Best Self-balancing Electric Scooter In 2023

Self-balancing electric scooter (also known as hoverboard) is a unique and smart technological toy for active young people that helps you move flexibly on the street.

Until now, a wide variety of self-balancing electric scooters have emerged, boasting modern designs, cutting-edge technology, and a range of price points. Thus, the question arises: how can one select the vehicle that aligns perfectly with their requirements and ensures utmost satisfaction?

Read our article, and we’ll acquaint you with the current top 5 self-balancing electric scooters available in the market!!

Top 10 Self-balancing Electric Scooters to Buy 2023

5 Best Self-balancing Electric Scooters Review

Here, we have summarized the most outstanding characteristics of the top 5 best self-balancing electric scooters in 2023. That will help you have a better overview when choosing the device which suits you best.

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot S

In our 2023 collection of top-tier self-balancing electric scooters, this device stands out as one of the most valuable products.

Located on the device’s front panel, you’ll find the power button, along with LED indicators for lock status, Bluetooth connectivity, speed limit, and battery level. Additionally, there are two headlights, while the 10.5-inch air-filled tires ensure a smooth ride.

At the device’s base, there’s a flat surface housing the charging port, protected by a small plastic casing for added durability during charging.

To unlock the full range of features, downloading the Segway Ninebot application is essential. This app offers convenient control options, including anti-theft measures, speed limits, firmware updates, remote controls, and more. It also provides clear instructions, especially beneficial for new users, ensuring maximum security.

With a compact design, this product weighs a mere 28 lbs and can support a maximum payload of 220 lbs, catering to both children and adults. The knee control bar can be swiftly removed, allowing the device to fit into tight spaces like a car trunk or backpack, facilitating easy transportation from one location to another

Also, Ninebot S has a powerful dual 400W motor, which helps it reach a top speed of 10 miles per hour. Especially with a single charge, you can go about 13.7 miles, giving you a fascinating experience when using.

However, this device is only for drivers from 16 to 60 years old to ensure absolute safety. And when accessing Segway’s app, it requires a lot of personal information, which can be frustrating for users.


  • Beautiful and unique design.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Intelligent battery management system.


  • Only people from 16 to 60 years old can use this device.

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TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed LED Hoverboard

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed HoverBoardWith UL2272 certification according to international safety standards, this product is one of the best self-balancing scooters for the active young.

Thanks to its durability, high heat resistance, and rugged rubber tires, this scooter is well-suited for all types of terrain. Whether you’re navigating slippery or uneven surfaces, you can expect an exceptional experience.

Furthermore, it boasts a variety of unique designs available in multiple colors, including black, blue, and pink. This allows you to select the perfect product that aligns with your personal style.

Despite its lightweight at just 17.6 lbs, it has an impressive weight capacity of up to 165 lbs. Powered by a sturdy and robust engine, this device can cover a distance of 12 miles on a single charge.

Notably, the Bluetooth 4.0 music speakers enable seamless connection to your phone, allowing you to immerse yourself in vibrant tunes. This feature ensures top-notch sound quality, creating ideal moments for relaxation.

However, it’s worth noting that this device lacks a dedicated learning mode for novice riders. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its operation before taking it for a spin, ensuring utmost safety for yourself and those around you


  • Fast charging time.
  • International safety certification.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 music speakers and LED lights.


  • It has no learning mode for new drivers.

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LIEAGLE Self Balancing Scooter

LIEAGLE Self Balancing ScooterLIEAGLE hoverboard is beautifully designed with many color options such as black, pink, white, and blue. This device is easy to use and maintain balance. Therefore, it is very suitable for new users of this type of transportation.

Just look through the instruction manual and practice a few times, you can confidently move with this vehicle such as going straight, turn left, turn right, or turn back as you like.

This device has a powerful 300-watt dual motor, so you can reach speeds up to 7.5 MPH per hour, which brings you exciting experiences with smooth journeys.

Besides, the pedal is designed with an anti-slip feature, helping you to keep stable when standing on it. It also helps the driver not feel tired when having to use the device for a long time.

In particular, this product has built-in wireless speaker support, so you can easily connect to mobile devices in just a few seconds. Thus, you can relax with great tunes or your favorite books without having to wear headphones.

However, the battery life does not last long. After only a short time of use, the battery function will gradually disappear. Therefore, if you do not want to affect the long journey, you will have to spend some money to replace another battery.


  • Easy to learn.
  • Stable control.
  • Strong motor.
  • Wireless Bluetooth.


  • Short battery life.

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Gyroor Hoverboard

Gyroor HoverboardThis device is one of the best self-balancing electric scooters for families because it is easy to use and suitable for all ages. It has a sporty style with a youthful and dynamic design, which helps you look very cool when riding this hoverboard.

Besides, Gyroor self-balancing scooter is covered by a super hard shell with an 8.5-inch solid rubber sole and a 700-watt motor, helping you confidently move on any terrain.

With the perfect combination of good quality raw material and high-tech production process, this transporter has received international safety certification. Therefore, it will definitely bring you great experience.

In particular, music lovers should not ignore this vehicle because it has an additional music speaker with excellent sound quality, providing fun and comfortable trips. Also, the sparkling LED lights make it more attractive.

