What Are The Best Single Speed Bikes You Should Select?

Getting the best single speed bikes brings you a lot of benefits – improving your health, saving money, and having fun on the road.

Because more and more customers choose to ride single speed bicycles, manufacturers are unceasingly releasing new models.

You must have been overwhelmed with the overwhelming number of models on the market. Are you having a lot of questions about this type of bike?

Do not worry, let us help you to choose the most suitable single speed bike for you!

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Top 5 Best Single Speed Bikes You Should Select

Why Should You Utilize Single Speed Bikes?

Why Should You Utilize Single Speed BikesWhat advantages of a single speed bike that persuade you to choose it?

When compared to multiple speed bikes, single speed bikes are usually more lightweight, efficient, and quieter. With high responsiveness and little maintenance required, they are suitable for those with little experience with biking.

One more thing, these bikes come with an affordable price, which is another plus point for those on a tight budget.

Top 5 Best Single Speed Bikes

Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic Bike – Editor’s Choice

Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic BikeIf you have not found a bike for racing and city cruise, you should consider the Retrospect Critical Cycle Classic.

The flip-flop rear wheel hub allows you to choose between riding on a fixie with a fixed cog or a single-speed on a freewheel. While the former gives you complete control of your bike and your pedal stroke, riding freewheel lets you cruise and coast.

Having one gear gives you many benefits – your bike is lightweight and requires little maintenance.

The super-light frame is also a plus point that makes your bike go faster. Besides, it includes fantastic features to increase speed in your riding, for example, the 700c tires. And we love a speedy ride!

There is a front handbrake to give you efficient and smooth stops.

We also love the bullhorn handlebar with soft Kraton rubber grips – it stimulates the force ahead. Unlike other flatter handlebars, you can press the bar forward comfortably and speed up without too much effort. This is a distinctive feature of bullhorn bars.

The bike has nothing to complain about, apart from the pedals. They are made of cheap plastic so that we doubt about their durability.


  • Affordable
  • Light frame
  • Speedy
  • Pursuit bullhorn handlebar with soft Kraton rubber grips
  • Comfort saddle


  • Low-quality paddles

If you are looking for a bike to commute or cruise in your town, you should consider this option – it is affordable, simple, but reliable.

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Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike – Runner-Up Choice

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear BikeAnother simple bike to ride or commute is here. No overdesign or sophistication, this bike is both safe and suitable for amateur riders – they can quickly learn to ride in the first place.

So, whenever you want to have an exciting ride to the outside world, this high-quality bike will satisfy you. And you want to purchase a bike for your children? Go ahead. It has all sizes so that you can let your children ride this bike as well.

The design of the handlebars and the seat supports a stable and upright riding position, which is very useful if you are having spinal issues.

But the seat is quite hard. Your will feel uncomfortable if you ride for a very long time.

There is also another safety gear for beginners – front and rear brake for better control and accurate stops.

Like the Critical Cycles Classic above, this bike features a flip-flop rear hub that allows you to ride both fixed gear and single speed.

And when it comes to the material, the high-tensile and fully Tig-welded steel frame is so robust but does not add much weight to your bike. And every Golden Cycles bike is carefully tested to ensure that your ride will have the highest performance.

Another piece of good news for beginners! Thanks to its simple design, you do not need much experience to maintain your bike. It just requires basic maintenance, and you can do it at home.


  • Durable, high-quality steel
  • Safe and suitable for beginners
  • Healthy cycling
  • Basic maintenance


  • Hard seat

If you do not need an sophiscated bike, choose this simple but solid one. Beginners and children can handle this bike with ease.

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Pure Fix Single Speed Fixie Bike – Best for Speedy Riders

Pure Fix Single Speed Fixie BikePure Fix is a famous brand of bikes, so you can totally count on the quality of this product. This stylish, lightweight, and fast single-speed bike is an ideal choice for both wandering around your neighborhood and rushing through city streets.

Again, the flip-flop rear hub allows you to choose between riding freewheel and fixed. Whatever you choose, the front alloy dual-pivot brake allows you to stop whenever you need quickly.

Are you afraid that the bike running so fast can cause it easier to be flipped over? Do not worry! Now, the thicker wheels will increase the contact with the road and the stability of your bike. So, your wheels will not fall off.

And you can use this bike for a long time because the bike frame uses durable, high-tensile fully Tig-welded steel. Luckily, the frame seems robust and lightweight at the same time so that your bike still runs very fast.

However, the pedal of the bike is the drawback. It could rotate fastly and crazily if you ride on a fixie style. And it is not safe for you if you ride too fast.

