Best Shark Wheels Review

Best Shark Wheels ReviewI remember I could always relate wheels to the round shape. But recently, I have come across a unique aura given to wheels. Shark wheels as they are named are cubes, squares and circular, and all at the same time. These wheels are speedy and keep up the momentum.

Wheels have been around for quite some time and have proven to be useful with its round property and easy to rotate as a result. But a shocking and remarkable invention coined in history is a different, unique yet useful wheel shape for longboards as ‘shark wheels.’ These shark wheels revolve around its axis, and they are available in square, circle, cubes and sine waves shapes, equally well. A few are;

Top Best Shark Wheels

Shark Wheels are faster

The first time I tried out a longboard I was quite restless but it’s just too exciting to try out this modified shark wheels longboard. I did not know how would be this experience of cruising overboard with shark wheels. When I started cruising, I felt there was less to no friction, and gradually speed did increase and was a bit faster than a regular cruise board or longboard.

A speed test was carried out to see the difference. This test was conducted between standard Rayne longboard wheels and Shark Wheels. Results are as in the table below;

Great Grip and Sliding Control

The lip-like shape of shark wheels provides an added grip and control over a slide. The catches-releases formula is very much like a car’s anti lock brake system. While sliding, the wheels continue to spin which result in great grip and slide control.

More Traction on Varying Terrain

Shark wheels, because of the unique shape, excellent grip and slide control, give you more traction on varying terrain. They have the sine wave pattern which keeps debris aside and makes your ride enjoyable.

Improved Traction in Rain and Gravel

You can ride on a wet surface with unmatchable grip, and go incredibly smooth through gravel. It is safer to ride on a longboard using shark wheels because they give you so much control.

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Wheel Range


The best thing about shark wheels is that it comes in various colors, so you have a variety of colors to choose from. There is also a range of wheels you can want from;

Diameters: The diameter ranges from 60mm and goes up to 70mm. The 60mm diameter wheels will have faster acceleration, but top speed is less. The negative of such is that they won’t roll over debris. Whereas, those shark wheels with 70mm diameter can quickly roll over debris.

Durometers: The range for a durometer is 78 to 80A. The softness of wheels depends upon its durometer. The lower the number, the softer the wheel. Hard wheels make your ride harder on rough terrain whereas, soft wheels provide more grip on rough grounds and give you high speed.

Downhill, Cruising

Shark wheels have the wave pattern designed which allows a little part of the wheel to touch the ground. Therefore, this particular design makes it less friction and helps the riders easily pick up speed. Shark wheel control will exceed your expectations and it will keep stabilize even at high speed. They behave just like other wheels, so you can easily control shark wheels as you control regular wheels under any circumstance.

However, if you want to do some tricks with it you should choose a specialized kind of board to do this job. Non smooth surface, but it brings the smooth ride.

1. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a

Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings

The traditional wheels at times made it harder for me to control the ride over a slippery surface. The grip was not under control, and it used to turn into scary ride instead of fun and adventurous one. After trying out both traditional wheels and Shark Wheel and can surely say that Shark wheel have proven to be the superior set of wheels in my opinion with far more advanced features.

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a gives better slide control and rolls great over rough terrains. This shark wheel is excellent and better than any other wheel. The shape is neither completely square and is not like a cube, but it is a hybrid reinvention. They are sine shaped wheels, but the shape does not make them any slower. Though they look square when roll. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a are considered perfect for high performance and cruising.

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a, Skateboard Cruising Wheels, California Roll, Green, Set of 4 Wheels
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE WHEELS: Our long boards skateboard wheels helps you build and maintain speed on rough terrain or skate ramp. The unique wave pattern of the wheels helps to deflect debris and obstacles, so you can keep on rolling.
  • LONG-LASTING SKATE TOOL - Built with quality and functionality in mind, these long board wheels will let you cruise with confidence. Gear up and try these wheels out on a nearby road, skateboard rail, or ramps!
  • IMPROVED SKATING EXPERIENCE: Shark Wheels offers a variety of skateboard wheels that provide a number of benefits, including reduced friction, increased longevity, abrasion resistance, and improved off-road performance.
  • MADE IN USA: All of our wheels are made right here in the United States. Using the best local materials to give the skating community the wheels they deserve. Take your skate sessions to new heights with Shark Wheels.
  • Shark Wheels are all-terrain wheels that offer high performance, long-lasting durability, and are made in the USA. They are perfect for skating on any surface, including rocky roads, parks, beaches, ramps, and rails. The unique wave pattern of the wheels helps to deflect debris and obstacles, so you can keep on rolling. Shark Wheels are made with quality in mind and are built to last. They are also made in the USA using the best local materials.

2. Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a

Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings

For a noticeably smoother ride, Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a is a good option. These wheels are handy over different pavement qualities.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels are the next level of reinvention in the field of wheels. The 70mm Shark Wheel Sidewinder formula 78a Longboard Wheels offer a smooth ride. It also has an edge of providing exceptional control and holds. These 70mm Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels act impressive over rough terrain.

3. Shark Wheels with FREE Abec 9 Shiver Bearings

Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings

I love to slide; these wheels are an added advantage to those who love speed and sliding.

Shark Wheels with FREE Abec 9 Shiver Bearings are considered to be the best wheels in the world. They are remarkable over rough terrain. Their lifeline is 15% longer than the other wheels in the industry, and this is a scientifically proven fact. The secret behind smooth ride lies in less friction it produces even over rough terrains. You can longboard fast without putting in much effort. It also provides excellent control of sliding surfaces.

4. Shark Wheel 70mm Skateboard Wheel | 78a Ghost Formula Clear with Abec 9 Bearings

Yellow Jacket 608 Premium Bearings

These wheels are perfect for downhill and free ride. I do like a shape of shark wheels, but the grooves and additional traction are amazing.

Shark Wheel 70mm Skateboard Wheel | 78a Ghost Formula Clear with Abec 9 Bearings is a brand new addition. It provides excellent control for tight turns.

Soft skateboard wheels vs. hard

One of the main differences between soft skateboard wheels and hard ones is durability. Though both of them are equally good, hard ones are a little more durable as compared to soft ones. One of the best ways to ensure longer durability is switching of wheels every week. It looks a little cumbersome but is an ideal step to follow. This will help in even distribution of wear and tear, and you will see wheels running for a more extended period.

Longboard shark wheels vs. skateboard

Traditional Longboard shark wheels have a high durometer, and as a result, they skid perfectly, and skateboard wheels continue to spin while sliding. Another significant difference is that shark wheels have less friction which helps in achieving lightning fast speed.

Another positive point about shark wheels is that they are made to last 30% longer when used for transportation whereas normal skateboard wheels wear out little early.

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Shark wheels are a reinvention of traditional wheels for those who love to try out new things. If you are keen to try a new and unique wheel, you shall choose shark wheels. Most of the features are the same as that of a regular wheel, but one of the features worth mentioning, and a striking one is its shape. Also, they will roll a little faster than regular wheels and are reliable and safer in the rain. So it’s a big win for weather riders and attention getters.

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