Discover the Best Scooter Brands & Products – 2023 Review

Scooters have gone through quite the transformation, shifting from a cherished pastime for kids to a bustling industry. They’ve also become a favored mode of short-distance travel, thanks to their hassle-free parking.

In recent times, scooter brands have undergone remarkable metamorphoses, offering distinct designs and features to entice a diverse customer base. In this article, I’m thrilled to introduce you to 2023’s standout 8 best scooter brands. It’s my aim to help you discover that one special scooter that perfectly aligns with your unique needs and preferences.

Scooter Brands

Best Scooters For Adults

1st Place: Razor Scooters (98/100)

There is no doubt that Razor did a great job in the field of kick scooters. Coming to scooters, Razor surely ranks at the top of the industry.

The company was built and developed in 2000. With the good experience in making high-quality scooters for people of all ages, Razor has become one of the best kick scooter brands in the world.

Their first scooter model was released in the market in 2000 and over the 6 month period, it has sold out 5 million product, exceeding the expectation.

After that, the Razor made and released 38 scooter models to satisfy the need of customers.

This company makes sure they create the best scooters with high quality by completely controlling every single stage. The result is they have created a safe and better-built product.

Although having the success, Razor still wants to make great innovations on their products without resting on the laurels. They improve their design to create an innovated model that functions in similar but performs more excellently.

With the attractive design and high quality, Razor deserves to be the best scooter brand in the world.

When you purchase a scooter from Razor brand, you are getting the best scooter among the others in the market.

Razor Scooters

2nd Place: District Scooters (95/100)

District is a freestyle scooter company that starts their business in 2007 but has gained a lot of reputation, marking it as the first company focusing on the pro scooters.

During that time, the only scooter present was the toy scooter that was designed with the plastic cored wheels and folding bars.

District was the first company that recognized the huge need and demand in scootering.

Scooters of District are the best choice for players of all ages. So, why is this brand so popular today?

In 2008, District innovated their scooters with aluminum material and revolutionized with the featherweight scooters. Nowadays, District Scooter has become the leading lightweight scooter brand in the world.

Its pros are more than that.

It offers the complete range of scooter parts and focuses on the details such as forks, decks, clamps, bars, headsets, peg, grips and more.

It also launches multiple versions so that the customers can have a wide option.

District Scooters

3rd Place: Fuzion Scooters (90/100)

Starting the business in 2006, Fuzion has soon dominated the market of scooters and become one of the best scooter brands.

What makes them stand out among a crowd of scooters and other brands?

Made of good material, the Fuzion scooters are very durable, strong and neat.

No matter whether you are the beginners or professional players, you still find the models of Fuzion that suit your needs.

To own a Fuzion scooter with the high quality, you do not need to spend too much money.

The Fuzion brands also offer many affordable items that are suitable for someone who is in a tight budget but still wants to buy good quality scooter.

More things special about Fuzion Scooter brand?

Fuzion has created a new wind in the market with as they designed and launched 4 wheel scooters in the market. These products soon become the best sellers.

For all pros, the Fuzion brand deserves to rank the 2nd among the top scooter brands in the world.

Fuzion Scooters

4th Place: URB-E Scooters (83/100)

URB-E from the United States is a smaller scooter brand that competes against brands such as Tesla, Charge Point and Bikeberry. This scooter brand is made and designed in Pasadena California and supported technology by Porsche Lead Engineer.

Coming to scooters, this brand has created the top-performing products and ranked the 4th out of the top scooter brands in the world.

The success of URB-E has the contribution of every manufacturer, designer, and engineer.

The designer of URB-E is an American who is good at making transportation design with more than twenty-year experience. The co-founder of URB-E is Sven Etzelsberger who has worked in the automotive industry for about 20 years.

So, it is a reason why the design and facilities of URB-E Scooters are more outstanding than other brands.

The quality and values of URB-E scooters are praised by a lot of customers.

Most of the products of URB-E has a simple design, multiple purposes, and a super long-lasting battery that is great for city riding.

URB-E Scooters

5th Place: Phoenix Scooters (79/100)

Since the first journey in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, Phoenix has made its presence quickly in the market as the top brand for the professional level scooters.

Designed with the wider wheels and a larger deck, Phoenix scooters come up with high quality and attractive design.

The company wants to focus on are the intermediate and advanced players. All products of Phoenix are designed by the leading mechanical engineers.

The model’s designs have to undergo Finite Element Analysis, extensive 3D modeling, and stress testing before being launched in the market

The Phoenix manufacturer focuses on every detail, from the aluminum material, impressive deck graphics, sophisticated design, and features, to maintain the best quality.

They want to make sure their products will meet the demands of professional scooter players.

So, Phoenix has introduced the high quality, well-performing scooters. Included the list of leading scooter brands and ranking the 5th, Phoenix will continue to go forward in the future.

The products of Phoenix are always welcomed in the market. No matter which one you choose, you never feel disappointed with the purchase.

Phoenix Scooters

6th Place: Envy Scooter (74/100)

This scooter company has two names: Envy and Blunt. The name Envy is popular in the United States and Australia while the Blunt is well-known in Europe or the UK.

However, no matter which name is called, the Envy Scooter or Blunt Scooter is one of the best scooter brands for both complete pro scooters and freestyle scooter components.

First established in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, Evy Scooters has built a global status, giving great representation over the world.

The products of the Envy brand are getting better and better, receiving the support of people.

With a good experience, this company has launched a number of innovative and high-quality scooters that are praised not only by customers but also by professionals.

What makes scooter rider love Envy products?

All of the products of Envy possess a remarkably innovative design, awesome technology and modern components that make them stand out in the market.

They have continued for the good run with the mission of “making the best freestyle scooter products on earth.”

Envy Scooter

7th Place: Lucky Scooters (71/100)

If you want to buy an attractive scooter with amazing graphics that is the most durable, the best choice is the Lucky brand.

In fact, Lucky is not just a scooter manufacturer. Starting the business in 2008, the Lucky features a lifestyle.

However, after launching several scooter models, this brand has been praised by customers.

Rapidly, the Lucky brand is developing the simple but high-quality kick scooters for not only kids but also adults.

This brand has really taken the designs seriously that shows in their scooter models. Believed to be the brand for the young generation, Lucky offers the beautifully designed scooters with impressive graphics.

For someone who prefers high-quality scooters with up-to-date and stylish looks, Lucky will suit you at its best.

Lucky Scooters

8th Place: Vokul Scooters (67/100)

Situated in Shenzhen Gongming area, China, Shenzhen Vokul Sports Equipment Co,ltd under the Vokul brand is a giant scooter company that started a business in 2005.

Vokul focuses on two-wheel scooters, electric scooters, new stunt scooters, and children scooters.

The scooters of Vokul always come in variations; therefore, it is a reason why this brand is loved and welcomed by a lot of customers of all ages from children to adults.

To provide the high quality and most trending scooters for their customers, Volkul has hired R$D team who have the great professional skills and great experience in making standard and highest quality products in the United States and European.

Being lightweight and easy-to-use, most of the Vokul scooters are the perfect choice for young rider and children.

It is not surprising when Vokul is also included in the list of top scooter brands in the world, deserving to be ranked 8th.

Vokul Scooters

Wrapping Up

There is a wide choice of scooter brands with different sizes, styles, and prices.

Although this research can not cover all awesome scooter brands in the world, I guarantee that the scooters from these above brands always satisfy the demand and needs of customers because they ensure the top quality and values. Let’s purchase and you will not be disappointed.

I hope this article gives you useful information and helps you decide which scooter brands you like the most. If you feel this article useful, please share with your friends.

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