Best Skateboard Slide Gloves

To spice up the fun with your skateboard tricks, trying sliding is a must. To cherish the sliding to fullest you must utilize skateboard slide gloves. They not only allow you to have maximum fun but also keep you from getting injured. However, choosing the best sliding gloves is not easy since, there are numerous skateboard slide gloves available in the market and deciding which one to buy is really a challenging task. Well, we have created this buying guide to help you select the best skateboard gloves for you.

It covers all the information you need to know about different skateboard slide gloves and how you can recognize the best sliding gloves among many, our pro recommendations are also up ahead, read on to find the perfect choice.

Best Skateboard Slide Gloves

Purpose of Slide Gloves

Though slide gloves are among the best skateboard accessories but they can also decide whether your skateboarding experience will be fun-filled or hurtful. Well if you are newbie and you don’t know the purpose of slide gloves then let me tell you that during a typical Coleman slide, a skateboard rider made contact with the ground by reaching his right hand backwards towards the ground and this position helps him propel the skateboard safely out from beneath his feet and meanwhile keep his balance steady.

So basically skateboard slide gloves are the best skateboard accessories to maintain balance during a slide and while shifting your center of gravity, as we know the most common injuries are sustained by falling off backward from a skateboard.

Well given the purpose of slide gloves, the perfect slide glove would be the ones that would make the whole sliding experience easier and safer. Though it’s not hard and fast rule to wear slide gloves during the slide but for beginners it’s highly recommended to keep the experience fun-filled instead of hurtful.

Slide Gloves Dissected

Slide Gloves Dissected

Well the purpose of slide gloves is clear, now you can know about the different parts of slide gloves in detail. Best sliding gloves have 3 main parts for providing an exhilarating skateboard sliding experience to the rider. The names of these parts are the glove, the puck and the wrist strap.

The Glove: this is the main covering part of your sliding gloves. The best sliding gloves always have the glove part made of durable, flexible and very lightweight material to provide cushioning to your hand. However, the material used on sensitive or weak areas like knuckles is made of hard material to maximize protection from any injury.

The puck: this is the part which comes in contact with ground during a slide. Since this part of sliding gloves experience lots of friction, so it is ideally made of hard and durable plastic. The pucks made of soft material easily wear off and provides poor function during the slide. That’s one way you can recognize the best sliding glove from worst one.

The wrist strap: This is the part which makes sure that glove stays on your hand during your adventurous slides, as it tightens the glove over your wrist area. Also, it helps to reduce the chances of wrist injuries in case you fall off during a slide.

How to choose the best slide gloves

When choices are really hard to make? Lots of options and every single option marketed as the best one, make the selection of best product a challenging task. Same is the case with skateboard slide gloves. It is miserably hard to choose the best brand among many. Well, we have got some insights on how you can make the right and obviously the best choice without any hassles.

There are a number of key parts of a slide glove that determine whether the slide glove is an average or an amazing one!

The weight and shape of glove are the features which decide the most about the quality of slide glove. The ideal shape of slide gloves should be like that it allows for free movement of your fingers and hands. Weight wise it should be light and should not weigh down your hands or restrict your movements.

Another feature to consider while buying skateboard slide gloves is the fabric and stitching of gloves. The overall construction of gloves should be designed to bear rough treatment as the slide gloves will be rub against the ground surface during sliding. Furthermore, the material or fabric of sliding gloves should be highly resistant such as leather. So with strong stitching and highly-resistant fabric you can safely and easily slide across sliding surface and that should be your perfect choice.

One more thing to remember: you sure don’t want to replace your sliding gloves every 2 weeks and it should never be the case as it won’t be fun! So make sure to choose the right skateboard slide gloves in the first place to save yourself lots of hassle later.

