Best & Worst Skateboard Brands 2022

So you are planning to get yourself a new skateboard, right? Well, from the plethora of companies offering various skateboards, selecting one that fits your needs is indeed a tricky thing! But, sit back and relax – we end your worries right now! You will find all about the best brands so that you can choose the one for yourself without wasting your time. Without further ado, let’s start with these best skateboard brands.

Best Skateboards Brands 2020

Best Skateboard Brands

1st Place: Quest

If we take into consideration the best skateboard brands for longboards, then indeed, the name Quest pops up in our minds. Despite fierce competition, Quest has genuinely made revolutionary progress in longboards. Quest has thrived to be the best brand in skateboards by giving high priority to the customer feedback. They have been proactive in gathering consumers’ opinions about their product quality. Hence, they have significantly raised their standards by working on the size, speed, design, and the overall performance of their boards.

Quest boards provide you a thrilling skating experience at every ride, regardless of your travel duration and destination. The plethora of Quest skateboards includes everything from longboards to the typical cruisers, downhill open wheel Bombers, and old school boards. They are mostly created by a blend of aesthetic components on an artisan wood deck. Make your ride memorable by cherishing your experience with the artistic skateboards and comfortable rides.

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Quest Skateboard Brands

2nd Place: Yocaher

Continuing with our trail of best skateboard brands, we now list Yocaher, another fantastic brand for longboards. They have been thriving for their robust and durable skateboards that empower you for quick rides jazzed up with comfort and sturdiness. The entire components are assembled based on the skater’s riding style and surface to ride on. Most Yocher longboards are flexible enough, allowing you to sit comfortably during your rides. That means you can enjoy a stress-free ride with Yocaher.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Yocaher is an online shop and commercial skateboard brand. Until 2001, it was centered towards supplying the pro-model and entry-level skateboards. Later on, they began moving their focus towards the longboards. At present, Yocaher offers a wide range of longboards with tailor-made skateboards to match various riding styles. Whether you are up for a cruise or getting ready to ride up the hills, Yocaher caters to it all!

Yocaher Does do not merely provide you with quality; instead, it offers a comprehensive package to rejuvenate your riding experience by providing the best prices. With Yocaher, you could certainly get the best skateboard for you without burdening your pocket.

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Yocaher Skateboard Brands

3rd Place: Rimable

Rimable is among those few best skateboard brands that thrive to cater to the crazy demands of the customers by providing the most eye-catching products. If you are searching for a skateboard that can take care of you during your initial rides, then Rimable will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for you. Its durability and robustness are what make this product desirable for the newbies. At the same time, it is the perfect thing for all those skaters who love trying new tricks and riding styles.

Rimable skateboards can custom-fit to your skating style. They come with adjustable trucks and wheels that allow the users to set them in any comfortable manner. Hence, if you are fond of trying new riding tricks, and wan something that can serve you as a one-stop skateboard, then all you need is a Rimable board.

Although this firm does not bear a wide range of skateboards, it certainly deserves to be enlisted among the top brands owing to their quality products and popularity among the customers. When it comes to stability and excellent performance, Rimable appears to be a trusted name.

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Rimable Skateboard Brands

4th Place: Ancheer

Ancheer is yet another American skateboard manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. It has reached out to establish itself in Taiwan and China, owing to its excellence in quality. Ancheer strives to develop an enduring rapport with its customers by offering their products at competitive prices. They pledge to serve their customers with quality and comfort alike.

Ancheer skateboards are renowned for their all-rounder performance for riders at all levels. Whether you are an apprentice, or an adult rider, someone interested in doing catchy stunts, or want a smooth ride over the roughest terrains, Ancheer boards will serve your needs. These skateboards come with PU wheels that ensure comfortable and smooth ride over cracked surfaces and pebbles, without compromising on speed. They are powered by the Abec 7 metal (steel) bearings for stability and endurance. Whereas, the deck of the skateboards consists of a nine-layered maple wood which adds resilience to its overall structure. Adding more to its design, the aluminum trucks make sure to withstand all jerks to ensure minimal vibrations to your ride.

