Best Skateboard Accessories Lights

ToSkateboarding is a passion for many, and a style statement for others. However, a fear everyone shares is the idea of riding a skateboard at night.

With no lights, you can hit something you wouldn’t want to hit. Even if you own a car or bike, you never drive it without lights in night. In order to chase your passion to be a night skateboard rider, it needs to be supported by the best skateboard accessories light.

It does not matter whether you’re a casual skateboarder or a passionate night skateboard rider, ornamenting your skateboard with under glow headlights will assist you in going through dimly lit areas, without hitting anybody.

Best Skateboard Accessories Lights

Why and Which LED Light Kits?

It will work as an upgrade for your skateboard, and while selecting LED lights, you must go through the various different types of lights and select the best one for your skateboard. The best way to get it for your skateboard is buy a kit of under glow lights. This deal will be perfect as you will be getting different light colors with battery, without having to purchase separately. Some factors, which you must look for while shopping are:

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Replacement
  • Shock-Proof
  • Water-Proof
  • Light Weighted

GlowCity UnderGlow Light Up LED Lights

GlowCity UnderGlow Light

The Glow City Under Glow LED is the perfect mixture of safety and style. They are the finest gift for skateboarders, and one of the most popular accessory for scooters, skateboards and more. With these, you can light your skateboard in the best way possible. You have the option to choose from nine different ultra bright colors. With each light, a premium 3M brand adhesive Velcro is present.

CNZ LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards

CNZ LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards

Probably one of the hottest accessories out there for scooters and skateboards, these ultra-bright LEDs will be able to light up your board in the most amazing way. Light up the way at night with 7 different colors and matching hues.

These are water resistance, durable and super light. With these, not only your friends, but everyone in the street or park will be able to see your stunt. The lights are waterproof so that you can face any weather with these lights equipped.

Each of the light includes long-lasting, small, replaceable lithium batteries, which are self adhesive. These lights consist of manual on and off activation, and you can light up the wheels with easily attached LEDs. There is no complex wiring or bulky battery packs as there are in some other LED products.

The lights are bright, vivid and you can combine different colors of lights to personalize them into your own style. It works with almost all bikes, buses, scooters, and skateboards. They’re also highly suitable for decoration of parties, ponds, flower arrangement etc.
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Sunset Skateboards Long Board Wheel with ABEC-9 Bearing (4-Pack)

LED Skateboard Wheels with Abec9

With no batteries needed to operate, these skateboard wheels are fueled by centrifugal force. Each of these wheels includes bright LED light that can light up for over 10,000 hrs. With Abec 9 bearings, you get highest amount of durability, speed and precision out of all scooter replacement bearings.

You won’t just look cool with them, but these bearings will also increase your overall speed. Illuminate your wheels to add an element of safety for you and yours friends at night.
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Board Blazers, The Original LED Underglow Lights

The Original LED Underglow Lights

With Board Blazers, you can fire up any board with cool effects. These are fully-customizable under glow skate lights. Blazers are easily attachable lights, which can work with all types of kick scooters, self-balancing scooters, skateboards etc.

Moreover, they are the top choice for pro skaters and kids. The easily replaceable cell batteries can easily last for 30 hours. Each of the set includes 4 self-adhesive, super-bright, twist on/off, high-quality light of same colors.

The installation is easy and quick, with no wires, screws and bulky battery pack. The lights are attached easily and safely. It is particularly designed for tricks, grind and those flips!
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LED Longboard Wheels with Abec 9 Bearings 60mm Light

LED Longboard Wheels with Abec 9 Bearings 60mm Light

When you need a glowing skateboard, there can be nothing better than the night glow longboard wheels. LED long board wheels with ABEC 9 bearings 60mm lights up at night to give it an amazing look. These are not the battery-driven wheel lights; in fact, each wheel is powered by centrifugal force. The LED lights in the wheels can shine up to 10,000 hours.

Moreover, the 9 bearings offer you the highest precision, speed and durability. You can have all the speed and amazing looks with the LED lights on at night. It will be a charm of its own. The illumination of wheels at night is not just a cool factor but a safety to ride at night. You can go visible all the time and have the safety ensured, while having all the fun you deserve.


By attaching LED lights to your scooter or skateboard, you will ensure better safety for yourself, while still looking cool. And by purchasing different kits, you can upgrade your board constantly and also change its appearance. With these lights, you will no longer have to worry about skateboarding at night!

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