwise, you may create pressure on the wheels and break them down.


  • The product looks great
  • The pads inside the shoes create comfort to the ankle
  • You can ride smoothly with these roller skates


  • It can not support heavy people
  • The bearings are not good

Verdict: If you love classic roller skates, why don’t you go and buy this product?

3. Bullet Men’s Speed by Chicago Skates

Bullet Men Speed by Chicago SkatesWe will now move to another product of the Chicago Skates. If you are not a fan of ankle-length shoes, then the Chicago will bring you this low cut-boot product. Let’s see if it can meet your needs!

Just like the cousin ankle-length skates, this item has a classic design. The clearest point to notice is the large front brake. It is solid and big, allowing sudden stops. Its style brings you certain benefits. Due to the low cut design, your ankle can have a lot of freedom.

In addition, the surface of the shoes is made of high-quality vinyl to make sure for you about the time of use. Don’t believe us? Just try to wear it and see how long you can use it.

For the drawback, this item may not fit if your foot is too big. Because it has a small shape and solid material, you may feel uncomfortable and hurt at the toes while wearing.


  • The wheels can withstand pressure very well
  • It is another classic product
  • The materials make sure for you about the durability


  • You may feel uncomfortable if your feet are big
  • It is hard for you to control your movement while riding them

Verdict: This product is specially made for the type of people who love classic but hate ankle-length style wheel shoes.

4. Men’s Premium by Chicago Skates

Men Premium by Chicago SkatesHere come Chicago Skates’s roller skates again. But this time is a new version of the Men’s Classic. Check out the Men’s Premium with a lot of wonderful features!

Are you wondering what its special features are, right? The answer is the aluminum base plate, enabling you to modify the truck of the skates, thereby simplifying your turning on the way. Due to this aluminum plate, you can take great control of the wheels, making these wheel shoes suitable for both indoor and outdoor riding.

In spite of the fact that this product is an upgraded version of the old Men’s Classic, it still has an affordable price. In fact, the difference in the price between the two Chicago’s items is not so far. So if you love modern style, you are able to buy it at a cheap cost.

Although the manufacturer has focused on improving this product, it is still unable to support heavy skaters. As the wheels are easy to break down, a heavyweight is a little bit too much for them.


  • The high top style looks really cool
  • The product can support your ankle well due to the pads inside
  • You have no problem to put your feet in


  • This product is not ideal for heavy people
  • It has bad bearings

Verdict: If you are a beginner in roller skating, you should consider buying these wheel shoes. Wearing them, you will get no trouble to control your movement while riding.

5. Rock GT-50 Black by Sure-Grip

Rock GT-50 Black by Sure-GripThe last product on our list is the Rock GT-50 by the brand Sure-Grip. This roller skate is quite easy to use, so it will be perfect for any skating starter from children to adults.

The truck of this item is made from metal. Thus, you will have no complaint about its strength. As you are on the ride, you will feel smooth even on the bad terrain.

In addition, the Sure-Grip company has added some urethane cushions inside the shoe. Believe us. You can not imagine how soft and comfortable you will feel when putting the feet inside.

No matter if you are a boy or a girl, you can fit your feet into these shoes without trouble. At first, this product was only made to suit men’s size. But after some time, the Sure-Grip decided to create another size for women.

However, the wheels that come along with this product are only ideal for indoor use. it can be broken down if you ride it around the town. But maybe that is not a big deal to you, right? you can always afford extra wheels that are designed for outdoor use to assemble in this lovely product.


  • It is suitable for beginners
  • The product has sizes for both men and women


  • You may have to replace the wheels in order to have better outdoor ride

Verdict: If you need a pair of roller skates to learn skating, you should put this product on your buying list.

How to Select the Best Roller Skates?

There are so many types of wheel shoes on the market that make you confused while buying. But don’t worry, we will teach you how to choose the Best Roller Skates right now!


WheelsIf you look for a roller skater for the first time, pay attention to the wheels. Regular skates will have 4 wheels, soft or hard. consider which best suits you.

Typically, wheel stiffness will range from 0 to 100A. Wheels with a hardness level near zero will be softer.

To make it easier to imagine, you can refer to the following information:

Hard wheels have a longer lifespan while softer wheels have a shorter lifespan. However, stiffer wheels are less clingier and don’t absorb shock as well as soft wheels.