If you want to enjoy rains with some unusual stunts, you can still take your Ancheer skateboard with you, which bears a grip tape for a stress-free ride. Indeed, Ancheer is among those few best skateboard brands that offer a 360 coverage to their customers’ needs.

Ancheer Stakeboard Brands

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5th Place: SCSK8

If you have just stepped into the world of skating, and want something that is designed specifically for you, then SCSK8 is right here! These skateboards are directed towards catering to the needs of beginners. Though these boards are quite cheap in rates, they may undoubtedly save their production cost by providing minimalist designs, which make them less attractive for the more conscious riders. However, if we pay more of our focus to the price and quality, then SCSK8 is probably comparable with the Yocaher longboards in terms of quality.

The SCSK8 longboards consist of seven-ply maple decks, adorned with grip tapes for smooth rides. This assembly of the deck adds robustness, yet, a slight bouncy touch when you step on it. They have 70mm PU wheels that reduce the cost of the product without affecting the quality. If you are a novice at skating and want something to polish your skating skills, and you do not care about the look of the board, then these skateboards can turn out to be the best choice for you.

SCSK8 Skateboard Brands

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6th Place: Penny

The next in our review of the best skateboard brands is the Penny Nickel Skateboard. If you are searching for a great skateboard which makes your skating experience fun, then these boards come in as the best option for you. Robustness, stability, attractiveness, and comfort – these skateboards provide them all. You can certainly go for a Penny board for all your rides, whether you are an adult and wish to recall your old school rides, or a beginner looking for something to help you master skating.

Leveraging their ten years of experience, Ben Mackay and his team improvised the Penny Nickel skateboard design to deliver a skateboard for life. These boards bear a width of 27 inches, with 7.5 inches of height. Made of such a thick layer of solid plastic, they are indeed one of the best skateboard brands delivering significant resistance to wear and tear.

Adding more to its features, the eye-catching designs that blend along well with the wheels and trucks, make these skateboards even more desirable for the consumers. What else would you expect from a skateboard!

Penny Skateboard Brands

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7th Place: Ridge

Started off as a small private business for skateboards, slightly the mini boards, Ridge eventually grew up to be listed among the best skateboard brands around the world. They were envisioned to provide quality with affordability, and they rightly thrive on achieving this goal. That is why they have earned a vast clientele of happy customers across the world.

To provide flexibility, smoothness, and comfort to your rides, the deck of these skateboards is made up of industry strength polyurethane. Moreover, they are jazzed up with the super soft 87A yellow bushings that make them a perfect blend of stability and artifact.

Despite being thriving among the top skateboard brands, they have yet not deviated from their philosophy of providing premium products at low prices. If you wish to have a cruiser board for long, what else can be a better option for you then Ridge!

Ridge Skateboard Brands

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8th Place: Minority

We now end up our review of the best skateboard brands with Minority – another fantastic maker of best skateboards. Their skateboards are not only of good quality; instead, they produce something par excellence. Minority Skateboards began as a project headed by BIONG Industry. Later on, it emerged as an independent sports brand renowned for its skateboards. Owing to their quality, they continue to thrive as a trusted name for its skater customers.

Minority skateboards are typically rated as heavy-duty boards that continue to perform exceptionally well in the harshest weather conditions. Carrying the Abec-9 precision steel bearings, and 52mm super rebound polyurethane wheels, they can comfortably allow the riders weighing up to 220 lbs to enjoy skating on these boards. Whereas, their high rebound PU bushings enable smooth rides by maximum shock absorption. The seven-ply maple skateboard deck and aluminum trucks add further resilience to them. If you are a heavy rider and want something equally sturdy to ride on, then the Minority skateboards are here to cater your needs.

Minority Skateboard Brabds

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Whether you are a beginner, a learner, a pro-skater, or a rough rider, all you need is a skateboard that goes well to meet your demands. The selection of the perfect skateboard is hence a critical thing if you genuinely want to relish your ride. In this guide, we have given an overview of the best skateboard brands that offer a 360 coverage for most skaters. Regardless of what your riding style is, or what terrains you are planning for your net expedition, these brands can positively handle everything for you.

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