If you deal with any problem with this bike, you can contact the customer service team, and you can enjoy a lifetime warranty.


  • Durable
  • Thick wheels
  • Good warranty
  • Little maintenance


  • Pedals rotating too fast

This bike is long-lasting, reliable, and fast, even when you ride in the single-speed mode. So, it will be a suitable choice if you commute to work every day.

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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike – Best for Safe Commuters

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road BikeHave you tried this Japanese brand? And you have already known Japanese products – high quality and durability. You will love the new design of these bikes. The frames have a contrastive color to the wheels, which makes the whole bike more attractive.

Like the models above, this bike has a flip-flop rear hub, and the high-end frame is made of tig-welded steel, which is more robust but lighter than other cheap aluminum or carbon fiber.

Also, the rims have very lightweight alloy hubs with 32 spokes. The 700cx28 durable ribbed wheels help to increase the stability of your ride.

Now, your ride is getting more smoother. There are no difficulties when you are switching between single speed and freewheeling.

But remember, the Takara Kabuto single speed bike is not a racing bike and cannot run very fast, maybe due to small wheels.

That is why it is more suitable for children and old commuters, who are not in need of rushing on the street. The manufacturer emphasizes on safe riding instead of the super speed or fast acceleration.


  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Safe riding
  • Little maintenance


  • Small wheels

If you want to have a safe ride around your town or commute to work or neighborhood areas, you cannot miss this Japanese-quality bike!

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6KU Aluminum Fixie Urban Track Bike – Best for Urban Transport

6KU Aluminum Fixie Urban Track BikeRiders with an active lifestyle, where you at? This Urban Track bike is absolutely for you!

You can navigate your way quickly through the city jungles in a fast and pro way, thanks to the riser bars.

We are pretty sure you have missed pedaling when riding and got hurt at least once. That is because small pads will decrease the contact with your feet so that you slip off easily.

But now, that problem will disappear. The bike features larger pedals to help you handle your riding better without slipping away.

Do you desire a faster and more efficient riding? No problem! The alloy fork & deep V rims design help you move quickly with your bike.

But at the same time, that is also a downside. The bike running too fast also means the rear brake has to rub on hard to stop the vehicle. The consequence is the quickly worn rims.

Another feature is the smooth welding. They not only look good but also support your body weight well.


  • Different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Quick navigation
  • Smooth welding
  • Quick and efficient riding


  • Hard seat
  • Easily worn rims

Young and active riders who love speedy adventures will be attracted by this urban track bike. You will enjoy the ride!

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Are There Breakes in Single Speed Bikes?

Are There Breakes in Single Speed BikesOf course! Here are some types of brakes you can find in these bikes: hand brake, foot brake (or coaster brake), disc brake, rim brake, and leaning forward on a fixed gear.

The disc brake is the easiest to use thanks to its excellent stopping power.

In contrast, leaning forward to stop your bike on the fixie is the most difficult.

So, if you are a beginner, we advise you to use the hand brake first, which is very simple, until you complete control everything.

The remaining brake types are simple and easy to learn as well, so do not worry.

What Is a Single Speed Bike Best for?

Is it useful for commuting?

A single speed bike is an excellent choice if you are going to use it for commuting. It is easy to ride, and even beginners find it quick to start with.

It can also run fast. Some models can reach the highest speeds of 60 mph on the open road.

The last reason is the price – it is so affordable so that everyone can buy it.

Is it useful for hills?

You can use it for riding over the hills if you want. We believe these bicycles are useful because they will show you how to ride your bike flexibly in different terrains and conditions. The ups and downs of the hills are an example.

How Can You Ride a Single Speed Bicycle?

How Can You Ride a Single Speed BicycleA single speed bike has only one gear ratio, without derailleur hangers or shifters.

The only movable components are wheels, brakes, and cranks. Beginners can adjust any part of it because the mechanism is not complicated at all. You just need a little effort to know how and where each part fits into each other.

So, is it hard to drive a single speed bike? Not at all! You do not have to use too much force to ride it. If you want to stop it, you can use the pedal backward or hand-operated brakes.

We believe with adequate training and practice, and you can master riding it like a multi-geared bike.


The best single speed bikes are simple but lightweight, speedy, and affordable. Why not trying one?

In case you have no idea what to choose yet, try the Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike. Built for racing and city cruise, it promises to give you a blast!

If you have anything exciting to share with us, we will be glad. Thank you for reading, and we hope our sharing will help you to have the right choice.

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