BearingsBearings are components you need to consider. Normally, most people do not care about this factor, however, standard bearings will make you feel more secure when skating. Since skates are regularly displayed and tried by many people, they can get dusty and even wet. When the bearings get wet for a long time, it can break down and make the skates unstable.

Hard-boot Vs Soft-boot

Hard-boot Vs Soft-bootRoller skate has 2 types: hard-boots (or hard-shells) or soft-boots (or soft-shells). Each type will have its own advantages and purposes.

For hard-boots, you can use it to exercise, run, or longer rides because they support very well and are stable for a long time. Besides, when the liner of hard-boots gets worn out, you can replace them if needed.

On the other hand, soft-boots are suitable for dancing in the disco because of its flexibility. In addition, soft-boots are lighter than hard-boots and have better ventilation.


SizeWearing shoes must always be properly sized. If with ordinary shoes, you need to wear the right foot size, then with a roller skate, you should choose a little wider shoe.

A suitable pair of skates needs to be strong around your feet and when you put it on, you do not feel too tight or too loose. However, since roller skates are always thicker than normal shoes, you should choose a wider size.

In addition, you should also read the size guide for each type of skate you choose or consult a salesperson.

In any case, you should practice skating at home first. Better yet, if you wear shoes and your toes do not touch the nose of the skate, it is a suitable pair of roller skates.

Skate Protection

Skate ProtectionRoller skating can be dangerous for beginners. Therefore, protecting yourself for safety is never redundant.

Helmets are the most important tool. In addition, you can use additional wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads for complete protection. When you feel safe, you will have more confidence to learn skating.

The Right Way to Care for Your Roller Skate

The Right way to care for your roller skateIt is not great to see your Best Roller Skates runs down after a time of use, right? Thus, you have to learn how to take care of your skate in order to make it durable.

Following our tips below, you can maintain your lovely wheel shoes.

  • Your Skate Should Not Be Wet
    If the shoes get wet, you have to dry them with a dryer or a towel right. Otherwise, their quality will get worse. More specifically, dirt, mud, and stains will be able to get into all important parts like wheels, bearings, leading to malfunction. Moreover, if the wheels get wet, they will be very slippery, making it difficult for you to keep balance.
  • You Should Check The Toe Stops And Trucks Often
    Don’t forget to check the toe stops and trucks on a weekly basis. If anything goes bad, you should replace it with a new one soon. Unless you want to make yourself hard to ride and get in some accidents.
  • The Bearings Have To Work Smoothly
    The bearings decide if your roller skate can run well or not. Therefore, you need to make sure that they work smoothly. If you see something stuck on them, get rid of it, and clean the bearings.

Benefits of Roller Skating that Might Surprise You

Benefits Of Roller SkatingIf you use the Best Roller Skates, you will receive a lot of benefits. From here, we will dive into the details to see which good things you can benefit while skating.

  1. It can improve your mood! In fact, skating seems to be a connection between you and other people. Thanks to it, you can spend time having fun with them.
  2. It is a type of work out! Not only having fun, you can receive a lot of health benefits. More specifically, while skating, you can burn a lot of calories and improve your flexibility.
  3. You can learn new techniques while riding roller skates. Recognized as a performing sport, skating has many great skills that you can learn and do.
  4. If you often have stress, you can see this sport as a way to relax. Typically, when you try to keep balance and move while skating, you have to breathe much. And breathing helps you to keep calm and make you more comfortable.


What Is The Difference Between Roller Skate And Inline Skate?

The difference between the two types of skates is the position of the four wheels.

Roller skate, also known as squad skate, has 4 large wheels usually arranged with 2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels, which creates a balance for the user.

On the other hand, inline skates also have 4 wheels but they are thinner and arranged in a vertical line. However, this type of skate is more difficult to balance, not suitable for beginners.

How Often Should I Take Care Of The Bearings?

We will say that the more often you take care of them, the better. If you are a busy person who does not have much time for caring for your shoes, you can do this job for about once per week.

Which Brand Sells Good Classic Roller Skates?

If you need good classic roller skates, we recommend your products from brand Chicago Skates. This company is famous for two classic roller skates: Men’s Classic and Bullet Men’s Speed.


In conclusion, we have given you the top 5 wheels shoes that are very popular on the market. Hopefully, you can find the Best Roller Skates for yourself through our guide. For further questions, please get in touch with us. And you will get your answer in the shortest time.

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