Which Self Balance Scooter with Bluetooth Is the Best in 2023?

Although a self balance scooter isn’t a new product, it’s still popular and used widely nowadays. Knowing this thing, the manufacturers always try to design and upgrade this product with many new styles and features, bringing to their customers a lot of wonderful experiences. And this time, they release a self balance scooter with Bluetooth.

Top 10 Self-balance Scooters With Bluetooth

5 Best Self balance Scooter With Bluetooth Review

1. Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter 6.5 Inch by SISIGAD

Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter by SISIGAD

No need to worry about any electrical issues while riding this scooter. Additionally, if you encounter any problems with the hoverboard, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Wearing headphones while riding a scooter can be uncomfortable, right? That’s why the provider has incorporated a wireless speaker into this scooter. As a result, you can enjoy music throughout your journey without the need for earphones or headphones.

Moreover, this product is equipped with a high-energy Li-ion battery. This allows for quick charging and provides you with an extended ride time. Additionally, you can reach a top speed of 15 km/h, thanks to the dual 300W motors.

Remember one thing: Don’t let too much weight on it. If you do that, the scooter has to work more. And of course it will cost more power. That means also that you will have less time of using it.


  • The speaker plays good audio
  • You can go fast with this scooter


  • It can not hold heavy weight
  • It may run out of battery soon


If you like high speed ride, This product will suit you perfectly.

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2. 6.5 inch Self Balancing Hoverboards by VEVELINE

Self Balancing Hoverboards by VEVELINEThis hoverboard supports anyone who is 6 years old or older. With the ability to hold up to 70 kgs weight, this scooter is nearly suitable for all types of people.

If you’re in search of a quality-assured balancing scooter, this product fits the bill. It holds the UL 2272 certification, ensuring your safety without any risks.

Moreover, this scooter features a robust engine that enables faster and smoother rides. It can reach a top speed of 10 km/h, and even at this higher speed, it maintains excellent balance.

Additionally, this product is equipped with a LED light and a tricolor wheel light for night-time use. When combined with its Bluetooth speaker, the scooter creates captivating effects, giving you a disco-like experience.

Regardless of the type of terrain, this scooter offers an exceptionally smooth ride. Whether on highways, grass, sand, or even rocky roads, it ensures you maintain stability throughout.

There is only a disadvantage to this item. If it must hold too much heavyweight, it may run out of battery early. It is easy to understand, isn’t it? The more the engine has to work, the more energy this scooter burns.


  • It is easy to use
  • It creates many cool effects with its LED lights
  • It has Bluetooth connection to play music


  • It runs out of battery soon
  • It can not hold more than 100 kg

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3. 6.5 Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard for Kids by UNI-SUN

Bluetooth Hoverboard for Kids by UNI-SUN

This delightful product undergoes rigorous checks, ensuring its safety during use. You can rest assured that there won’t be any electrical or overburning issues. Notably, it holds certifications from CE, FCC, UL 2272, and RoHS, attesting to its quality.

Additionally, it features a wireless speaker with Bluetooth capability. This allows you to connect it to various portable devices such as laptops, smartphones, and MP3 players, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music and audiobooks.

And here’s the icing on the cake – its two wheels come equipped with charming LED sidelights and a front light. When combined with the speaker, you’ll experience a cool visual effect while riding.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has integrated a smart system into the scooter. This system automatically adjusts to align with your body balance. It contains chips that facilitate simpler and safer control.

If you love fast speed, then you can go up to 15 km/h with this electric scooter. Additionally, the dual 300 Watts motor allows you to go on a distance of 15 km for just one charge.

With other normal self-balancing scooters, you may get small trouble. While you are riding, the scooter suddenly stops, right? But this one is not like so. Right in the middle of the scooter, there is an indicator that tells you when the battery is low. Therefore, it is easy for you to know when you need to charge.

There is a bad side to this product. If you suddenly take out the charger while it’s charging so many times, then its charging system may be broken. As a sequence, the product will say its energy is full, although there is no power inside it.


  • It can be used at night
  • You can master it in a few minutes
  • It is suitable for any difficult terrain


  • The charger quality is not well
  • The spinning may get trouble sometime

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4. Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooters 6.5 Inch by Flying-ant

Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooters by Flying-antBeing certified by UL 2272, this self-balancing scooter makes sure for you about your safety. More specifically, it will not has short-circuit, or burn itself on fire while functioning. Thus, you can avoid hurting yourself and other people.

If you just get started to learn riding hoverboard, this scooter will be a good option. It has non-slip foot pads so that you can stand on and keep balance better. As a sequence, you can learn how to use it in a very short time.

Furthermore, this product is installed LED flashlights on wheels, the front side and backside, helping you to see the road well in the dark. Besides, it has a strong shell and powerful motor that will support you to have the fastest speed.

Especially, this product has a speaker that can be connected through Bluetooth. Therefore, instead of using earphones, you can ride with an open sound, avoid getting unexpected accidents.