Best Skateboard Slide Gloves Review

Freeride Slide Gloves Version 7.0

Freeride Slide Gloves Version

If you want the game reloaded, you must have hands on this reloaded version of skateboard gloves. It’s all fun and adventures to now provide an opportunity to clap with only one hand! The freeride slide gloves version 7.0 with pucks size large redesigned from scratch to provide better fitting with three form-fitting sizes. This will help accommodate riders of every size and gender. It’s providing greater safety to your hands with its removable EVA foam palm padding insert with a thinner, shock-absorbing Poron XRD® foam cushion and added visco-elastic foam knuckle pads for advanced impact protection. It has been made highly durable and abrasion resistant with Cordura® / Kevlar® / synthetic suede and Lycra® outer construction. It has also added UHMW palm and thumb pucks and hard plastic finger pucks for greater protection. Coolmax lining and vented mesh provides breathability for enhanced comfort. Moreover, the reflective accents ensure visibility on low-light excursions. In short, it can be your best choice for all the athletic support you need.

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Goatskin Race Slide Gloves

Goatskin Race Slide Gloves

Goatskin Race slide Gloves can be your best choice due their high-quality goatskin leather, which provides high resistance and durability. The carbon knuckle and finger protectors are also part of these sliding gloves, making these gloves the best choice for safety. Moreover, these skateboard slide gloves can be used in any weather or environment as the Internal Coolmax® wicking fabric provides increased breathability. Above all, these sliding gloves have the best ergonomic finger shapes and ultra high molecular weight circular palm and thumb pucks. Making it the wisely designed perfect fit for any rider and also its light weight provides ease of movement.

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Andux Land Slide Glove HBST-05

Andux Land Slide Glove

The Andux Land Skateboard slider slide glove red HBST-05 is made of nylon fabric, which is highly resistant and light-weight. Also, the shape of gloves is highly accommodating for riders of both genders. When it comes to the quality of pucks, it does come with standard size removable, replaceable and round slider pucks. Its heavy-duty Velcro wrist strap ensures perfect fit for a comfortable ride without any fear of gloves coming off or breaking wrist in case of falling off. One important mention about these high quality skateboard slide gloves is their extra set of slider, made in such a way to get you the attention of electric skateboard ride. Though it might contain glue in the slider but it doesn’t affect its functioning. This might be your best choice considering all the amazing benefits it provides.

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Sector 9 Rush Slide Gloves

Sector 9 Rush Slide Gloves

These Sector 9 Rush Slide Gloves are one of a kind sliding gloves packed with full of performance features. Super light-weight and highly-breathable, perfect choice for having an adventure to your heart’s content!

The low-price, soft but highly-resistant fabric makes them the best choice when you prefer affordability and comfort. Easy to clean and ready to use out of the box, these gloves might serve you as the best safety gear on your adventurous rides if you follow the safety rules properly, as these Sector 9 Rush slide gloves come with special protection for finger tips and knuckles. Moreover, the palm pucks of reasonable size and durable material makes sure you have the sliding experience smooth and right without having to buy these every 2 weeks.

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Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

As skateboarding is reinventing itself with lots of riding styles, it calls for specialized gear to enjoy the ride every time. Triple 8 Sliders longboard gloves have specially designed tear resistant Kevlar® fingertips; each comes standard with removable/replaceable round slider pucks in addition to an extra set of slider bars that can connect your fingertips. Perfect shape and light-weight technology truly makes these triple 8 sliders longboard gloves a fine choice. Moreover, these gloves comes with an easy to wrap around, heavy duty Velcro® wrist strap for a perfect fit. Another great thing about these gloves is the flexibility to carve the concrete waves without shredding your hands.

Riding styles like cruising and downhill can be enjoyed without any fear with these slider gloves having tested durability and high-resistant!

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Top rated longboard slide gloves currently in Amazon

Though there are so many longboards slide gloves available on Amazon but the top rated ones are truly the best for enjoying your best ride ever! Check out the following link for top rated longboards slide gloves currently available on Amazon.

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Finding best sliding gloves could be the most tiresome and confusing task you would ever do, however, we have made it easier for you. Always consider the 3 parts of sliding gloves and their quality according to your personal needs. Again, the weight and shape of gloves is also a big factor to be considered while buying skateboard slide gloves and we have above-mentioned the sliding gloves by keeping all these factors in view to help you make the best buying choice.

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