However, its weight is quite heavy, about 35 lbs. Therefore, if you have poor health or a slim body, it is challenging for you to carry them with you for a long time.


  • Good self-balancing mode.
  • Strong engine.
  • It can move on any terrain.


  • Heavyweight product.

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Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard

Beston Sports Newest GenerationThis self-balancing transporter leaves a deep impression on users with a beautiful and unique design accompanied by a variety of color options. That brings satisfaction to the driver because they can choose the product that best suits their style and personality.

This device is a new generation of self-balancing electric scooters from Beston brand with many outstanding features. It uses perfect self-balancing technology along with safety battery device, making it friendlier with the environment.

Besides, with just one full charge, you can use this product continuously with a maximum distance of 12 km and speed of 10 km per hour. Charging time lasts from three to five hours.

Specifically, the pedal boasts a robust rubber sole, enhancing its anti-slip capabilities for improved performance. This not only affords the driver enhanced stability in controlling speed and balance but also ensures absolute protection.

Furthermore, the high-intensity headlights make you highly visible, particularly in the evening, ensuring safer movement and creating enjoyable moments of relaxation.

However, with its 6.5-inch tire size, navigating rough terrain may prove challenging. Consequently, this device is best suited for individuals who primarily travel on flat surfaces


  • Unique and beautiful design.
  • Many outstanding color options.
  • Fast-moving speed.


  • It is only suitable for use on flat surfaces.

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Features And Benefits Of A Self-balancing Electric Scooter

Features And BenefitsThe self-balancing electric scooter is a new form of transportation that is going to allow you to get from point A to point B much safer and faster than you would before.

Besides, it looks like skateboards, but control based on your standing position. When you bend forward, the hoverboard will go straight ahead. Conversely, when you lean back, it will brake.

Controlling the hoverboard is not easy, especially how to balance it. However, once you get used to it, you will find it extremely interesting.

Therefore, after working hours with a computer in the office or at school, if you need to relax, a self-balancing electric scooter will be your companion.

Many people choose to bring this device to the plaza or to spacious places to have fun. The use of hoverboards sometimes brings the whole family closer together, thanks to memorable and respectful moments of appreciation.

In addition, this vehicle can help a lot of people, especially students, to move to school or to work more convenient and much easier. They can move quickly on the sidewalk with a self-balancing electric scooter, regardless of traffic congestion on the side.

Thanks to the significant utilities that this product brings, it is becoming more and more popular and trusted by many people to use to express their personality.

Surely, you will have an exciting moving experience when you ride a hoverboard.

How To Choose The Best Self-balancing Electric Scooter?

Nowadays, there are many types of self-balancing electric scooters on the market. Therefore, you must consider many different aspects to choose the best product that can meet your needs.

Safety Assurance

Safety AssuranceFirst, you need to check if the product you are about to purchase has a UL international certificate of safety or not. What criteria helped it pass that safety test?

Although most self-balancing electric scooter models are now certified for safety, you should still check it yourself before buying any device.

Wheel Size

Wheel SizeCurrently, on the market, there are popular 2-wheel self-balancing electric scooters with the main dimension of wheels being 6.5 inches, 8.5 inches, and 10 inches.

If you want to use the vehicle on flat terrain with a short distance such as moving in the park or the square, the device with wheels from 6.5 to 8.5 inches is suitable.

Besides, if you use it to move a lot in a large warehouse or a factory, a self-balancing transporter with 10-inch wheels is a better choice.


EngineThe more powerful the engine is, the smoother your device glides. With a good engine, it can catch better speeds, climb and load better.

Currently, there are popular 200-250W and 300-350W motor models. In particular, the 300-350W motor is a line of engines produced with new technology, increasing power but minimizing noise and heat. It also helps your smart electric scooter run faster and glide smoothly without overheating.


SpeedMost self-balancing electric vehicles currently on the market have an average speed of 10-20 Mph per hour. Comes with it is the braking mode when going downhill or controlling the speed to prevent the vehicle from exceeding the allowed speed.

Vehicles with a maximum speed of over 20 Mph are considered unsafe and can be dangerous to the driver. Therefore, you should pay attention to these criteria when choosing to buy a self-balancing electric scooter.


How Old Can Children Use Self-balancing Electric Scooters?

Today, there are many types of hoverboards manufactured on the market, for both adults and children. However, children from 10 years old can use this device most safely because they already know how to use it if their parents teach them.

When choosing self-balancing transporters for children, make sure that they are designed for them.

Are Self-balancing Scooters Safe To Use?

Most of these devices have international safety certificates. However, when shopping, you should still carefully check the specifications and its characteristics. If you read the instructions cautiously before use and practice them carefully, it is safe for you.

Can Self-balancing Scooters Go On Rough Roads?

It depends on the type of wheel and tire. Many kinds of tires have enough power to move on rough roads, but some tires can only travel on flat surfaces. Therefore, you should pay attention to the size and material of the wheel and tire before buying.

Final Words

In this article, we have summarized the top 5 best self-balancing electric scooter models. Each vehicle has its advantages and drawbacks. Hopefully, the above information will partly answer your concerns. If you still have any questions or experiences related to this topic, please let us know in the comments below.

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