While you are riding, you can look down to see the power light. It is a light indicator that will tell you if the battery is full or low. With this function, you can charge the scooter on time without waiting for it to suddenly shut down.

Sometime the charging port may be loose. But don’t worry, you just need to keep it at a suitable angle and the problem will be solved.


  • The old people can use this product well
  • It is suitable for beginners


  • The charging port is sometimes loose

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5. 6.5 Inch Spider Web Edition Hoverboard by TPS

Spider Web Edition Hoverboard by TPSThis electric self-balancing scooter can connect to your devices through Bluetooth. Therefore you can both ride it and listen to music at the same time.

The manufacturer cares about the user’s safety. So they focus on producing the best quality products. As a sequence, this hoverboard has passed all tests of UL 2272, making sure that it will not damage you during the ride.

Moreover, this scooter has a great system that supports self-balancing very well. Due to this ability, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you can ride this board with ease.

If you want to know about its power, we will say that this scooter is really powerful. Coming along with a 36V/2A rechargeable battery is a good quality charger and dual 300 Watts motors. Therefore, the scooter is able to support a 90 kg person to reach up to 9.5 km/h.

What makes this hoverboard different from the others is its special style. As you can see, it looks really impressive due to its spider web cover and the rubber non-slip footpads. Moreover, the LED lights on both sides are stuck with the spider web stickers as well. So if you are a fan of spiderman, you definitely have to buy this.

We have an advice for you before you buy this product. Check the Bluetooth function of this item carefully. Because this Bluetooth function can only support some type of device, so if your device is not compatible, you will get trouble while trying connecting.


  • It is safe to use
  • It has attractive style


  • It is not cheap
  • Bluetooth can only support some common devices

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Self-balance Scooters Choosing Tips

To help you choose the best self balance scooter with Bluetooth, we will give you some suggestions before you buy it. Let’s find out the tips to choose a scooter!

Battery Life

Battery lifeOne of the main reasons we like self-balancing scooters is that they are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. That is because they are powered by batteries.

However, for each scooter, the manufacturer designs different batteries. There are long-lasting batteries, while there are low-life or easy to decay.

Therefore, before buying any self-balancing scooters, you need to consider the types of batteries. Besides, you can also ask the salesperson, they will give the best advice.


SafetySafety always comes first. Safety will ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride. So before making a decision, check the safety of electric scooters. You can check by focusing on the following features of the self-balancing scooters:

  • Examine the presence of training wheels
  • Check the LED headlights
  • Control the maximum of seed
  • Ensure the low battery
  • Have smartphone apps connection


It is essential to consider your speed requirements before purchasing a self-balancing electric scooter with Bluetooth. Besides, you should also learn about the speed specifications that the manufacturer has provided. This parameter will help you to choose for yourself an electric scooter with the right speed for you.

In fact, most scooters have speeds over 10 miles per hour. However, this speed depends on the riding surface, temperature, weight of your body and also the battery life of the scooter.

Weight Limit

Weight limitWeight limit – everything has a limit! Right. Each scooter has its own weight limit. Therefore, in order to find the right electric scooter, you have to consider whether it can withstand your body weight.

Most self-balance scooter with Bluetooth will have a maximum weight of about 240lb. It means that it will withstand 240 lb or less of body weight. For people heavier than that weight, they will have to look for scooters that weigh up to 260 lb or more.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth SpeakerIt is important for you to know the quality of the scooter’s Bluetooth speaker. Normally, you can connect your devices through Bluetooth to the speaker to play music, audio or tunes. But in some situations, the Bluetooth may not support your device. Therefore, make sure that you ask the sellers clearly about the version of this wireless technology before deciding to buy a hoverboard.


When you buy a self balance scooter with Bluetooth, you may have one of these questions below. Let us check out.

How do I know that there is Bluetooth in my scooter?

Open your device’s setting. Find and turn your device’s Bluetooth connection. After that, you need to scan to find your speaker. When the connection is done, you can try playing some music to test if everything is ok or not. In case you connect correctly, the speaker will start playing tunes.

How does a hoverboard run?

The sensor system will combine with the chips in the hoverboard to navigate. As a sequence, if you lean your body in a direction, for example, “forward”, the sensor system will understand that you want to go straightly. Thus, the hoverboard will tilt forward.

In which age can I start to use the scooter?

Typically, a 6-year-old can handle this electric scooter quite adeptly. However, in the unfortunate event of an accident, there could be significant injuries. For the sake of safety, it’s advisable to begin riding at the age of 8. By this age, your body has developed enough to better withstand potential injuries from scooter riding.


To sum up, this article provides a wealth of valuable information about high-quality self-balancing scooters with Bluetooth, along with guidance on selecting the right one. We hope this article assists you in purchasing a reliable and enjoyable scooter.

Finally, thank you very much for taking the time to read!

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